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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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Feb.13,2018 Agasti Holding (former: acta Holding) in Stavanger (NO)
Feb.13,2018* Anhui Jingchengpper Share in (CN)
Feb.13,2018* Antz Co
Feb.13,2018* Apple in Cupertino (US)
Feb.13,2018* Bank Ochrony Srodowiska Spolka Akcyjna in (PL)
Feb.13,2018* Baofeng Modern International Holdings
Feb.13,2018* Batu Kawan Bhd
Feb.13,2018* Beacon Roofing Supply
Feb.13,2018* Beijing Career International Co
Feb.13,2018* Beijing Jingneng Clean Energy in Beijing (CN)
Feb.13,2018* Beijing Shenhuaxin Co in Beijing (CN)
Feb.13,2018* Braiconf in (RO)
Feb.13,2018* BYBON Group Co
Feb.13,2018* Central Garden + Pet Co
Feb.13,2018* China Bicycle Co Holdings in (CN)
Feb.13,2018* China Growth Opportunities in (UK)
Feb.13,2018* China Resources Sanjiu Medical & Pharmaceutical in (CN)
Feb.13,2018* Comp in (PL)
Feb.13,2018* Di Rom Building Investment + Development Co
Feb.13,2018* EOC in (SG)
Feb.13,2018* Exactech
Feb.13,2018* Fujian Longking in (CN)
Feb.13,2018* GoldX International in (SE)
Feb.13,2018* Grupa Nokaut in (PL)
Feb.13,2018* Haihanfectionery Joint Stock in (VN)
Feb.13,2018* Hanza in (SE)
Feb.13,2018* Harbin Gloria Pharmaceuticals in (CN)
Feb.13,2018* Henan Tongli Cement Co in (CN)
Feb.13,2018* Hoifu Energy Group
Feb.13,2018* Hubei Kailong Chemical Group Co
Feb.13,2018* Indentive
Feb.13,2018* Independent Petroleum GroupKC in Safat (KW)
Feb.13,2018 Instone Real Estate Group in Amsterdam (NL)
Feb.13,2018* Istrazivacko Razvojni Centar Elektroenergetike IRCE ad I Sarajevo in Sarajevo (BA)
Feb.13,2018* Keda Group in (CN)
Feb.13,2018* Kuala Lumpur Kepong Bhd in (MY)
Feb.13,2018* Kunming Pharmaceutical in (CN)
Feb.13,2018* Medley Capital
Feb.13,2018* Microsemi in Aliso Viejo (US)
Feb.13,2018* Midland ICI in (HK)
Feb.13,2018* MTS Systems
Feb.13,2018* Navistar International
Feb.13,2018* On Time Logistics Holdings in Hangkong (CN)
Feb.13,2018* Orzel
Feb.13,2018* Puncak Niaga Hldg Bhd in (MY)
Feb.13,2018* Real Matters
Feb.13,2018* RWS Holdings in (UK)
Feb.13,2018* Shandong Chenming Paper Holdings in (CN)
Feb.13,2018* Shandong Jining Ruyi Woolen Textile in (CN)
Feb.13,2018* Shenzhen Chiwan Wharf Holdings in (CN)
Feb.13,2018* SIM Technology Group in Hongkong (HK)
Feb.13,2018* Sirma AD Plovdiv
Feb.13,2018 TUI in Hannover (DE)
Compliance Statementannual meeting
Feb.13,2018* Verditek
Feb.13,2018* Versatile Creative Bhd
Feb.13,2018* Zhongfu Straits Pingtan Development Co in (CN)
Feb.13,2018* ZhongMan Petroleum and Natural Gas Group Corp
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