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Aug.29,2014* MedCap publ in (SE)
Aug.29,2014* Metropolitan Steel Corp
Aug.29,2014* MM Forgings
Aug.29,2014* Modern Beauty Salon Holdings in (HK)
Aug.29,2014* MOOD AND MOTION in (D)
Aug.29,2014* Naspers in (ZA)
Aug.29,2014* Nath Seeds
Aug.29,2014* Novo Group
Aug.29,2014* NVC Lighting Holding in (HK)
Aug.29,2014* Ocean Grand Holdings in (HK)
Aug.29,2014* Panamax
Aug.29,2014* Pandatel in (D)
Aug.29,2014* Parker Resources NL
Aug.29,2014* Petroneft Resources in (IE)
Aug.29,2014* Pismorad
Aug.29,2014* Pithampur Poly Products
Aug.29,2014* Plava Laguna in (HR)
Aug.29,2014* Pooja Entertainment And Films
Aug.29,2014* Porta Systems in (D)
Aug.29,2014* Posco ICT in (KR)
Aug.29,2014* Pounje
Aug.29,2014* Prebet Aiud in (RO)
Aug.29,2014* Private Assets in (D)
Aug.29,2014* Protektus
Aug.29,2014* Rasandik Engineering Industries India
Aug.29,2014* Regency Mines in (UK)
Aug.29,2014* Renaissance Jewellery
Aug.29,2014* Renewable Energy Asia Group
Aug.29,2014* Sage International Group in (HK)
Aug.29,2014* Scanwolf Bhd in (MY)
Aug.29,2014* Slobodna Dalmacija
Aug.29,2014* Smart Equity
Aug.29,2014* Societe d'Articles Hygieniques SAH in (TN)
Aug.29,2014* Spin Valis
Aug.29,2014* Stagecoach Group in (UK)
Aug.29,2014* Stamford Tyres in (SG)
Aug.29,2014* Stanbic IBTC Bank
Aug.29,2014* SVC Resources
Aug.29,2014 SWL Sustainable Wealth Lab in Essem (D)
Aug.29,2014* Takson Holdings
Aug.29,2014* Tango Petroleum in (AU)
Aug.29,2014* Tayo Rolls in (IN)
Aug.29,2014* Telesso Technologies in (AU)
Aug.29,2014* TERME CATEZ in (SI)
Aug.29,2014* Tesnet Software Testing in (IL)
Aug.29,2014* Tide Water Oil India
Aug.29,2014* Travel24 com in (GR)
Aug.29,2014* Travel24com in (D)
Aug.29,2014* Travers in (RU)
Aug.29,2014* Triglav Nalozbe in (SI)
Aug.29,2014* Tyros Finanzdienstleistungen
Aug.29,2014* Vardhman Special Steels in (IN)
Aug.29,2014* Vardhman Textiles in (IN)
Aug.29,2014* Veeko International Holdings
Aug.29,2014* Viro Tvornica Secera in (HR)
Aug.29,2014* Voronezhskoye aktsionernoye samoletostroitel'noye obshchestvo in (RU)
Aug.29,2014* VTB Bank in (RU)
Aug.29,2014 WCM in Frankfurt (D)
Aug.29,2014* Wilderness Holdings
Aug.29,2014* Winfair Investment in (HK)
Aug.29,2014* Wollongong Coal
Aug.29,2014* Wonders Information in (CN)
Aug.29,2014* XMH Holdings in (SG)
Aug.29,2014 yoc in Berlin (D)
Aug.29,2014* Yujin International
Aug.29,2014* Zdravilisce Rogaska
Aug.29,2014* Zvecevo in (HR)
Aug.30,2014* AG fuer Historische Wertpapiere in (D)
Aug.30,2014 ams AG in (AT)
Aug.30,2014* Balaji Telefilms in (IN)
Aug.30,2014* Endor
Aug.30,2014* Geefcee Finance in (IN)
Aug.30,2014* HEG in (IN)
Aug.30,2014* Nectar Lifesciences in (IN)
Aug.30,2014* Patels Airtemp India
Aug.30,2014* Sarvamangal Marcantile Company
Aug.31,2014* Dart Energy
Aug.31,2014* Shemen Industries in (IL)
Aug.31,2014* Somoto
Sep.01,2014* Berkeley Group Holdings in (UK)
Sep.01,2014* Bharti Airtel in (IN)
Sep.01,2014* CIAM Group
Sep.01,2014* Come Sure Group (Holdings)
Sep.01,2014* CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens in (BR)
Sep.01,2014* Dragonite International in Hongkong (HK)
Sep.01,2014* Editions Granada
Sep.01,2014* Europlasma in (FR)
Sep.01,2014* Fava International Holdings
Sep.01,2014* Globe Capital
Sep.01,2014* Igas Energy in (UK)
Sep.01,2014* Jupiter
Sep.01,2014* Kadimastem
Sep.01,2014* Kreditna Banka Zagreb in (HR)
Sep.01,2014* Lachish Industries in (IL)
Sep.01,2014* Luzhskiy abrazivnyi zavod in (RU)
Sep.01,2014* Magma in (HR)
Sep.01,2014* Mecom Group in London (UK)
Sep.01,2014* Mistral Media (vormals Spütz) in Köln (D)
Sep.01,2014* Nongwoobio in (KR)
Sep.01,2014* Nutricom in (RO)
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