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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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May.18,2018* Weyerhaeuser
May.16,2019* WFD Unibail Rodamco
Jun.29,2018* WFE Technology
Oct.26,2016* WG Wearne in (ZA)
Feb.01,2017* WGL Holdings
Feb.09,2018* WH Ireland Group in (UK)
Jan.23,2019* WH Smith in (UK)
Jul.05,2018* WHA Business Complex Freehold and Leasehold Real Estate Investment Trust
Apr.25,2016* WHA Corporation in (TH)
Jul.13,2017* WHA Premium Factory and Warehouse Property Fund
Feb.27,2018* WHA Premium Growth Freehold and Leasehold Real Estate Investment Trust
Apr.27,2018* Wha Utilities and Power
Jun.22,2017* Wha Yu Industrial in (TW)
Mar.15,2013* Whanin Pharm in (KR)
May.10,2018* Wharf (Holdings) in Hongkong (HK)
Jul.03,2015* Wheel and Axle Textiles
May.11,2017* Wheelock And in Hongkong (HK)
Apr.27,2018* Wheelock Properties (Singapore) in Singapore (SG)
Aug.10,2016* Wheels India in (IN)
Feb.27,2015* Wheelsure Holdings
Apr.17,2018* Whirlpool
Sep.13,2016* Whirlpool of India in (IN)
Jan.30,2014* Whistler Blackcomb Holdings
Jun.27,2018* Whitbread in (UK)
Nov.28,2014* White Cliff Minerals in (AU)
Sep.23,2014* White Diamond Industries in (IN)
Jul.27,2015* White Eagle Resources
Nov.24,2015* White Energy in Sydney (AU)
Apr.19,2018* White Group in (TH)
May.23,2018* White Horse Bhd in (MY)
May.24,2018* White Mountains Insurance Group
Nov.30,2016* White Rock Minerals in (AU)
Jun.26,2015* White Tiger Gold
Apr.28,2017* Whitecap Resources
Jul.30,2015* Whitefield in (AU)
Sep.28,2018* Whitehall Commercial Company
Oct.25,2018* Whitehavenal in (AU)
May.21,2018* WhiteHawk
Aug.01,2018* WhiteHorse Finance
May.30,2018* Whitestar Resources in (AU)
May.17,2018* Whitestone REIT
Oct.04,2016* WhiteWave Foods
May.01,2018* Whiting Petroleum
Oct.20,2014* WHK Group in (AU)
Nov.30,2016* WHL Energy in (AU)
Aug.23,2017* Whole Foods Market
Jun.29,2018* Wholetech System Hitech in (TW)
Jun.06,2018* Wicaksana Overseas International Tbk
Jul.28,2016* WICE Logistics
Nov.22,2017* Wide Bay Australia in (AU)
Sep.10,2014* Widemed
May.10,2019* WideOpenWest
Dec.19,2013* Widepoint
Jul.23,2015* Widespread Portfolios in (NZ)
Aug.28,2018* Widetech (Malaysia) Bhd in (MY)
Apr.26,2018* Wielton in (PL)
Nov.06,2017 Wiener Privatbank SE in (AT)
May.06,2019 Wienerberger AG in Vienna (AT)
Jun.29,2018* WIERZYCIEL in (PL)
Jun.12,2018* Wieson Technologies in (TW)
May.16,2018* WIGE MEDIA in Nuernberg (DE)
Apr.25,2018* Wihlborgs Fastigheter in (SE)
Jun.03,2015* Wiik And Hoeglund
Mar.22,2018* WiISoL in (KR)
Apr.20,2018* Wiit
Mar.19,2018* Wijaya Karya Beton Tbk in (ID)
Apr.24,2018* Wijaya Karya Persero Tbk in (ID)
Jun.21,2018* Wikana in (PL)
Jun.17,2015* Wiking Mineral in (SE)
Jun.18,2014* WiLan
Jun.30,2017* Wilbo SA w upadlosci ukladowej in (PL)
Jun.18,2018* Wilcon Depot
Feb.25,2016* Wild Acre Metals in (AU)
Mar.14,2012* Wild Stream Exploration
Aug.29,2014* Wilderness Holdings
Jun.11,2015* Wildhorse Energy
May.17,2018* Wildhorse Resource Dvlp
Apr.25,2018* Wilh Wilhelmsen Holding in Lysaker (NO)
Sep.26,2013* Wilhelmina International
Jun.20,2018* WILL GROUP
Mar.29,2018* WILL in (JP)
Jun.22,2018* Will Semiconductor Co Ltd Shanghai
May.05,2017* WilLak
Jul.27,2018* Willas Array Electronics (holdings) in (SG)
Mar.28,2018* Willbes + Co in (KR)
Jun.01,2016* Willbros Group
May.31,2013* Willdan Group
Mar.22,2018* William Demant Holding in (DK)
May.08,2018 William Hill in London (UK)
May.24,2018* William Lyon Homes
Mar.06,2015* William Sinclair Holdings in (UK)
Jun.12,2014 Williams Grand Prix in (UK)
May.30,2018* Williams Sonoma
Aug.09,2018* Williamsmpanies
Feb.21,2012* Williamsntrols
Sep.23,2014* Williamson Financial Services
Sep.18,2018* Williamson Magor and Co in (IN)
Jul.14,2016* Williamson Tea Kenya
May.29,2018* Willie International Holdings in (HK)
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