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Nov.13,2015* Eurasia Drilling
Nov.13,2015* EVERDIGM in (KR)
Nov.13,2015* Gold Anomaly in (AU)
Nov.13,2015* Goldfields Credit Union
Nov.13,2015* Hyundai Cement in (KR)
Nov.13,2015* Integrated Research in (AU)
Nov.13,2015* KBK Cheremushki in (RU)
Nov.13,2015* Samyang Genex in (KR)
Nov.13,2015* Swick Mining Services in (AU)
Nov.13,2015* TFS in (AU)
Nov.13,2015* Vita Group in (AU)
Nov.13,2015* XRF Scientific in (AU)
Nov.14,2015* Specialty Fashion Group in (AU)
Nov.14,2015* Zaharni Zavodi AD Gorna Oryahovitsa
Nov.15,2015* Amex Resources in (AU)
Nov.15,2015* GeoOp
Nov.15,2015* The Environmental Group
Nov.16,2015* Altium
Nov.16,2015* Australian Governance Masters Index Fund in (AU)
Nov.16,2015* Binex
Nov.16,2015* Biotech Capital in (AU)
Nov.16,2015* Cardia Bioplastics
Nov.16,2015* Caucasus Oil publ
Nov.16,2015* Cohiba Minerals in (AU)
Nov.16,2015* Cokal in (AU)
Nov.16,2015* Dacian Gold
Nov.16,2015* Empired in (AU)
Nov.16,2015* Global Petroleum in (AU)
Nov.16,2015* Global Resource Masters Fund
Nov.16,2015* Iqnovate
Nov.16,2015* KAP International Holdings in (ZA)
Nov.16,2015* Nimrodel Resources in (AU)
Nov.16,2015* Payce Consolidated in (AU)
Nov.16,2015* Pureprofile
Nov.16,2015* Queensland Miningoration in (AU)
Nov.16,2015* Reedy Lagoon Corporation in (AU)
Nov.16,2015* Silex Systems in (AU)
Nov.16,2015* Societe de production Agricole Teboulba SOPAT
Nov.16,2015* Stratatel in (AU)
Nov.16,2015* Traka Resources in (AU)
Nov.17,2015* Alliance Select Foods International in (PH)
Nov.17,2015* Asia Pacific Data Centre Holdings
Nov.17,2015* Cbio in (AU)
Nov.17,2015* Diversa in (AU)
Nov.17,2015* Emerson Stewart Group
Nov.17,2015* Energy and Minerals Australia in (AU)
Nov.17,2015* Mergedmedia in (DE)
Nov.17,2015* Netcomm Wireless in (AU)
Nov.17,2015* Odyssey Energy in (AU)
Nov.17,2015* Pacific Ore in (AU)
Nov.17,2015* Saunders International in (AU)
Nov.17,2015* Spectra Systems
Nov.17,2015* Unity Mining in (AU)
Nov.17,2015* Zicom Group
Nov.18,2015* Arena REIT
Nov.18,2015* Aruma Resources
Nov.18,2015* Asia Pacific No 15 Ship Investment in (KR)
Nov.18,2015* Blue Energy
Nov.18,2015* BPS Technology
Nov.18,2015* Cabcharge Australia in (AU)
Nov.18,2015* Delta SBD in (AU)
Nov.18,2015* Energia Minerals
Nov.18,2015* Gage Roads Brewing in (AU)
Nov.18,2015* Idt Australia in (AU)
Nov.18,2015* JD Group in (ZA)
Nov.18,2015* Lam Soon (hong Kong) in (HK)
Nov.18,2015* Lion Corporation Bhd
Nov.18,2015* McPhersons in (AU)
Nov.18,2015* MGT Resources
Nov.18,2015* MJB Co in (KR)
Nov.18,2015* Mobile Embrace
Nov.18,2015* MT Evelyn + Districts Financial Services
Nov.18,2015* Nexus Minerals
Nov.18,2015* Northern Manganese in (AU)
Nov.18,2015* PAE Thailand in (TH)
Nov.18,2015* Patties Foods in (AU)
Nov.18,2015* Rudstroj dd Kakanj in Kakanj (BA)
Nov.18,2015* Sandringham Community Financial Services
Nov.18,2015* Schaffer in (AU)
Nov.18,2015* Senetas
Nov.18,2015* Shanda Games
Nov.18,2015* Uraniumsa in (AU)
Nov.18,2015* Viralytics
Nov.18,2015* West African Resources in (AU)
Nov.19,2015* AGL Resources
Nov.19,2015* Anova Metals
Nov.19,2015* Arafura Resources in (AU)
Nov.19,2015* Dateline Resources
Nov.19,2015* Energy Worldoration in (AU)
Nov.19,2015* Hain Celestial Group
Nov.19,2015* IMF Australia
Nov.19,2015* IPH
Nov.19,2015* Kathmandu Holdings in (NZ)
Nov.19,2015* Ngai Hing Hong in (HK)
Nov.19,2015* Pacific Mining in (AU)
Nov.19,2015* Pharmaxis in Sidney (AU)
Nov.19,2015* Rewardle Holdings
Nov.19,2015* Shree Minerals
Nov.19,2015* Trinity Group in (AU)
Nov.19,2015* Venus Metalsoration in (AU)
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