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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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Feb.09,2022* Actic Group
Feb.09,2022* Adaro Energy Tbk in (ID)
Feb.09,2022* Atmos Energy in (IL)
Feb.09,2022* Ayalon Holdings in (IL)
Feb.09,2022* Benton Resources
Feb.09,2022* Boomerang in Vancouver (CA)
Feb.09,2022* Brenmiller Energy
Feb.09,2022* BYD Electronic (International)
Feb.09,2022* BYD in (CN)
Feb.09,2022* Caspian Oil & Gas
Feb.09,2022* Charger Metals NL
Feb.09,2022* Continual
Feb.09,2022* Electra Real Estate in (IL)
Feb.09,2022* Euromoney Institutional Investor in (UK)
Feb.09,2022* Finsbury Growth Andome Trust in (UK)
Feb.09,2022* Fontana
Feb.09,2022* G1 Secure Solutions
Feb.09,2022* Grainger in (UK)
Feb.09,2022* Great Western Bancorp
Feb.09,2022* Green Crescent Insurance PJSC in (AE)
Feb.09,2022* Guardian Capital Partners
Feb.09,2022* Inter Industries in (IL)
Feb.09,2022* Intertech in (GR)
Feb.09,2022* Izo-Blok
Feb.09,2022* LS Tech Homes
Feb.09,2022* MLRN Projects and Trade
Feb.09,2022* National Leasing Holding QSC in Doha (QA)
Feb.09,2022* NU World Holdings in (ZA)
Feb.09,2022* Octopus Digital
Feb.09,2022* OMG in (UK)
Feb.09,2022* Petra Diamonds in London (UK)
Feb.09,2022* RiTE Ugljevik ad Ugljevik
Feb.09,2022* Rogers Sugar in Montreal (CA)
Feb.09,2022* Saudi Cable in Jeddah (SA)
Feb.09,2022* Schroder UK Mid Cap Fund in (UK)
Feb.09,2022* Stenprop
Feb.09,2022* TerraVest Industries
Feb.09,2022* Tihama Advertising Public Relations and Marketing Holding in (SA)
Feb.09,2022* Vonage Holding in (US)
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The AGMagenda is a tool for professionals, to clarify AGM organizational questions in good time. It works using search engines, like a portal (though with no advertising!) and concentrates on the essentials. A point of particular interest is the fact that entering the name of a company followed by VIPHV/AGM (e.g. RossiVIPHV/AGM) will in almost all cases bring you directly to the company?s Corporate Governance Web pages. What you find there awaits the critical, constructive observations of our users.