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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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Sep.30,2022* Lanka Realty Investments
Sep.30,2022* Magni Tech Industries Bhd in (MY)
Sep.30,2022* Mansi Finance (Chennai)
Sep.30,2022* Mapro Industries
Sep.30,2022* Maruti Securities in Secunderabad (IN)
Sep.30,2022* Maximaa System
Sep.30,2022* McLeod Russel India in (IN)
Sep.30,2022* Mecaro Co
Sep.30,2022* Medinex
Sep.30,2022* MIL Industries
Sep.30,2022* Mipco Seamless Rings Gujarat
Sep.30,2022* MK Exim (India)
Sep.30,2022* Moda AD Sveti Nikole
Sep.30,2022* Mohit Paper Mills
Sep.30,2022* Mrugesh Trading
Sep.30,2022* MSTNS Co
Sep.30,2022* Mykris International Bhd
Sep.30,2022* National Shipping of Saudi Arabia in (SA)
Sep.30,2022* Nawaloka Hospitals in (LK)
Sep.30,2022* Nhc Foods
Sep.30,2022* Nile
Sep.30,2022* NPR Finance
Sep.30,2022* Onelife Capital Advisors
Sep.30,2022* Overseas Synthetics
Sep.30,2022* Padmanabh Industries
Sep.30,2022* Pakistan International Bulk Terminal Private
Sep.30,2022* Panther Tyres
Sep.30,2022* Parsoli Corp
Sep.30,2022* Pashupati Cotspin
Sep.30,2022* Phoenix Communications in (KR)
Sep.30,2022* Photon Capital Advisors
Sep.30,2022* Pierre Et Vacances in (FR)
Sep.30,2022* Pobis TNC Co
Sep.30,2022* Prag Bosimi Synthetics
Sep.30,2022* Prismaflex International in (FR)
Sep.30,2022* Quali-Smart Holdings
Sep.30,2022* Raaj Medisafe India
Sep.30,2022* Raj Agro Mills
Sep.30,2022* Raj Rayon Industries in (IN)
Sep.30,2022* Raj Television Network in (IN)
Sep.30,2022* Rakan Steels
Sep.30,2022* Reederei Herbert Ekkenga in Bad Zwischenahn (DE)
Sep.30,2022* Reliance Power
Sep.30,2022* Rodium Realty
Sep.30,2022* Royal Cushion Vinyl Products
Sep.30,2022* Rubra Medicaments
Sep.30,2022* S P Capital Financing
Sep.30,2022* SA Generix in (FR)
Sep.30,2022* Sacheon Aerospace Manufacturing Ind Co
Sep.30,2022* Samtex Fashions
Sep.30,2022* Sanghvi Brands in (IN)
Sep.30,2022* Santosh Fine Fab
Sep.30,2022* Sarvamangal Marcantile Company
Sep.30,2022* Scintilla Commercial + Credit
Sep.30,2022* Security Papers in (PK)
Sep.30,2022* Servotech Engineering Industries
Sep.30,2022* Shamrock Industrial Company
Sep.30,2022* Shervani Industrial Syndicate
Sep.30,2022* Shreeram Proteins
Sep.30,2022* Shyama Infosys
Sep.30,2022* SNS Properties and Leasing
Sep.30,2022* Sree Rayalaseema Hi-Strength Hypo
Sep.30,2022* Stampede Capital
Sep.30,2022* Steadfast Corporation
Sep.30,2022* Store One Retail India
Sep.30,2022* Sujala Trading + Holdings
Sep.30,2022* Sujana Towers in (IN)
Sep.30,2022* Super Crop Safe
Sep.30,2022* SVP Global Ventures
Sep.30,2022* Systematix Securities
Sep.30,2022* TeleCanor Global
Sep.30,2022* Telesys Info-Infra (I)
Sep.30,2022* Thakkers Developers
Sep.30,2022* TPSH
Sep.30,2022* TR Investment in (HU)
Sep.30,2022* Tranway Technologies
Sep.30,2022* Trishakti Electronics and Industries
Sep.30,2022* Upasana Finance
Sep.30,2022* V Medical Instrument Joint Stock in (VN)
Sep.30,2022* Vas Infrastructure
Sep.30,2022* Viaan Industries
Sep.30,2022* Vikas Granaries in (IN)
Sep.30,2022* Visco Trade Associates
Sep.30,2022* Vision Fame International Hld
Sep.30,2022* W.S. Industries India
Sep.30,2022* Walls + Futures REIT
Sep.30,2022* White Diamond Industries in (IN)
Sep.30,2022* WOORIM MACHINERY CO in (KR)
Sep.30,2022* Xin Hwa Holdings Bhd
Sep.30,2022* Zetatrans ad Podgorica
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