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Sep.11,2019* Sports Direct International in (UK)
Sep.11,2019* Supergroupin Cheltenham (UK)
Sep.12,2019* Datatec in Johannesburg (ZA)
Sep.12,2019* Empire in Toronto (CA)
Sep.12,2019* Someta
Sep.13,2019* Sopharma AD Sofia in (BG)
Sep.18,2019 Bastei Luebbe in Cologne (DE)
Compliance Statement
Sep.19,2019* AGL Energy in (AU)
Sep.19,2019* Auto Trader Group
Sep.19,2019* Ryanair Holdings in Dublin (IE)
Sep.19,2019* Warehouse REIT
Sep.20,2019* Apex Frozen Foods
Sep.20,2019* Archer in (NO)
Sep.20,2019* Energoinvest Tpo dd Jajce
Sep.20,2019* Knightsbridge Tankers in (US)
Sep.20,2019* Ladderup Finance
Sep.20,2019* Northern Drilling
Sep.24,2019* ASX in Sidney (AU)
Sep.24,2019* Comfort Commotrade
Sep.24,2019* TV Vision
Sep.25,2019* MainstreamBPO
Sep.26,2019* Crescent Leasing
Sep.26,2019* Escorts Finance in (IN)
Sep.26,2019* Eureka Industries
Sep.26,2019* IDream Film Infrastructure Co
Sep.26,2019* Neeraj Paper Marketing
Sep.26,2019* Nwf Group in (UK)
Sep.26,2019* Suncorp Group in Brisbane (AU)
Sep.27,2019* Aadi Industries
Sep.27,2019* Angel Fibers
Sep.27,2019* Anubhav Industrial Resources
Sep.27,2019* Autodrome in (LK)
Sep.27,2019* Browns Capital
Sep.27,2019* Browns Investments
Sep.27,2019* Dankotuwa Porcelain
Sep.27,2019* Ecs Biztech
Sep.27,2019* Gita Renewable Energy
Sep.27,2019* Globe Commercials
Sep.27,2019* Hella KGaA in Lippstadt (DE)
Compliance Statement
Sep.27,2019* Hikkaduwa Beach Resort
Sep.27,2019* Hindustan Aeronautics
Sep.27,2019* Hisar Spinning Mills
Sep.27,2019* Innovative Tech Pack
Sep.27,2019* Mahaweli Reach Hotel
Sep.27,2019* Medinova Diagnostic Services
Sep.27,2019* Millennium Housing Developers
Sep.27,2019* Mishra Dhatu Nigam
Sep.27,2019* Nahar Industrial Enterprises in (IN)
Sep.27,2019* Pacheli Industrial Finance
Sep.27,2019* People's Merchant Finance in (LK)
Sep.27,2019* Ramboda Falls
Sep.27,2019* Sbi Life Insurance Co
Sep.27,2019* Trade Finance + Investments
Sep.27,2019* Vardhman Concrete
Sep.27,2019* Vivo Bio Tech
Sep.29,2019* Radhika Jeweltech
Oct.03,2019* Imdex
Oct.03,2019* Singapore Exchange in Singapore (SG)
Oct.04,2019* The General for Ceramic and Porcelain Products in (EG)
Oct.10,2019 Brambles in Sydney (AU)
Oct.10,2019* Hargreaves Lansdown in Bristol (UK)
Oct.10,2019* Transurban Group in Melbourne (AU)
Oct.15,2019* Telstra in Sydney (AU)
Oct.16,2019 Commonwealth Bank of Australia in Sydney (AU)
Oct.16,2019 CSL in Melbourne (AU)
Oct.16,2019* Impala Platinum Holdings in (ZA)
Oct.16,2019 Origin Energy in Sydney (AU)
Oct.16,2019* Shkl Group
Oct.17,2019* Domacom Australia
Oct.17,2019* Inghams Group
Oct.17,2019* Perpetual in (AU)
Oct.17,2019* Skycity Entertainment Group in (NZ)
Oct.17,2019* Whitehavenal in (AU)
Oct.18,2019* Amalgamated Holdings in (AU)
Oct.18,2019* Dechra Pharmaceuticals in London (UK)
Oct.18,2019* Ryder Capital
Oct.18,2019* URB Investments
Oct.19,2019* Tabcorp Holdings in (AU)
Oct.21,2019* Stockland in (AU)
Oct.22,2019* Aedifica in Brussels (BE)
Oct.22,2019* dorma+kaba Holding in Ruemlang (CH)
Oct.22,2019* IDP Education Pty
Oct.22,2019* Mcmillan Shakespeare in (AU)
Oct.22,2019* Super Retail Group in Chermside South (AU)
Oct.23,2019* Asset Resolution
Oct.23,2019* Bailador Technology Investments
Oct.23,2019* Cardno in (AU)
Oct.23,2019* Southern Cross Media Australia Hldg Pty
Oct.23,2019* St Barbara in Melbourne (AU)
Oct.24,2019* Big River Industries
Oct.24,2019* Crown in (NL)
Oct.24,2019* Fat Prophets Global Contrarian Fund
Oct.24,2019* JB Hi Fi in (AU)
Oct.24,2019* Magellan Financial Group in (AU)
Oct.24,2019* Redbubble
Oct.24,2019* Renishaw in (UK)
Oct.24,2019* The Star Entertainment Group Limited (formerly: Echo Entertainment Group) in Melbourne (AU)
Oct.25,2019* GWA Group in (AU)
Oct.25,2019* Insurance Australia Group in Sydney (AU)
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