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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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May.22,2019 Vossloh in Dusseldorf (DE)
Jun.20,2017* Vostochno-Sibirskoye rechnoye parokhodstvo PAO in (RU)
Jun.30,2015* Vostochnyi Port in (RU)
May.18,2017* Vostok Emerging Finance
May.05,2014* Vostok Gas in (SE)
Feb.14,2019* Vostok Nafta Investment in (SE)
Jun.19,2015* Vostoksibelektromontazh in (RU)
May.30,2017* VostSibtranskombank AO
Apr.30,2019* VOTI Detection
Jun.17,2019* VOTUM in (PL)
Oct.12,2011* Vox Telecom in (ZA)
May.17,2018* Voxel in (PL)
May.22,2015* voxeljet
Dec.08,2018* VOYAGE GROUP
May.24,2012* Voyager Oil and Gas
May.04,2015* Voyager Resources
Jun.18,2019* Voyageurs du Monde in (FR)
May.31,2019* Vozrozhdeniye Bank in (RU)
Apr.27,2018* VP Bank in Vaduz (LI)
Jun.28,2019* VP Dunav ad Backa Palanka
Jul.22,2015* VP in (UK)
Apr.23,2019* VP Petrochemical Transport JSC
Apr.28,2015* VP Ukrahrozhytlopobutbud PAT
Jun.11,2019* VPC Specialty Lending Invests
Jul.27,2016 vPE WertpapierhandelsBank in Munich (DE)
Feb.06,2015* Vphase in (UK)
Jun.03,2019* Vpower Group International Holdings
Sep.29,2018* VR Woodart
Apr.24,2019* Vrancart in Adjut (RO)
Jun.05,2019* Vranken Pommery Monopole in (FR)
Aug.29,2018* Vrbas GP ad Laktasi
Jul.08,2014* Vrboska
Jun.11,2014* Vringo
Sep.24,2016* VRL Logistics
Apr.07,2015* Vrsacki Vinogradi ad Vrsac u restrukturiranju
Jan.04,2019* VS Industry Bhd in (MY)
Aug.03,2018* VS International Group in Buckinghamshire (UK)
May.29,2015* Vs Koceljeva ad Koceljeva
Apr.24,2012* VSB Bancorp
May.05,2015* VSE
Apr.05,2019* Vseobecna Uverova Banka as in (SK)
Jun.30,2016* VSESS in (RU)
Apr.26,2016* Vsesvit PAT
Sep.30,2016* VSF Projects
Aug.25,2015* VSM Vereinigte Schmirgel und Maschinen Fabriken in (DE)
May.28,2019* VST Holdings in (HK)
Aug.11,2016* VST Industries in (IN)
Aug.11,2017* Vst Tillers Tractors in (IN)
Jun.26,2018* VT Holdings in (JP)
May.11,2018* VT Industrial Technology Co
Apr.17,2015* Vt PAT
Jun.05,2019* VTB Bank in (RU)
Dec.21,2018* VTB Bank PAT in (UA)
May.20,2015* VTC Electronics in (TW)
Apr.28,2016* VTC Telecommunications JSC in (VN)
Jul.23,2017* Vtech Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Jun.12,2019 VTG in Hamburg (DE)
May.24,2019* VTI Vintage Bhd in (MY)
Jun.21,2011 Vtion wireless in Frankfurt (DE)
Jun.25,2015* Vtion Wireless Technology in (DE)
Mar.13,2019* VTM
Jun.11,2019* Vtoraya Generiruyushchaya Kompaniya Optovogo Rynka Elektroenergii in (RU)
Apr.23,2019* Vtormet PAT
Jun.05,2017* Vtorresursy in (RU)
Apr.24,2018* Vtorynni resursy PAT
May.08,2017* Vtron Technologies in (CN)
Sep.13,2017* VTTI Energy Partners LP
May.12,2016* vTv Therapeutics
Jun.27,2013 Vueling Airlines in (ES)
Apr.30,2015* Vuhledobuvni Kompleksy PAT
Sep.12,2017* Vukile Property Fund in (ZA)
Sep.06,2017* Vulcabras Azaleia in (BR)
May.23,2018* Vulcan in (RO)
Dec.05,2014* Vulcan Industrial and Mining
May.10,2019* Vulcan Materials
Jul.21,2015* Vunani in (ZA)
Sep.15,2017* Vunani Property Investment Fund
Apr.17,2015* Vung Ang Petroleum Joint Stock
Apr.26,2018* Vung Tau Environment Services and Urban Project JSC
Jun.29,2016* Vung Tau Intourco Resort Joint Stock in (VN)
Apr.26,2019* Vung Tau Real Estate Andnstruction Joint Stock in (VN)
Apr.20,2018* Vung Tau Urban and Parks Development JSC
Nov.27,2017* Vupik in (HR)
Jul.17,2018* VV Tikves AD Skopje in (MK)
Mar.28,2018* VVMI Manufacturing and Materials Equipment Trading JSC
Mar.23,2019* Vvmi-Mechanical and Pressure Equipment JSC
Aug.20,2014* vwd Vereinigte Wirtschaftsdienste in (DE)
May.06,2010 vwdgroup in Frankfurt (DE)
Jul.13,2017* VWR
Sep.07,2018* VXL Capital
Sep.19,2018* VXL Instruments in (IN)
Sep.29,2018* Vyapar Industries
Aug.04,2016* Vyborg-bank
Jun.18,2019* Vyborgskiy sudostroitel'nyi zavod in (RU)
Nov.30,2014* Vybra Automet
Apr.17,2019* Vyshnevolotskiy MDOK in (RU)
Apr.10,2018* Vz Holding in (CH)
Aug.12,2016* W H Brady & in Mumbai (IN)
Jan.14,2019* W in (KR)
Jun.29,2018* W Investments in (PL)
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