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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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Dec.29,2016* VisionChina Media in (CN)
May.20,2015* Vislink in (UK)
Mar.28,2016* Visnjica Ducani ad Beograd
Apr.29,2015* Visonka Takarmanykevero Szolgltato es Kereskedelmi in (HU)
Dec.18,2017* Vispak dd Visoko
Apr.11,2018* Vissan JSC
Mar.26,2018* Vissem Electronics
Apr.29,2014* Vista Gold
May.20,2015* Vista Group International
Jun.15,2016* Vista Land + Lifescapes in (PH)
Aug.07,2018* Vista Outdoor
Sep.26,2016* Vista Pharmaceuticals
Oct.15,2018* Vistal Gdynia in (PL)
Nov.13,2018* Vistaprint in Amsterdam (NL)
Aug.20,2018* Vistar Holdings
Jun.06,2018* Visteon
Nov.02,2017* Vistin Pharma
Oct.31,2018* Vistula Group in (PL)
Sep.26,2018* Visu International
Nov.15,2017 Visual China Group Co in Changzhou (CN)
Dec.22,2016* Visual International Holdings
Jun.09,2015* Visual Photonics Epitaxy in (TW)
Jun.28,2017* VITA 34 in Leipzig (DE)
Nov.13,2015* Vita Group in (AU)
May.18,2017* Vita Life Sciences in Melbourne (AU)
Jun.22,2018* Vita Mi Holdings AD Sofia
Feb.06,2017* Vita Societa Editoriale in (IT)
Jun.16,2017* Vitabank PAO
Jun.05,2014* Vitacost.com
Jun.04,2015* Vitafoam Nigeria
Jun.29,2018* Vital ad Vrbas
Sep.29,2016* Vital Communications
Jun.08,2018* Vital Group Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Nov.09,2015* Vital Healthcare Property Trust
Jun.28,2018* Vital Ksk Hldg in (JP)
Nov.23,2018* Vital Metals
May.24,2018* Vital Mobile Holdings
Apr.27,2018* Vitaly Joint Stock in (VN)
Jun.28,2018* Vitamin Shoppe
Jun.30,2016* Vitaminka ad Banja Luka
Jun.12,2018* Vitaminka AD Prilep
Sep.29,2016* Vitan Agro Industries
Sep.03,2018* Vitania in (IL)
Nov.10,2015* Vitaprot Slavyanovo AD Sofia
Jun.30,2017* Vitarich in (PH)
Sep.03,2018* Vitasoy International Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Jun.25,2018* Vitec in (JP)
Apr.23,2018* Vitec Software Group (Publ) in Umea (SE)
May.26,2018* VITECO Vietnam Telecommunications Technology Joint Stock in (VN)
Mar.08,2012* Viterra in (CA)
Sep.29,2018* Vitesse Agro
Sep.11,2018* Vitesse Media in (UK)
Mar.07,2013* Vitesse Semiconductor
Jan.30,2018* Vitimas
Dec.28,2015* Vitinka ad Kozluk
Dec.15,2015* Vitop Bioenergy Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
May.12,2014* Vitran
Apr.30,2015* Vitro in (MX)
Apr.27,2017* Vitrolife in Gothenburg (SE)
May.24,2018* ViTrox Bhd in (MY)
Apr.27,2018* Vittoria Assicurazioni in (IT)
Sep.27,2018* Vitzro Tech Co in (KR)
Aug.30,2016* Vitzrocell
Nov.14,2018* VitzroSys Co in (KR)
Jun.14,2018* Viva China Holdings in (HK)
Apr.20,2018* Viva Industrial Trust
May.20,2013 Vivacon in Cologne (DE)
Compliance Statement
May.28,2018* Vivanco Gruppe in (DE)
Jun.26,2015* Vivant in (PH)
Sep.27,2018* Vivanta Industries
Jun.12,2015* Vivenda Media Groep in (NL)
Apr.17,2019 Vivendi in Paris (FR)
VIP speech
Apr.30,2015* Viverorporadora enstrutora in (BR)
Oct.12,2018* Vivid Games
Sep.29,2016* Vivid Global Industries
Jul.02,2014* Vividend Income Fund in (ZA)
Sep.30,2016* Vivimed Labs
Jun.13,2018* Vivint Solar
Sep.26,2014* Vivoline Medical in (SE)
Mar.23,2018* Vivotek in (TW)
Sep.07,2018* Vivus in Mountain View (US)
Mar.27,2018* Viwaco JSC
Jun.09,2016* ViXS Systems
Aug.31,2018* Vixtel Technologies Holdings
May.05,2015* VizRT in (NO)
Feb.16,2018* VJ since 1890 Sverige publ in (SE)
Aug.30,2018* Vjesnik
Jun.07,2017* Vjetrenica dd Vitez
Sep.28,2018* VJILnsulting
Mar.15,2012* VK Muehlen in (DE)
Apr.28,2015* VKABANK
Sep.22,2018* VKJ Infra Developers
Apr.30,2015* VKKhP No 2 VAT
Sep.30,2014* VKS Projects
Jun.26,2018* Vladimirskaya energosbytovaya kompaniya in (RU)
May.17,2018* Vladimirskiy Khimicheskiy Zavod in (RU)
Nov.24,2016* Vladivostokskiy morskoy torgovyi port in (RU)
Feb.09,2017* VLC Holdings in (JP)
May.25,2018* VM Materiaux in (FR)
Aug.10,2015* Vmob Group in Auckland (NZ)
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