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Jun.15,2018* Japan Pure Chemical in (JP)
Jun.15,2018* Jetbest
Jun.15,2018* Jiangsu Linyang Electronics Co in (CN)
Jun.15,2018* Join Well Technology in (TW)
Jun.15,2018* JSR in (JP)
Jun.15,2018* K-Bridge Electronics in (TW)
Jun.15,2018* Kenedix Retail Reit
Jun.15,2018* Kino Polska TV in (PL)
Jun.15,2018* Komigaz in (RU)
Jun.15,2018* Kunming Pharmaceutical in (CN)
Jun.15,2018* Kupiec
Jun.15,2018* Lamda Development in (GR)
Jun.15,2018* Lampsa Hellenic Hotels in (GR)
Jun.15,2018* Li Ning in Hong Kong (HK)
Jun.15,2018* Lingyuan Iron & Steel in (CN)
Jun.15,2018* Lion Travel Service Co in (TW)
Jun.15,2018* Magic Micro Co
Jun.15,2018* Marka
Jun.15,2018* Match Group
Jun.15,2018* Mediatek in (TW)
Jun.15,2018* Mega Financial Holding in (TW)
Jun.15,2018* Megaworld
Jun.15,2018* Melco Holdings in (JP)
Jun.15,2018* Mercadolibre in (AR)
Jun.15,2018* Min Aik Technology in (TW)
Jun.15,2018* Mitani in (JP)
Jun.15,2018* Mitani Sangyo in (JP)
Jun.15,2018* Mobiletron Electronics in (TW)
Jun.15,2018* Muza in (PL)
Jun.15,2018* Navigantnsulting
Jun.15,2018* Nichi-Iko PharmaceuticalLtd in (JP)
Jun.15,2018* Ningbo Oriental Cable
Jun.15,2018* Nippon Chuzo KK in (JP)
Jun.15,2018* Nissin Kogyo in (JP)
Jun.15,2018* Nizhnekamskshina in (RU)
Jun.15,2018* Nojima in (JP)
Jun.15,2018* Norbert Dentressangle in (FR)
Jun.15,2018* Nov Meta Pharma Co
Jun.15,2018* Novorossiyskiy Kombinat Khleboproduktov PAO
Jun.15,2018* NTT Data Intramart in (JP)
Jun.15,2018* Ob'-Irtyshskoye rechnoye parokhodstvo in (RU)
Jun.15,2018* Omeros
Jun.15,2018* Oncodesign
Jun.15,2018* Orca Investment
Jun.15,2018* Orise Technology in (TW)
Jun.15,2018* PacMOS Technologies Holdings
Jun.15,2018 Panevezio Statybos Trestas in Lithuania (LT)
Jun.15,2018* Partner Nieruchomosci
Jun.15,2018* Petroleum Equipment Assembly and Metal Structure Joint Stock
Jun.15,2018* Pharmhold AD
Jun.15,2018* Poljoprivredna Strucna Sluzba Subotica ad Subotica
Jun.15,2018* Posiflex Technology in (TW)
Jun.15,2018* Poste Srpske ad Banja Luka
Jun.15,2018* Potisje Precizni Liv ad Ada
Jun.15,2018* Power Integrations
Jun.15,2018* Prince Frog International Holdings
Jun.15,2018* ProPetro Holding
Jun.15,2018* Qinghai Gelatin in (CN)
Jun.15,2018* Quantamputer in (TW)
Jun.15,2018* Rapid ad Apatin
Jun.15,2018* Reliable Data Services
Jun.15,2018 Renault in Paris (FR)
Jun.15,2018* RICOH LEASING CO in (JP)
Jun.15,2018* Sai Gon Dong Xuan Beer Alcohol JSC
Jun.15,2018* Sanyo Denki in (JP)
Jun.15,2018* Sea Sonic Electronics in (TW)
Jun.15,2018* Selecta Biosciences
Jun.15,2018* Sfinks Polska in (PL)
Jun.15,2018* Shanghai Guangdian Electric Group
Jun.15,2018* Shanghai Haixin Group in (CN)
Jun.15,2018* Shanghai Xinhua Media in (CN)
Jun.15,2018* Shenzhen Accord Pharmaceutical in (CN)
Jun.15,2018* Shenzhen Fenda Tech
Jun.15,2018* Shenzhen Fluence Technology
Jun.15,2018* Shenzhen Kexin Communication Technologies Co
Jun.15,2018* Shenzhen Properties + Resources Development Group in (CN)
Jun.15,2018* Signet Jewelers in (UK)
Jun.15,2018* SinoPac Financial Holdings in (TW)
Jun.15,2018* Sinopec Yizheng Chemical Fibre in (CN)
Jun.15,2018* SK Chemicals Co
Jun.15,2018* Skupina Prva
Jun.15,2018* SNH Delta
Jun.15,2018* Sonix Technology in (TW)
Jun.15,2018* Sopharma AD Sofia in (BG)
Jun.15,2018* Sopharma Trading AD Sofia in (BG)
Jun.15,2018 STRABAG in Vienna (AT)
Jun.15,2018* Sugimoto in (JP)
Jun.15,2018* Sunlink International Holdings in (HK)
Jun.15,2018* Sunnic Technology & Merchandise in (TW)
Jun.15,2018* Suzhou Huayuan Pkg Co
Jun.15,2018* Systex in (TW)
Jun.15,2018 Syzygy in Frankfurt (DE)
Jun.15,2018* Taiwan Shin Kong Security in (TW)
Jun.15,2018* Tata Consultancy Services in Mumbai (IN)
Jun.15,2018* Te Changnstruction in (TW)
Jun.15,2018* Techno Associe in (JP)
Jun.15,2018* Techtarget
Jun.15,2018* Tellgen
Jun.15,2018 TESCO in (UK)
Jun.15,2018* Thai Insurance in (TH)
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