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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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Jun.30,2020* South Logistics Joint Stock in (VN)
Jun.30,2020* Southern Airports Services JSC in (VN)
Jun.30,2020* Space Value Holdings Co
Jun.30,2020* SPG Land (Holdings)
Jun.30,2020* Sprue Aegis
Jun.30,2020* SR Signal PAO
Jun.30,2020* Standard Chartered Bank Botswana in (UK)
Jun.30,2020* Standard Life Investments Propertyome Trust in (UK)
Jun.30,2020* Stem Cells Spin
Jun.30,2020* Stentys in (FR)
Jun.30,2020* Stopanska Banka AD Skopje
Jun.30,2020* Stradim Espace Finance in (FR)
Jun.30,2020* Sudokhodnaya kompaniya Volzhskoye parokhodstvo in (RU)
Jun.30,2020* Sumou Real Estate Company JSCC
Jun.30,2020* Suncorp Technologies in Hongkong (HK)
Jun.30,2020* Sunex
Jun.30,2020* Sunway International Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Jun.30,2020 surgutneftegaz in Moskau (RU)
Jun.30,2020* Suria Capital Holdings Bhd in (MY)
Jun.30,2020* Svetlana in (RU)
Jun.30,2020* Tag dd Gorazde
Jun.30,2020* Taganrogskiy morskoy torgovyi port
Jun.30,2020* Talend
Jun.30,2020* TANDUAY Holdings
Jun.30,2020* Tanrich Financial Holdings
Jun.30,2020* TANTK im. G.M. Beriyeva in (RU)
Jun.30,2020* Tekhpribor in (RU)
Jun.30,2020* Tempo Scan Pacific Tbk in (ID)
Jun.30,2020* Tenaga Nasional Bhd in (MY)
Jun.30,2020* Termoexpert
Jun.30,2020* Termomontaza ad Banja Luka
Jun.30,2020* TGK-2 in (RU)
Jun.30,2020* The Ramallah Summer Resorts
Jun.30,2020* Three Gates
Jun.30,2020* Tian Shan Development (Holding)
Jun.30,2020* Tibet 5100 Water Resources
Jun.30,2020* Tissue Regenix Group in (UK)
Jun.30,2020* TKrungthai Industries in (TH)
Jun.30,2020* Tonic Industries Holdings
Jun.30,2020* Top Global
Jun.30,2020* Torian Resources NL
Jun.30,2020* Totalte D'Ivoire
Jun.30,2020* TPG RE Finance Trust
Jun.30,2020* Trakcja PRKiI in (PL)
Jun.30,2020* Trans Siberian Gold in (UK)
Jun.30,2020* Transferator publ
Jun.30,2020* Travel Technology Interactive
Jun.30,2020* Trillium Therapeutics
Jun.30,2020* trivago
Jun.30,2020* Tuapsinskiy morskoy torgovyi port in (RU)
Jun.30,2020* Turnall Holdings
Jun.30,2020* Tutayevskiy motornyi zavod in (RU)
Jun.30,2020* United Overseas Australia in (MY)
Jun.30,2020* Universe Group in (UK)
Jun.30,2020* Uniwax
Jun.30,2020* Usce Bosne VP ad Samac
Jun.30,2020* Valtes Co
Jun.30,2020* Vaninskiy morskoy torgovyi port in (RU)
Jun.30,2020* Varitronix International in Hongkong (HK)
Jun.30,2020* Vemal dd Tesanj
Jun.30,2020* Viet Nam Golf Tourism Joint Stock in (VN)
Jun.30,2020* Viet Nam International Commercial Joint Stock Bank
Jun.30,2020* Vietnam Ceramic Glass JSC
Jun.30,2020 Vietnam Maritime Development JSC in Hai Phong City (VN)
Jun.30,2020* Vietnam Plastic in (VN)
Jun.30,2020* Vietnam Sun in (VN)
Jun.30,2020* Visiomed Group
Jun.30,2020* Vobile Group
Jun.30,2020* Volgogaz in (RU)
Jun.30,2020* Vonovia
Jun.30,2020* Vonovia (former: Deutsche Annington Immobilien) in Bochum ?virtual meeting? (DE)
Compliance Statement
Jun.30,2020 Wacker Neuson (former: construction) in Munich (DE)
Compliance Statement
Jun.30,2020* Wakepark in (PL)
Jun.30,2020* Wan Cheng Metal Packaging Company
Jun.30,2020* Watermark Global in (UK)
Jun.30,2020* Wind Mobile
Jun.30,2020* Wisdom Group
Jun.30,2020* WMG Holdings Bhd
Jun.30,2020* Wong Fong Industries
Jun.30,2020* Workpoint Entertainment in (TH)
Jun.30,2020* Wuling Motors Holdings in (HK)
Jun.30,2020* xG Technology
Jun.30,2020* Xinjiang Tianye Water Saving Irrigation System Co
Jun.30,2020* Xiwang Special Steel
Jun.30,2020* XTPL
Jun.30,2020* Xtract Energy in (UK)
Jun.30,2020* Yanbu Cement in (SA)
Jun.30,2020* Zagrebacke Pekarne Klara
Jun.30,2020* Zheda Lande Scitech
Jun.30,2020* Zhejiang Shibao in (CN)
Jun.30,2020* Zhongtian International in (CN)
Jun.30,2020* ZIF Bosfin dd Sarajevo in (BA)
Jun.30,2020* ZIF Unioinvest ad Bijeljina
Jun.30,2020* Zimplow
Jun.30,2020* ZPUE in (PL)
Jun.30,2020* ZTC Banja Vrucica ad Teslic
Jun.30,2020* Zvornikputevi ad Zvornik
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