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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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Jun.30,2020* Feishang Non-metal Materials Technology
Jun.30,2020* Ferratum Oyj
Jun.30,2020* First Ship Lease Trust
Jun.30,2020* Foreign Trade Forwarding and Transportation Joint Stock in (VN)
Jun.30,2020* Fox Marble Holdings
Jun.30,2020* France Tourisme Immobilier
Jun.30,2020* Fujikyu in (JP)
Jun.30,2020* Fusen Pharmaceutical Company
Jun.30,2020* Galeo Concept
Jun.30,2020* Galva Technologies Tbk
Jun.30,2020* Gas Promet ad Istocno Sarajevo Pale in Sarajevo (BA)
Jun.30,2020* Genfit in (FR)
Jun.30,2020* Genomed
Jun.30,2020* Geotech Holdings
Jun.30,2020* Geras Cunev AD Strumica
Jun.30,2020* Gk Software Se
Jun.30,2020* Glory Mark Hi-Tech Holdings
Jun.30,2020* Glunz og Jensen in (DK)
Jun.30,2020* Good Fellow Resources Holdings
Jun.30,2020* Good Friend International Holdings in (HK)
Jun.30,2020* Govena Lighting
Jun.30,2020* GPD Drina dd Gorazde
Jun.30,2020* GR Properties
Jun.30,2020* Gradska Toplana ad Doboj
Jun.30,2020 GrandVision in Amsterdam (NL)
Jun.30,2020* Greentown China Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Jun.30,2020* Gresham House Energy Storage Fund
Jun.30,2020* Group Sense International in (HK)
Jun.30,2020* Groupe Cioa
Jun.30,2020* Grown Up Group Investment Holdings
Jun.30,2020* Grupa Lotos in (PL)
Jun.30,2020* Grupa Trinity
Jun.30,2020* GT Steel Construction Group
Jun.30,2020* Gulf Marine Services
Jun.30,2020* Guojin Resources Holdings
Jun.30,2020* GYG
Jun.30,2020* Gyr Group
Jun.30,2020* Haidemenos in (GR)
Jun.30,2020* Hanoi Education Development and Investment Joint Stock in (VN)
Jun.30,2020* Hanoi Soap Joint Stock
Jun.30,2020* Hascol Petroleum
Jun.30,2020* Heidelberg Cement Bangladesh in (BD)
Jun.30,2020* Helbor Empreendimentos in (BR)
Jun.30,2020* Hengdeli Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Jun.30,2020* Henry Boot in (UK)
Jun.30,2020* Hi Media in (FR)
Jun.30,2020* Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park JSC
Jun.30,2020* Hindustan Unilever in Mumbai (IN)
Jun.30,2020* Hivoice ad Podgorica
Jun.30,2020* Hochdorf Holding in (CH)
Jun.30,2020* Hong Wei(Asia)Holdings
Jun.30,2020* Hortico
Jun.30,2020* Huadian Power International in (CN)
Jun.30,2020* Huajin International Holdings
Jun.30,2020* Huishang Bank
Jun.30,2020* HyComm Wireless
Jun.30,2020* I Got Games
Jun.30,2020* I3 Energy
Jun.30,2020* Igman dd Konjic
Jun.30,2020* Igoria Trade
Jun.30,2020* Ikarbus ad Beograd u restrukturiranju in (YU)
Jun.30,2020* IL&FS Transportation Networks
Jun.30,2020* Imagica Robot Holdings in (JP)
Jun.30,2020* IMCD
Jun.30,2020* Impellam Group in (UK)
Jun.30,2020* Inch Kenneth Kajang Rubber in (UK)
Jun.30,2020* InCoax Networks
Jun.30,2020* India Infoline in (IN)
Jun.30,2020* Indigo Star Holdings
Jun.30,2020* Indorama Ventures
Jun.30,2020* Industrial Fund AD Sofia
Jun.30,2020* Industrial Milk Company in (UA)
Jun.30,2020* Industrijske Plantaze ad Banja Luka
Jun.30,2020* Inex Loris ad Beograd
Jun.30,2020* Information Services in (CA)
Jun.30,2020* Inmobiliaria Colonial inBarcelona (ES)
Jun.30,2020* Innovative Technology Development in (VN)
Jun.30,2020* Inspecs Group
Jun.30,2020* Inspired Energy in (UK)
Jun.30,2020* Instytut Szkolen i Analiz Gospodarczych in (PL)
Jun.30,2020* InteliWISE in (PL)
Jun.30,2020* Intercontinental International Real Estate Investment Company
Jun.30,2020* Intereuropa RTC dd Sarajevo
Jun.30,2020* Internesnel Hotels AD Skopje
Jun.30,2020* Interoil Exploration and Production in (NO)
Jun.30,2020* Intex Resources in (NO)
Jun.30,2020* Introl Joint Stock in (PL)
Jun.30,2020* Inventi
Jun.30,2020* Invest Bank PSC in (AE)
Jun.30,2020* Iofina
Jun.30,2020* Isramco Negev 2 Limited Partnership in (IL)
Jun.30,2020* IT Link in (FR)
Jun.30,2020* Jastrzebska Spolka Weglowa
Jun.30,2020* JHM Development
Jun.30,2020* Jinheng Automotive Safety Technology Holdings in (CN)
Jun.30,2020* JS Group in (JP)
Jun.30,2020* Kaihan Co
Jun.30,2020* Kaisun Energy Group in (HK)
Jun.30,2020* Kaluzhskiy Dvigatel' in (RU)
Jun.30,2020* KAMAZ in (RU)
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