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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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Jun.12,2019* Wing Fung Group Asia
Sep.10,2014* Wing Hang Bank in Hongkong (HK)
May.31,2019* Wing Lee Holdings in (HK)
Apr.24,2017* Wing Lee Property Investments
May.27,2019* Wing On International
Oct.23,2017* Wing Tai Holdings in Singapore (SG)
Nov.16,2016* Wing Tai Malaysia Bhd in (MY)
May.31,2019* Wing Tai Properties in (HK)
Jun.12,2019* Wingstop
Aug.27,2018* Winha Commerce and Trade International
Oct.06,2014* Winhitech Co
Feb.25,2016* Winhold in (ZA)
Mar.28,2018* Winix in (KR)
Jul.10,2012* Winland Electronics
Nov.29,2018* Winmar Resources in (AU)
Apr.30,2014* Winmark
May.26,2017* Winmatemmunication in (TW)
Mar.09,2012* Winn-Dixie Stores
Dec.11,2018* Winnebago Industries
Apr.26,2018* Winner Group Enterprise in (TH)
Apr.06,2017* Winner Information Technology Co
Dec.07,2012* Winner Medical Group in (CN)
May.08,2019* Winning Tower Group Holdings
May.27,2015* Winnova Co in (KR)
Feb.08,2018* Winowner Group Co in (CN)
May.20,2019* Winox Holdings
Mar.27,2018* Winpac
May.22,2014* Winpak
Oct.30,2017* Winpar Holdings in (AU)
Sep.27,2018* Winro Commercial India
Mar.20,2015* Wins Co in (KR)
May.18,2018* Winsan Shanghai Industrial Corp in (CN)
Sep.29,2018* Winsome Breweries
Sep.24,2018* Winsome Textile Industries
Sep.28,2018* Winsome Yarns
Aug.08,2019* Winson Holdings Hong Kong
Jun.15,2017* Winson Machinery Casting Co in (TW)
Jun.03,2019* Winsor Properties Holdings in (HK)
Sep.11,2015* Winsun Technologies Bhd
Jun.28,2019* Winswaykingal Holdings in (HK)
Aug.10,2017* Wintac in (IN)
May.31,2019* Winteam Pharmaceutical Group in (HK)
Dec.17,2014* Wintech Group in (AU)
May.23,2014* Wintek in (TW)
Dec.22,2010 Winter in Munich (DE)
Compliance Statement
Apr.27,2017* Winter Valley Tourism Investment Co
May.21,2019* Wintermar Offshore Marine Tbk in (ID)
Mar.28,2012* Winterthur Technologie Zug in (CH)
Oct.25,2018* Wintest in (JP)
May.17,2016* Winthrop Realty Trust
Jun.19,2018* Wintime Energy in (CN)
May.08,2019* Winto Group (Holdings)
May.23,2019* Wintrust Financial
Sep.28,2014* Winvest Capital for Development and Investment SAE
Sep.28,2018* Winy Commercial + Fiscal Services
Jul.16,2019* Wipro in (IN)
Sep.25,2018* Wire And Wireless India in (IN)
Jun.18,2019 Wirecard in Munich (DE)
Compliance Statement
Sep.06,2012* Wireless Matrix
Jun.10,2019* Wireless Ronin Technologies
Jun.13,2012* Wireless Telecom Group
Mar.27,2019* WirelessGate
Sep.12,2017* Wires And Fabriks (Sa)
Apr.06,2018* Wirtek in (DK)
May.14,2019* Wirtualna Polska Holding
Mar.20,2015* WISCOM CO in (KR)
Apr.18,2017* Wiscom System in (CN)
May.02,2019* Wisconsin Energy
Jan.08,2018* Wisdom Education International Holdings Co
Jun.28,2019* Wisdom Group
May.26,2017* Wisdom Marine Lines in (TW)
Jun.18,2019* WisdomTree Investments
Jan.11,2018* Wise Group in (SE)
Jun.06,2019* Wise Talent Information Technology Co
Jun.22,2017* WiseChip Semiconductor in (TW)
Dec.26,2013* WISEMAN CO in (JP)
Apr.24,2018* Wisesoft in (CN)
Nov.22,2016 WiseTech Global in Sydney (AU)
Nov.19,2019* Wisetech Global in (AU)
Jan.03,2019* Wishbone Gold
Jun.16,2017* Wisher Industrial in (TW)
May.21,2019* Wismilak Inti Makmur
Jun.11,2019* Wison Engineering Services
Sep.13,2018* Wistil in (PL)
Jun.12,2019* Wistron in (TW)
Jun.22,2017* Wistron Information Technology + Services in (TW)
Jun.16,2017* Wistron Neweb in (TW)
May.01,2019* Witan Investment Trust in Chelmsford (UK)
Jun.12,2019* Witan Pacific Investment Trust
Jun.21,2019* Witbe Net
Jun.26,2018* With us in (JP)
Jun.10,2019* Wittchen
Jun.19,2015* Witte Molen in (NL)
Jun.25,2014* Witwatersrandnsolidated Gold Resources in (ZA)
Aug.04,2014* Wiworld Co
Jan.17,2018* Wiwynn
Aug.26,2016* Wiz in (JP)
Dec.19,2014* Wiz Information Technology in (KR)
Aug.05,2014* Wizit Co in (KR)
Jul.24,2018* Wizz Air Holdings in Geneva (CH)
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