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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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Sep.16,2020* A-Living Services Co
Sep.16,2020* Alithya Group
Sep.16,2020* Alliance Aviation Services
Sep.16,2020* Antibiotice in (RO)
Sep.16,2020* Applied DNA Sciences
Sep.16,2020* Aritzia
Sep.16,2020* Arman Holdings
Sep.16,2020* Aryzta in Duebendorf (CH)
Sep.16,2020* Auto Trader Group
Sep.16,2020* Banka BioLoo
Sep.16,2020* Best Of The Best in London (UK)
Sep.16,2020* Caspian Oil & Gas
Sep.16,2020* Central Cooperative Bank AD Sofia in (BG)
Sep.16,2020* Chennai Meenakshi Multispeciality Hospital
Sep.16,2020* City General Insurance Co
Sep.16,2020* D P Abhushan
Sep.16,2020* East African Breweries
Sep.16,2020* Eckoh in Hertfordshire (UK)
Sep.16,2020* Expert Systems Holdings
Sep.16,2020* Financial Assets Management Group in (PL)
Sep.16,2020* Foschini Group in (ZA)
Sep.16,2020* Fujikura in (JP)
Sep.16,2020* Harakosan in (JP)
Sep.16,2020* Hercules Hoists in (IN)
Sep.16,2020* Hisense Kelon Electrical Holdings in (CN)
Sep.16,2020* Holmen in (SE)
Sep.16,2020* J.Jill
Sep.16,2020* Jagat Trading Enterprises
Sep.16,2020* Jupiter Green Investment Trust
Sep.16,2020* Kopran in (IN)
Sep.16,2020* Manali Petrochemicals
Sep.16,2020* Methode Electronics in Chicago (US)
Sep.16,2020* Mirada in (UK)
Sep.16,2020* Mobile Network Group
Sep.16,2020* Nitin Spinners in (IN)
Sep.16,2020* OAB Osnabruecker Anlagen und Beteiligungs
Sep.16,2020* Obalon Therapeutics
Sep.16,2020* Odyssey Technologies
Sep.16,2020* OneForce Holdings
Sep.16,2020* Pacte Novation
Sep.16,2020* Phoenix Capital Holding AD Sofia
Sep.16,2020 plus500 in London (UK)
Sep.16,2020* Pricol in (IN)
Sep.16,2020* PV Crystalox Solar in (UK)
Sep.16,2020* Redcentric
Sep.16,2020* S Kijchai Enterprise
Sep.16,2020* Sirma Group Holding AD Sofia
Sep.16,2020* Sohu.Com in (CN)
Sep.16,2020* Solar Industries India in (IN)
Sep.16,2020* Soligenix
Sep.16,2020* Spineway SAS
Sep.16,2020* Stovec Industries
Sep.16,2020* Sundram Fasteners in (IN)
Sep.16,2020* Surgical Innovations Group in (UK)
Sep.16,2020* Take Two Interactive Software
Sep.16,2020* Thai Union Frozen Products in (TH)
Sep.16,2020* THQ Nordic
Sep.16,2020* Trevali Mining
Sep.16,2020* TVS Srichakra in (IN)
Sep.16,2020* Veterinarska Stanica ad Doboj
Sep.16,2020* Vinyl Chemicals India
Sep.16,2020* WIGE MEDIA in Nuernberg (DE)
Sep.16,2020* Zenit Properties ADSITS Sofia
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