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Jul.24,2018* Bluerock Diamonds
Jul.24,2018* Delek Drilling Limited Partnership in (IL)
Jul.24,2018* DFP Doradztwo Finansowe in (PL)
Jul.24,2018* Erlebnis Akademie in Bad Koetzing (DE)
Jul.24,2018* Evogene
Jul.24,2018* Genomed
Jul.24,2018* GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals in (IN)
Jul.24,2018* Goodcen Co
Jul.24,2018* Halfords Group in (UK)
Jul.24,2018* Hero MotoCorp in (IN)
Jul.24,2018* ICON in Dublin (IE)
Jul.24,2018* Info Edge (India) in (IN)
Jul.24,2018* Jsw Steel in (IN)
Jul.24,2018* Lisi in (FR)
Jul.24,2018* Luckytex (Thailand) in (TH)
Jul.24,2018* Nadex in (JP)
Jul.24,2018* On Real International Holdings
Jul.24,2018* Park Electrochemical
Jul.24,2018* Plaza Indonesia Realty Tbk in (ID)
Jul.24,2018* Pollux Properties
Jul.24,2018* Remyintreau in (FR)
Jul.24,2018* Sano Brunos Enterprises in (IL)
Jul.24,2018* Singapore Telecommunications in Singapore (SG)
Jul.24,2018* Soribada in (KR)
Jul.24,2018* Spark Ventures in (UK)
Jul.24,2018* Sunautas in (JP)
Jul.24,2018* Thai Carbon Black in (TH)
Jul.24,2018* Thai-German Products in (TH)
Jul.24,2018* TR Property Investment Trust in (UK)
Jul.24,2018* Triangle Capital
Jul.24,2018* Ukropthosptovary PAT
Jul.24,2018* Unigrowth Investments Public in (CY)
Jul.24,2018* Unionnstruction And Investment in (PS)
Jul.24,2018* Uniti
Jul.24,2018* Wizz Air Holdings in Geneva (CH)
Jul.25,2018* 3-D Matrix
Jul.25,2018* A Tsokkos Hotels Public in (CY)
Jul.25,2018 Abertis Infraestruturas in Barcelona (ES)
Jul.25,2018* Al Noor Hospitals Group on 20 July 2016 merged in Mediclinic International
Jul.25,2018* ALLTERCO AD
Jul.25,2018* Arab Potash
Jul.25,2018* Averbuch Formica Center in (IL)
Jul.25,2018* BRAIT SE in (ZA)
Jul.25,2018* CalAmp
Jul.25,2018* Central China Securities
Jul.25,2018* Consumer Portfolio Services
Jul.25,2018* Courbet
Jul.25,2018* Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals
Jul.25,2018* Development Works Food Co CJSC
Jul.25,2018* Dome Investments Public in (CY)
Jul.25,2018* Dongkook Ind Co in (KR)
Jul.25,2018* Eastern Polymer Group
Jul.25,2018* Easyknit Enterprises Holdings
Jul.25,2018* Ellaktor in Kifissia (GR)
Jul.25,2018* Eshraq Properties Co PJSC
Jul.25,2018 Essilor in Paris (FR)
Compliance Statement
Jul.25,2018* Ez Energy
Jul.25,2018* Full Speed in (JP)
Jul.25,2018* Getin Noble Bank in (PL)
Jul.25,2018* Greenhill &
Jul.25,2018* gumi
Jul.25,2018 Heidelberger Druckmaschinen in Mannheim (DE)
Compliance Statement
Jul.25,2018* Hilltop Holdings
Jul.25,2018* Ideal Group in (GR)
Jul.25,2018* IDI Insurance Company
Jul.25,2018* Insuline Medical in Tel Aviv (IL)
Jul.25,2018* Iraqi for Tufted Carpets and Floor Coverings
Jul.25,2018* KoMiCo
Jul.25,2018* Komunalno ad Trebinje
Jul.25,2018* Livnica dd Visoko
Jul.25,2018* Mapletree Commercial Trust in (SG)
Jul.25,2018* Matsumoto in (JP)
Jul.25,2018* McKesson in Irving (US)
Jul.25,2018* Mediclinic International in London (UK)
Jul.25,2018* Mellanox Technologies in (US)
Jul.25,2018* MGIC Investment
Jul.25,2018* Mineralbrunnen Ueberkingen Teinach in Bad Teinach-Zavelstein (DE)
Jul.25,2018* NetLink NBN Trust
Jul.25,2018* Nocil in (IN)
Jul.25,2018* Oriental Hotels in (IN)
Jul.25,2018* Palram Industries 1990 in (IL)
Jul.25,2018 PANTAFLIX in Munich (DE)
Jul.25,2018* Pharmacare
Jul.25,2018* Qinetiq Group in (UK)
Jul.25,2018* Rane Madras in (IN)
Jul.25,2018* Sana Elvis ad Novi Grad
Jul.25,2018* Sato Foods in (JP)
Jul.25,2018* Satu Holdings
Jul.25,2018* Syngene International
Jul.25,2018* Tamul Multimedia Co in (KR)
Jul.25,2018* Tata Steel (Thailand) in (TH)
Jul.25,2018* Thai Toray Textile Mills in (TH)
Jul.25,2018* The Link Real Estate Investment Trust in Hongkong (HK)
Jul.25,2018* Thermon Group Holdings
Jul.25,2018* Top Kinisis Travel Public in (CY)
Jul.25,2018* Venturepharm Laboratories
Jul.25,2018* Vertu Motors in (UK)
Jul.25,2018* Visiomed Group
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