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Aug.30,2017* Weichai Power in (CN)
Aug.30,2017* WM Capital
Aug.30,2017* World Acceptance
Aug.30,2017* YLI Holdings Bhd in (MY)
Aug.30,2017* Zamano in (IE)
Aug.31,2017* Addtech in (SE)
Aug.31,2017* Aurobindo Pharma in (IN)
Aug.31,2017 Biosilu Healthcare in Berlin (DE)
Aug.31,2017* Biovica International
Aug.31,2017* blur (Group)
Aug.31,2017* Capstone Turbine
Aug.31,2017* China Hongqiao Group in (HK)
Aug.31,2017* China Investment Development in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.31,2017* China Railsmedia
Aug.31,2017* Cochin Malabar Estates and Industries
Aug.31,2017* Daktronics
Aug.31,2017* Ec-Founder Holdings in (HK)
Aug.31,2017* Electrostar
Aug.31,2017* Elektrometal
Aug.31,2017* Elis
Aug.31,2017* Estacio Participacoes in Rio de Janeiro (BR)
Aug.31,2017 Gesco in Wuppertal (DE)
Compliance Statement
Aug.31,2017* Globe Pharm AD Sofia
Aug.31,2017* Huge Group
Aug.31,2017* IXYS
Aug.31,2017* Jahorina OC ad Pale
Aug.31,2017* Kadimastem
Aug.31,2017* Magnit in (RU)
Aug.31,2017* Mecanica Ceahlau in (RO)
Aug.31,2017* Midas International Holdings
Aug.31,2017* Mr Price Group in (ZA)
Aug.31,2017* Rane Holdings in (IN)
Aug.31,2017* RIZ Odasiljaci in (HR)
Aug.31,2017* Sil Investments in (IN)
Aug.31,2017* SKW Stahl-Metallurgie Holding in Munich (DE)
Compliance Statement
Aug.31,2017* Sri Trang Agro-Industry in (TH)
Aug.31,2017* Sustainable Forest Holdings in (HK)
Aug.31,2017* Sutlej Textiles and Industries
Aug.31,2017* Taung Gold International in (HK)
Aug.31,2017* Termo2Power
Aug.31,2017* TV Today Network in (IN)
Aug.31,2017* Tyumenneftekomplektservis in (RU)
Aug.31,2017* Unirea Shopping Center in (RO)
Aug.31,2017* Very Good Leisure in (KR)
Aug.31,2017* Vjesnik
Aug.31,2017* Zvecevo in (HR)
Sep.01,2017* Alcobra
Sep.01,2017* An Phat Securities Joint Stock in (VN)
Sep.01,2017* Anoto Group in Goteborg (SE)
Sep.01,2017* Beijer Electronics in (SE)
Sep.01,2017* Beijing Toread Outdoor Products in Beijing (CN)
Sep.01,2017* Bosch in (IN)
Sep.01,2017* Century Plyboards India in (IN)
Sep.01,2017* Guanghui Energy in (CN)
Sep.01,2017* Hongkong Chinese in (HK)
Sep.01,2017* Interchina Holdings in (HK)
Sep.01,2017* JC Leasehold Property Fund
Sep.01,2017* Lippo China Resources in (HK)
Sep.01,2017* Lippo in Hongkong (HK)
Sep.01,2017* MDS Technology in (KR)
Sep.01,2017* Portwell in (TW)
Sep.01,2017* Posiflex Technology in (TW)
Sep.01,2017* Pounje
Sep.01,2017* PYI in Hongkong (HK)
Sep.01,2017* Quadrant Televentures
Sep.01,2017* SMS Management and Technology in Melbourn (AU)
Sep.01,2017* Societe Ivoirienne de Coco Rape
Sep.03,2017* Ashdar Building Company in (IL)
Sep.03,2017* Delek Drilling Limited Partnership in (IL)
Sep.03,2017* Orad
Sep.04,2017* Ahmedabad Steel Craft
Sep.04,2017* Air France KLM in (FR)
Sep.04,2017* Atlas Hotels Group ad Bar
Sep.04,2017* Beijing Jingcheng Machinery Electric Co in (CN)
Sep.04,2017* Bilia in (SE)
Sep.04,2017* Bioera in (IT)
Sep.04,2017* Easyknit International Holdings in (HK)
Sep.04,2017* Ester Industries in (IN)
Sep.04,2017* Foodlink Sa in (GR)
Sep.04,2017* Foraj Sonde
Sep.04,2017* GD Power Development in (CN)
Sep.04,2017* HD Pro Co
Sep.04,2017* Home Center Co
Sep.04,2017* Hong Kong Finance Group
Sep.04,2017* Hybrigenics in (FR)
Sep.04,2017* Indian Link Chain Manufactrers
Sep.04,2017* JP komunalno ad Pale
Sep.04,2017* JP Komus ad Gacko
Sep.04,2017* Kanoria Chemicals and Industries
Sep.04,2017* KI Group
Sep.04,2017* Royal KPN in Amsterdam (NL)
Sep.04,2017* Lahav LR Real Estate in (IL)
Sep.04,2017* Manomay Tex India
Sep.04,2017* MedCap publ in (SE)
Sep.04,2017* Pine Care Group
Sep.04,2017* Pioneer Global Group
Sep.04,2017* PT Golden Energy Mines Tbk
Sep.04,2017* Pupin Telecom ad Beograd in (RS)
Sep.04,2017* Reserve Capital ADSITS Sofia
Sep.04,2017* Romaero
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