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Aug.22,2014* Kama Holdings
Aug.22,2014* Karrie International Holdings
Aug.22,2014* Kewal Kiran Clothing in (IN)
Aug.22,2014* Knowledgetree Ventures in (IL)
Aug.22,2014* Kompas MTS in (SI)
Aug.22,2014* Larsen and Toubro in (IN)
Aug.22,2014* Long Success International (holdings) in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.22,2014* Mensa Sinai Ticari ve Mali Yatirimlar AS in (TR)
Aug.22,2014* Mipco Seamless Rings Gujarat
Aug.22,2014* Mitachi in (JP)
Aug.22,2014* Moil in (IN)
Aug.22,2014* Monsanto India in (IN)
Aug.22,2014* Mousil for Funfairs and Tourism Investment
Aug.22,2014* Nanning Baling Technology Co in (CN)
Aug.22,2014* Ningbo GQY Video & Telecom Joint Stock in (CN)
Aug.22,2014* Noble Jewelry Holdings in (HK)
Aug.22,2014* PCCS Group Bhd
Aug.22,2014* pferdewetten de in (D)
Aug.22,2014* PPK
Aug.22,2014* Praetorian Resources
Aug.22,2014* Prime Active Capital in (IE)
Aug.22,2014* QL Resources Bhd in (MY)
Aug.22,2014* Radix Industries India
Aug.22,2014* Ricegrowers
Aug.22,2014* SGA in (KR)
Aug.22,2014* Societatea Nationala Nuclearelectrica in (RO)
Aug.22,2014* Soochow Securities
Aug.22,2014* Southeast Asia Properties & Finance in (HK)
Aug.22,2014* Sun Hing Vision Group Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.22,2014* T O Ogasawara in (JP)
Aug.22,2014* Takara Printing in (JP)
Aug.22,2014* Turism Felix in (RO)
Aug.22,2014* Turiya Bhd
Aug.22,2014* TV Today Network in (IN)
Aug.22,2014* Tychean Resources
Aug.22,2014* United Malacca Bhd in (MY)
Aug.22,2014* United Phosphorus in (IN)
Aug.22,2014* Upbest Group in (HK)
Aug.22,2014* Valjaonica Bakra Sevojno ad Sevojno
Aug.22,2014* Versarien
Aug.22,2014* Village Vanguard in (JP)
Aug.22,2014* Woongjin Energy
Aug.22,2014* Wuxi Little Swan in (CN)
Aug.22,2014* Zhejiang Fuchunjiang Hydropower Equipment in (CN)
Aug.22,2014* Zhejiang Zheneng Electric Power Co
Aug.23,2014* Bobar Banka ad Bijeljina
Aug.23,2014* City Union Bank in (IN)
Aug.23,2014* Giza Generalntracting and Real Estate InvestmentE in (EG)
Aug.23,2014 Insimbi Refractory and Alloy Supplies in Johannesburg (ZA)
Aug.23,2014* Sayaji Hotels
Aug.24,2014* Engel Resources and Development in (IL)
Aug.24,2014* Golden House in (IL)
Aug.24,2014* ImCo Industries in (IL)
Aug.24,2014* Rimoni Industries in (IL)
Aug.25,2014* Acheron Portfoliooration Luxembourg
Aug.25,2014* Apollo Hospitals Enterprise in (IN)
Aug.25,2014* Asiaal in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.25,2014* Asian Plantations
Aug.25,2014* Aureum Realwert in (D)
Aug.25,2014* Bangladesh Services
Aug.25,2014* Bulgarian American Credit Bank AD Sofia in (BG)
Aug.25,2014* China Fortune Financial Group in (HK)
Aug.25,2014* China Investment Development in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.25,2014* Chuying Agro-Pastoral Group
Aug.25,2014* Cimc Enric Hldg in (CN)
Aug.25,2014* Crown Tours
Aug.25,2014* Delta ltd in (ZW)
Aug.25,2014* Divis Laboratories in (IN)
Aug.25,2014* Dome Gold Mines in (AU)
Aug.25,2014* Dongsung Chemical in (KR)
Aug.25,2014* Edinstvo AD Tetovo
Aug.25,2014* Emirates Integrated Telecommunications PJSC in (AE)
Aug.25,2014* Eros International in (UK)
Aug.25,2014* FDG Electric Vehicles
Aug.25,2014* GFC Green Fields Capital
Aug.25,2014* Goldin Properties Holdings in (HK)
Aug.25,2014* Greenfield Chemical Holdings
Aug.25,2014* Guangdong Hongtu Technology (Holdings) in (CN)
Aug.25,2014* Guangdong Nan Yue Logistics
Aug.25,2014* Harboes Bryggeri in (DK)
Aug.25,2014* Hkc International Holdings in (HK)
Aug.25,2014* Hongda High Tech Holding in (CN)
Aug.25,2014* Infobank in (KR)
Aug.25,2014* J COM Holdings in (JP)
Aug.25,2014* Jiangsu Kanion Pharmaceutical in (CN)
Aug.25,2014* JP 9 Septembar dd Srebrenik
Aug.25,2014* Kin Yat Hldg in (HK)
Aug.25,2014* Lee Hing Development in (HK)
Aug.25,2014* Lenswista in (D)
Aug.25,2014* Luka Rijeka in (HR)
Aug.25,2014* Medtech Global
Aug.25,2014* Microchip Technology
Aug.25,2014* Midas International Holdings
Aug.25,2014* Minera IRL in (PE)
Aug.25,2014* Mobile Telecom Network (Holdings)
Aug.25,2014* Motherson Sumi Systems in (IN)
Aug.25,2014* Nan Nan Resources Enterprise in (MY)
Aug.25,2014* Ningbo United Group in (CN)
Aug.25,2014* Opes Asia Development
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