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May.09,2019* Circor International
May.09,2019* Clarkson in (UK)
May.09,2019* Cnia Saada Assurance
May.09,2019* CNT Group
May.09,2019* Compass Minerals International in Overland Park (US)
May.09,2019* ConvaTec Group
May.09,2019* Convenience Retail Asia in Hongkong (HK)
May.09,2019* Corporate Office Properties Trust
May.09,2019* Covanta Holding
May.09,2019* Crombie Real Estate Investment Trust in (CA)
May.09,2019* Crossword Cybersecurity
May.09,2019* Crown Asia Chemicals
May.09,2019* Curtiss Wright
May.09,2019* DDR
May.09,2019* Dharma Satya Nusantara Tbk in (ID)
May.09,2019* Direct Line Insurance Group
May.09,2019* Directel Holdings in (HK)
May.09,2019* DTE Energy
May.09,2019* Dufry in (CH)
May.09,2019* E*Trade Financial
May.09,2019* East West Agro
May.09,2019 EFKON AKT. O. N. in (AT)
May.09,2019* EleCo in (UK)
May.09,2019* Enerplus
May.09,2019* Entrec Transportation Services
May.09,2019* Eurocash in (PL)
May.09,2019* Euronav in (BE)
May.09,2019* Everyman Media Group
May.09,2019* Federal Agricultural Mortgage
May.09,2019* Filling and Packing Materials Manufacturing in (SA)
May.09,2019 Finmeccanica in Rome (IT)
May.09,2019 First Data in Atlanta (US)
May.09,2019* First Merchants in (US)
May.09,2019* First Quantum Minerals
May.09,2019* Ford Motor in Dearborn virtaul meeting (US)
May.09,2019* Franklin Street Properties
May.09,2019* Freightcar America
May.09,2019* Gardner Denver Holdings
May.09,2019* Gaylord Entertainment
May.09,2019* Gencorp
May.09,2019* Genesis Land Development
May.09,2019* Genpact in (US)
May.09,2019* Genworth Mortgage Insurance Australia
May.09,2019* Glencore Xstrata in Zug (CH)
May.09,2019* Glory Mark Hi-Tech Holdings
May.09,2019* Gluskin Sheff + Associates
May.09,2019* Great Water Holdings
May.09,2019* Grupa HRC
May.09,2019* Haldex in (SE)
May.09,2019* Hang Seng Bank in Hongkong (HK)
May.09,2019* Harley Davidson in Milwaukee (US)
May.09,2019* HeidelbergCement in Heidelberg (DE)
Compliance Statement
May.09,2019* Hexcel
May.09,2019* Hilton Worldwide Holdings
May.09,2019* HKT Trust
May.09,2019* Hon Corporation
May.09,2019* Horizonte Minerals in (UK)
May.09,2019* Huntsworth in (UK)
May.09,2019* Hydro One
May.09,2019* i3D
May.09,2019* IFG Group in Dublin (IE)
May.09,2019 IMI in London (UK)
May.09,2019* Industrielle Alliance Assurance Et Services Financiers
May.09,2019* Indutrade in (SE)
May.09,2019* Informatika ad Beograd
May.09,2019* Inter Pipeline Fund
May.09,2019* Intfor in (RO)
May.09,2019* Invesco in London (UK)
May.09,2019* Iraqi Company for Manufacture of Cartons
May.09,2019* Itron
May.09,2019* Jardine Matheson Hldg in Hongkong (HK)
May.09,2019* Jardine Strategic Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
May.09,2019* JELD-WEN Holding
May.09,2019* JLogo Holdings
May.09,2019* John Laing Group
May.09,2019* John Wood Group in (UK)
May.09,2019* Jones Soda
May.09,2019* Keane Group
May.09,2019* KEYW Holding
May.09,2019 KION GROUP in Frankfurt (DE)
Compliance Statement
May.09,2019* Koninklijke Philips Electronics in Amsterdam (NL)
May.09,2019* Kratos Defense and Security Solutions
May.09,2019* L Holdings Group
May.09,2019* Laboratory Of America Holdings in Burlington virtual meeting (US)
May.09,2019* Lafarge Ciments in Rabat (MA)
May.09,2019* Lena Lighting in (PL)
May.09,2019* Magna International in Markham (CA)
May.09,2019* Mahkota Group Tbk
May.09,2019* Makedonski Telekom ad Skopje in (MK)
May.09,2019* Maoye International Holdings in (CN)
May.09,2019* Marker Therapeutics
May.09,2019* Martin Marietta Materials
May.09,2019* Matrix Holdings in (HK)
May.09,2019* MaxLinear
May.09,2019* McGraw-Hillmpanies
May.09,2019* Mecanica Ceahlau in (RO)
May.09,2019* Medivir in (SE)
May.09,2019* Melrose Industries
May.09,2019* Mettler Toledo International in (US)
May.09,2019* Micronic Mydata in (SE)
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