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May.15,2019* Home Capital Group
May.15,2019* Hoteli Makarska
May.15,2019* Hulamin
May.15,2019* Hyatt Hotels in Chicago (US)
May.15,2019* Iconovo in Lund (SE)
May.15,2019* ICU Medical
May.15,2019* Indo Acidatama Tbk in (ID)
May.15,2019* Indopoly Swakarsa Industry Tbk in (ID)
May.15,2019* Information Services in (CA)
May.15,2019* INIT Innovation in Traffic Systems in (DE)
May.15,2019* Injazzat Real Estate Development KSCC in (KW)
May.15,2019* Inles Komerc ad Novi Sad
May.15,2019* Intevac
May.15,2019* Ion Geophysical
May.15,2019* Iridium Communications
May.15,2019* Itay Financial AA Investments
May.15,2019* Jiangsu Zhengdan Chemical Industry Co in Zhenjiang (CN)
May.15,2019* JM Education Group Berhad in (MY)
May.15,2019* Ju Teng International Holdings in (TW)
May.15,2019* Jupiter Fund Management in (UK)
May.15,2019* Kingdee International Software Group
May.15,2019* Kingsoft
May.15,2019 Kloeckner & Co in Duesseldorf (DE)
Compliance Statement
May.15,2019* Kohl's
May.15,2019* Korado Bulgaria AD Strazhitsa in (BG)
May.15,2019* Kraft Foods in Chicago (US)
Compliance Statement
May.15,2019* KRONOS Worldwide
May.15,2019 LafargeHolcim in Duebendorf (CH)
May.15,2019* Libbey
May.15,2019* M+S Hydraulic AD Kazanlak
May.15,2019* Macquarie Infrastructure LLC
May.15,2019* Mallinckrodt
May.15,2019* Malta International Airport in St.Julians (MT)
May.15,2019* MAM Funds in (UK)
May.15,2019* MAP Aktif Adiperkasa Tbk
May.15,2019* Marg Techno-Projects
May.15,2019* Marka PJSC
May.15,2019* Marshalls in (UK)
May.15,2019* Mavenome and Growth VCT 4 in (UK)
May.15,2019* MediaZen
May.15,2019* MENNICA POLSKA in (PL)
May.15,2019* Minerals Technologies
May.15,2019* Mirati Therapeutics
May.15,2019* Mistras Group
May.15,2019* MK Exim (India)
May.15,2019* Moss Bros Group in (UK)
May.15,2019* National Instruments
May.15,2019* Natura City Developments Tbk
May.15,2019* Nexans in (FR)
May.15,2019* Noodles + Co
May.15,2019* Northeast Electric Development Co in (CN)
May.15,2019* Northrop Grumman in Falls Church (US)
May.15,2019* NPO Moskovskiy radiotekhnicheskiy zavod in (RU)
May.15,2019* OKTA AD Skopje
May.15,2019* Old Dominion Freight Line
May.15,2019* On Deck Capital
May.15,2019* Paddy Power in (IE)
May.15,2019* Partners Group Holding in Baar-Zug (CH)
May.15,2019* Petra Petroleum
May.15,2019* Piedmont Office Realty Trust
May.15,2019* Pine Cliff Energy
May.15,2019* Pinnacle West Capital in Phoenix (US)
May.15,2019* Pittards in (UK)
May.15,2019* Plains All American Pipeline LP in Houston (US)
May.15,2019* Plains GP Holdings LP
May.15,2019* Playtech in (UK)
May.15,2019* Power Assets Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
May.15,2019* Privatization Holding KSCC in Safat (KW)
May.15,2019* Proto Labs
May.15,2019* PSB Industries in (FR)
May.15,2019* Rabigh Refining and Petrochemical in (SA)
May.15,2019* Radian Group
May.15,2019 Rallye in Paris (FR)
May.15,2019* Range Resources in (AU)
May.15,2019 RATIONAL in Augsburg (DE)
May.15,2019* Red Sky Energy in (AU)
May.15,2019* Redwood Trust in Mill Valley (US)
May.15,2019* Reliance Steel + Aluminum Co
May.15,2019* Renaissancere Holdings in (US)
May.15,2019* Repligen in Waltham (US)
May.15,2019 RIB Software in Stuttgart (DE)
May.15,2019* Rockhopper Exploration in London (UK)
May.15,2019* Rudolph Technologies
May.15,2019* Rui Kang Pharmaceutical Group Investments
May.15,2019* Samson Holding
May.15,2019* Saudi British Bank in (SA)
May.15,2019* Saudi Hollandi Bank in (MY)
May.15,2019* Scorpio Mining
May.15,2019 secunet Security Networks in Essen (DE)
Compliance Statement
May.15,2019* Secure Trust Bank
May.15,2019* Security Matters in (IN)
May.15,2019* Sejin Electron in (KR)
May.15,2019* Select Interior Concepts
May.15,2019* Selectmfort
May.15,2019* SemGroup
May.15,2019* Sigma Pharmaceuticals in (AU)
May.15,2019* Sing Lee Software (Group)
May.15,2019* SiteOne Landscape Supply
May.15,2019* Societa Iniziative Autostradali e Servizi in (IT)
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