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May.17,2018* Opus Prodox (Publ) in (SE)
May.17,2018* P)
May.17,2018* Palemo in (JP)
May.17,2018* Paramount Group
May.17,2018* Paris Orleans in (FR)
May.17,2018* Pioneer Drilling
May.17,2018* Pioneer Natural Resources in (IL)
May.17,2018* Piper Jaffraympanies in (US)
May.17,2018* Poly Real Estate Group in (CN)
May.17,2018* PolyOne
May.17,2018* Portmeirion Group in (UK)
May.17,2018* Progress Software
May.17,2018 Prudential in London (UK)
May.17,2018* Prymus
May.17,2018* PSB Industries in (FR)
May.17,2018* PV Crystalox Solar in (UK)
May.17,2018* Qassim Agriculture in Buridha (SA)
May.17,2018* Qingdao Kingking Applied Chemistry Co in (CN)
May.17,2018* Quantel in (FR)
May.17,2018* Raspadskaya in (RU)
May.17,2018* Raval ICS
May.17,2018* Rayonier
May.17,2018* Realtech in (DE)
May.17,2018* Regional REIT
May.17,2018* Retezat
May.17,2018* Reva Medical
May.17,2018* Rockville Financial in Vernon (US)
May.17,2018* Roo Hsing in (TW)
May.17,2018* RoodMicrotec in Amsterdam (NL)
May.17,2018* RR Donnelley And Sons in Chicago (US)
May.17,2018* S P Setia Bhd in (MY)
May.17,2018* Safestyle Uk
May.17,2018* Sanbian Sci Tech in (CN)
May.17,2018 SAP in Mannheim (DE)
Compliance StatementGeneral Meeting
May.17,2018* SBA Communications
May.17,2018* SDX Energy
May.17,2018* Sealed Air
May.17,2018* Securidev in (FR)
May.17,2018* Sekichu in (JP)
May.17,2018* Senhwa Biosciences
May.17,2018* Shandong Homey Aquatic Development in (CN)
May.17,2018* Shanghai Chengdi Construction Corp
May.17,2018* Shanghai Dazhong Public Utilities (group) in (CN)
May.17,2018* Shanghai Diesel Engine in (CN)
May.17,2018* Shanghai Highly (Group) in (CN)
May.17,2018* Shanghai Zhezhongnstruction
May.17,2018* Shangri La Hotels (Malaysia) Bhd in (MY)
May.17,2018* Shenzhen Inovance Technology in (CN)
May.17,2018* Shenzhen Kingdom Sci Tech in (CN)
May.17,2018* Shenzhen Kstar Science And Technology in (CN)
May.17,2018* Shenzhen Sea Star Technology in (CN)
May.17,2018* Shenzhen Zhongheng Huafa Co in (CN)
May.17,2018* Sihuan Pharmaceutical in (CN)
May.17,2018* Sinter Ref
May.17,2018* Site in (PL)
May.17,2018* Societate Comerciala pentru Exploatare Portuara Drobeta
May.17,2018* Sofibus Patrimoine in (FR)
May.17,2018* Sogeclair in (FR)
May.17,2018* Sonic Foundry
May.17,2018* Speed Tech in (TW)
May.17,2018* Spineguard
May.17,2018* Staffline Group in (UK)
May.17,2018* STALPROFIL in (PL)
May.17,2018* Steel Dynamics
May.17,2018* Stopanska Banka AD Bitola in (MK)
May.17,2018* Strike Energy in (AU)
May.17,2018* Sucrivoire
May.17,2018* Suez Environnement Company in Paris (FR)
May.17,2018* Sugi Holdings in (JP)
May.17,2018* Summit Hotel Properties
May.17,2018* Summit Materials LLC
May.17,2018* Sunmmunities
May.17,2018* SunPower
May.17,2018* Suzhou Boamax Technologies Group in (CN)
May.17,2018* Synacor
May.17,2018* Synalloy
May.17,2018* Synchrony Financial
May.17,2018* Syrah Resources in (AU)
May.17,2018* Team
May.17,2018 Telefonica Deutschland Holding in Munich (DE)
May.17,2018* Texas Roadhouse in (US)
May.17,2018* Theraclion
May.17,2018* TI Fluid Systems
May.17,2018* Tianjin TEDA Biomedical Engineering
May.17,2018* Tomei Consolidated Bhd in (MY)
May.17,2018* Topscore Fashion
May.17,2018* Tortoise Capital Resources
May.17,2018* TPG Specialty Lending
May.17,2018* Trias Sentosa Tbk in (ID)
May.17,2018* Trinity
May.17,2018* TriState Capital Holdings
May.17,2018* TrueCar
May.17,2018* TrustCo Bank NY in Rotterdam (US)
May.17,2018* Two Harbors Investment
May.17,2018* Tyazhmash
May.17,2018 Unibail Rodamco in Paris (FR)
Compliance Statement
May.17,2018* Unimot
May.17,2018* Union Properties PJSC in (AE)
May.17,2018* Unisplendour in (CN)
May.17,2018* Universal Investment Bank AD Skopje
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