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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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Mar.26,2020 ABB Asea Brown Boveri in Zurich (CH)
Mar.26,2020* AIM3 Ventures
Mar.26,2020* Al Orouba Securities Brokerage Co SAE in (EG)
Mar.26,2020* Alahlia Insurance BSC
Mar.26,2020* Ampliphi Biosciences
Mar.26,2020* Anadolu Cam Sanayii AS in Istanbul (TR)
Mar.26,2020* APM Terminals Bahrain BSCC
Mar.26,2020* Arab Bank in (JO)
Mar.26,2020* Arab Valves in (EG)
Mar.26,2020* Assiut Islamic National Trade and Development SAE in Assiut (EG)
Mar.26,2020* Astrix Networks
Mar.26,2020* Aton
Mar.26,2020* Aukett Fitzroy Robinson Group in (UK)
Mar.26,2020* AVI Japan Opportunity Trust
Mar.26,2020* Banco de Bogota in (CO)
Mar.26,2020* Banco de Chile in Santiago (CL)
Mar.26,2020 Banco Sabadell in Sabadell (ES)
Mar.26,2020* Bank of Palestine
Mar.26,2020* Binh Dinh Book and Equipment Joint Stock in (VN)
Mar.26,2020* Bucur Obor
Mar.26,2020* Burnpur Cement
Mar.26,2020* Caisse Regionale de Credit Agricole Mutuel de Normandie Seine SCOP in (FR)
Mar.26,2020* Cemex SA in Monterrey (MX)
Mar.26,2020* Chiyoda Ute in (JP)
Mar.26,2020* Coca-Cola West in (JP)
Mar.26,2020* Cryo Save Group in (NL)
Mar.26,2020* Custom Solutions in (FR)
Mar.26,2020* DGB Financial Group in (KR)
Mar.26,2020* DNA Oyj in Helsinki (FI)
Mar.26,2020* Dongbu Hitek in (KR)
Mar.26,2020* EDP Renovaveis in (ES)
Mar.26,2020* Emerson Pacific in (KR)
Mar.26,2020* Emirates Insurance PSC
Mar.26,2020* FoodNamoo in Mapo-gu Seoul (KR)
Mar.26,2020* GB AutoE in (EG)
Mar.26,2020 genmab in Copenhagen (DK)
Mar.26,2020* Grand Korea Leisure
Mar.26,2020* Gulf Livestock PSC
Mar.26,2020* Hoteli Haludovo Malinska in (HR)
Mar.26,2020* Independent Investment Trust in (UK)
Mar.26,2020* Independent Petroleum GroupKC in Safat (KW)
Mar.26,2020* International Researchoration in (TH)
Mar.26,2020* Intesa Sanpaolo Banka dd Bosna i Hercegovina in (BA)
Mar.26,2020* Jigar Cables
Mar.26,2020* JM in (SE)
Mar.26,2020* Jsc Danang Education Development & Invts in (VN)
Mar.26,2020* Juki in Tokyo (JP)
Mar.26,2020* KH Neochem Co in (JP)
Mar.26,2020* Komipharm International in (KR)
Mar.26,2020* Kompaniya po Strakhovaniyu Zhizni Aziya Life AO
Mar.26,2020* Kuwait International Bank KSC in Safat (KW)
Mar.26,2020* Kvika banki hf
Mar.26,2020* Lg Electronics in (KR)
Mar.26,2020* LG Hausys in (KR)
Mar.26,2020* LPN Development in (TH)
Mar.26,2020* Ming Fung Jewellery Group
Mar.26,2020* Misr Kuwait Investment and Trading Co SAE in (EG)
Mar.26,2020* National Hotels BSC in Manama (BH)
Mar.26,2020 Novo Nordisk in Copenhagen (DK)
VIP speech
Mar.26,2020* Pareto Bank in (NO)
Mar.26,2020* PearlAbyss
Mar.26,2020* Poulaillon
Mar.26,2020* Pragma Inkaso in (PL)
Mar.26,2020* Proxama
Mar.26,2020* Przedsiebiorstwo Modernizacji Urzadzen Energetycznych Remak in (PL)
Mar.26,2020* S-Oil in (KR)
Mar.26,2020* Saigon Fishing Net Joint Stock in (VN)
Mar.26,2020* Samba Bank in (PK)
Mar.26,2020* Sanistaal in (DK)
Mar.26,2020* Saraswati Commercial (India) in (IN)
Mar.26,2020 Scandinavian Tobacco Group in Soborg (DK)
Mar.26,2020* Seegene
Mar.26,2020* Shinhan Financial Group in (KR)
Mar.26,2020* Siam City Cement in (TH)
Mar.26,2020* Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy in Bilbao (ES)
Mar.26,2020* Signaux Girod
Mar.26,2020* SK Innovation in Seoul (KR)
Mar.26,2020* SK Telecom in (KR)
Mar.26,2020 Skanska in Stockholm (SE)
Mar.26,2020 SKF in Goeteborg (SE)
Mar.26,2020* Soneri Bank
Mar.26,2020* Sparebank 1 Nord-Norge in (NO)
Mar.26,2020* Sparebank 1 Smn in (NO)
Mar.26,2020* Spirox in (TW)
Mar.26,2020* Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan
Mar.26,2020* Sunndal Sparebank
Mar.26,2020* Syncora Holdings in (US)
Mar.26,2020* TL Holdings in (JP)
Mar.26,2020* Trakya Cam Sanayii AS in (TR)
Mar.26,2020* Traphaco Joint Stock in (VN)
Mar.26,2020* Trend Micro in Tokyo (JP)
Mar.26,2020* Tricklestar
Mar.26,2020* TSI Co in Tokyo (JP)
Mar.26,2020* Vespa
Mar.26,2020* Vinaconex 9 Joint Stock in (VN)
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