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Jun.15,2018* Beijing Fuxing Xiaocheng Electronic Technology Stock in Beijing (CN)
Jun.15,2018* BOCOM Intl Hldg
Jun.15,2018* Bogdanovichskoye OAO Ogneupory in (RU)
Jun.15,2018* Boguchanskaya GES in (RU)
Jun.15,2018* Braster
Jun.15,2018* Broadex Technologies Co
Jun.15,2018* Brookfield Asset Management
Jun.15,2018* Browar Gontyniec
Jun.15,2018* Bryanskiy molochnyi kombinat in (RU)
Jun.15,2018* Bryast-D AD Dobrich
Jun.15,2018* Ca Mau Water Supply JSC
Jun.15,2018 CarrefourSupermarche in Paris (F)
Jun.15,2018* Cashway Technology Co
Jun.15,2018* Caspar Asset Management
Jun.15,2018* CAT oil in Vienna (AT)
Jun.15,2018* Catering International & Services in (FR)
Jun.15,2018* Cayenne Entertainment Technology in (TW)
Jun.15,2018* CEMEX Latam Holdings
Jun.15,2018* China National Software & Service in (CN)
Jun.15,2018* China Pacific Insurance (Group) in (CN)
Jun.15,2018* China Southern Airlines in (CN)
Jun.15,2018* China Spacesat in (CN)
Jun.15,2018* China Uptown Group Co in (HK)
Jun.15,2018* Chinatrust Financial Holding in (TW)
Jun.15,2018* Chipbond Technology in (TW)
Jun.15,2018* Chongqing Dima Industry in (CN)
Jun.15,2018* Chongqing Jian Feng Chemical in (CN)
Jun.15,2018* Chori in (JP)
Jun.15,2018* Chunghwa Telecom in (TW)
Jun.15,2018* Cibox Inter@ctive in (FR)
Jun.15,2018* Compagnie Aerienne Inter Regionale Express
Jun.15,2018* Coms in (UK)
Jun.15,2018* Constantinou Bros Properties in Paphos (CY)
Jun.15,2018* Cresco in (JP)
Jun.15,2018* Crystalvue Medical Co
Jun.15,2018* Delphanstruction in (TW)
Jun.15,2018* Delta Plus Group in (FR)
Jun.15,2018 Deutsche Wohnen in Frankfurt (DE)
Compliance Statement
Jun.15,2018* Dimet Siam in (TH)
Jun.15,2018* Dongfeng Motor Group in (CN)
Jun.15,2018* Doverie United Holding AD Sofia in (BG)
Jun.15,2018* Dupnitsa Tabak AD Dupnitsa in (BG)
Jun.15,2018* Dynacard Co in (TW)
Jun.15,2018* E Engineering in (TW)
Jun.15,2018* Echo Global Logistics
Jun.15,2018* Ecstelecom in (KR)
Jun.15,2018* Editas Medicine
Jun.15,2018* Egide in (FR)
Jun.15,2018* Ekosistema PAO
Jun.15,2018* Elektrogaz Gazprom DOAO in (RU)
Jun.15,2018* Environnement in (FR)
Jun.15,2018* Eternal Asia Supply Chain Management in (CN)
Jun.15,2018* Etron Technology in (TW)
Jun.15,2018* Everlight Electronics in (TW)
Jun.15,2018* Everspring Industry Co in (TW)
Jun.15,2018* Exlservice Holdings
Jun.15,2018* Faraday Technology in (TW)
Jun.15,2018* Fazerles AD Silistra
Jun.15,2018* Federal in (TW)
Jun.15,2018* Filatex India
Jun.15,2018* Fintel Energia Group in (IT)
Jun.15,2018* Flour Mills Kepenos in (GR)
Jun.15,2018* Founder Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Jun.15,2018* Four Corners Property Trust
Jun.15,2018* Fourlis Holdings in Athens (GR)
Jun.15,2018* Fujian Tianguang Fire Fighting Scie Tech in (CN)
Jun.15,2018* GeneFerm Biotechnology Co
Jun.15,2018* Genesys Logic in (TW)
Jun.15,2018* Genfit in (FR)
Jun.15,2018* Geosonda Konsolidacija ad Beograd
Jun.15,2018* Getin Noble Bank in (PL)
Jun.15,2018* Goldman Sachs BDC
Jun.15,2018* Graditelj ad Beograd Zeleznik
Jun.15,2018* Grand Pacific Petrochemical in (TW)
Jun.15,2018* Great Wall Enterprise in (TW)
Jun.15,2018* Groupe Guillin in Ornans (FR)
Jun.15,2018* Groupe Parot
Jun.15,2018* Guangdong Investment in Hongkong (HK)
Jun.15,2018* Guangdong Wanlima Industry Co
Jun.15,2018* Guodian Technology & Environment Group in (CN )
Jun.15,2018* Guolian Securities Co in (CN)
Jun.15,2018* Hainan Airlines in (CN)
Jun.15,2018* Hainan Island Construction Co in (CN)
Jun.15,2018* Hanergy Solar Group in Hongkong (HK)
Jun.15,2018* Hanoi Soap Joint Stock
Jun.15,2018* Hebei Huijin Electromechanical
Jun.15,2018* HF Company in (FR)
Jun.15,2018* Hoang Huy Investment Financial Services JSC
Jun.15,2018* Honey Hope Honesty Enterprise in (TW)
Jun.15,2018* Hoteli Jadran in (HR)
Jun.15,2018* Hu Lane Associate in (TW)
Jun.15,2018* Hunan Oil Pump Co
Jun.15,2018* Hybrigenics in (FR)
Jun.15,2018* IBIDEN CO in (JP)
Jun.15,2018* Ichinen Holdings in (JP)
Jun.15,2018* Idec in (JP)
Jun.15,2018* INESA Electron Co in (CN)
Jun.15,2018* Ingenious Ene-Carbon New Materials Co in (CN)
Jun.15,2018* Ingra in (HR)
Jun.15,2018* Jalux in (JP)
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