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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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Mar.15,2019* Alma Media Oyj in (FI)
Mar.15,2019* Amorepacific Group in (KR)
Mar.15,2019* Amorepacific in (KR)
Mar.15,2019* B-R 31 Ice Cream in (JP)
Mar.15,2019* Banco Davivienda
Mar.15,2019* CEO Group JSC
Mar.15,2019* Cera Sanitaryware
Mar.15,2019* Chelsea Logistics Holdings
Mar.15,2019* Cosmo Advanced Materials + Technology Co in (KR)
Mar.15,2019* CPR Gomu Industrial in (TH)
Mar.15,2019* Eduspec Holdings Bhd in (MY)
Mar.15,2019* Elektrohercegovina ad Trebinje
Mar.15,2019* Eurocine Vaccines in (SE)
Mar.15,2019* Fuji Soft in (JP)
Mar.15,2019* G Capital Public
Mar.15,2019* Hana Financial Eleventh Special Purpose Acquisition Co
Mar.15,2019* Heico in Miami (US)
Mar.15,2019* Kaspi Bank AO in (RU)
Mar.15,2019* KIA Motors in (KR)
Mar.15,2019* LG Chem in (KR)
Mar.15,2019* LG DISPLAY in (KR)
Mar.15,2019* Lg Electronics in (KR)
Mar.15,2019* LG Uplus in (KR)
Mar.15,2019* Mecaro Co
Mar.15,2019* Mid Reit in (JP)
Mar.15,2019* MKTrend Co
Mar.15,2019* Nongshim in (KR)
Mar.15,2019* Pashupati Cotspin
Mar.15,2019* Pelangi Publishing Group Bhd
Mar.15,2019* Petrel Energy in (AU)
Mar.15,2019* Phoenix Petroleum Philippines in (PH)
Mar.15,2019* PosCo in (KR)
Mar.15,2019* Puricore
Mar.15,2019* Reco International Group
Mar.15,2019 San Leon Energy in London (UK)
Mar.15,2019* Siloam International Hospitals Tbk in (ID)
Mar.15,2019* Solar in (DK)
Mar.15,2019* SP Lasta ad Beograd
Mar.15,2019* Synnex
Mar.15,2019* TOHO LAMAC CO in (JP)
Mar.15,2019* Travelport Worldwide
Mar.15,2019* Vipom AD Vidin
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