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Aug.07,2015* IKF Technologies in (IN)
Aug.07,2015* Monster Beverage (former: Hansen Natural) in Corona (US)
Aug.07,2015* Omkar Speciality Chemicals
Aug.07,2015* Sovereign Diamonds
Aug.07,2015* The Sincere
Aug.07,2015* Tian An China Investments in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.07,2015* Torgovo-promyshlennaya gruppa AESSEL' in (RU)
Aug.07,2015* Zaporizhstal' VAT
Aug.08,2015* Aris International
Aug.08,2015* Avanti Feeds
Aug.08,2015* BanCo Products India in (IN)
Aug.10,2015* Alankit
Aug.10,2015* Bombay Oxygen
Aug.10,2015 CCR Logistics Systems in Mnchen (DE)
Compliance Statement
Aug.10,2015* Deson Constr Intl Hldg
Aug.10,2015* Finolex Cables in (IN)
Aug.10,2015* Fulford India in (IN)
Aug.10,2015* Hercules Hoists in (IN)
Aug.10,2015* ITE (Holdings) in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.10,2015* KTL Intl Hldg Grp
Aug.10,2015* Lloyds Metals And Energy in (IN)
Aug.10,2015* PTL Enterprises
Aug.10,2015* Tern Properties in (HK)
Aug.10,2015* Tube Investments Of India in (IN)
Aug.10,2015* Ukrinbank PAT
Aug.10,2015* Vmob Group in Auckland (NZ)
Aug.10,2015* WPIL
Aug.11,2015* ABC Bearings in (IN)
Aug.11,2015* Alfa Star
Aug.11,2015* Celsion in New York (US)
Aug.11,2015* Emami Paper Mills in (IN)
Aug.11,2015* Federal-Mogul Goetze India in (IN)
Aug.11,2015* Fong's Industries in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.11,2015* Graphite India in (IN)
Aug.11,2015* IT
Aug.11,2015* Jetking Infotrain
Aug.11,2015* Mindteck India in (IN)
Aug.11,2015* Mirae Asset No.2 Special Purpose Acquisition
Aug.11,2015* Modison Metals
Aug.11,2015* National Peroxide
Aug.12,2015* Culturecom Holdings in (HK)
Aug.12,2015* Elia Tuning + Design in (DE)
Aug.12,2015* Fu Ji Food and Catering Services Hldg
Aug.12,2015* Henry Group Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.12,2015* ICO Group
Aug.12,2015* Insilco
Aug.12,2015* Lodestone REIT
Aug.12,2015* Pricol in (IN)
Aug.12,2015* Princi-baru in (JP)
Aug.12,2015* Tamboli Capital
Aug.12,2015* Wonderla Holidays
Aug.13,2015* Cheviot
Aug.13,2015* DJI Holdings
Aug.13,2015* Eimco Elecon India in (IN)
Aug.13,2015* ELK Desa Resources Sdn Bhd
Aug.13,2015* GMA Holdings
Aug.13,2015* Godavari Drugs
Aug.13,2015* Hasen Immobilien in Augsburg (DE)
Aug.13,2015* Indowind Energy
Aug.13,2015* International Group for Construction and Real Estate Investment SAE
Aug.13,2015* iQ Power Licensing
Aug.13,2015* KB No.3 Special Purpose Acquisition
Aug.13,2015* KB No.4 Special Purpose Acquisition
Aug.13,2015* La Opala R G
Aug.13,2015* Leapfrog Enterprises
Aug.13,2015* Levenguk
Aug.14,2015* Bank Finansy ta Kredyt PAT
Aug.14,2015* Camera Work
Aug.14,2015* Citadel Realty and Developers
Aug.14,2015* Dhunseri Tea + Industries
Aug.14,2015 Digicel Group in Kingston (JM)
Aug.14,2015* Fujikon Industrial Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.14,2015* iMerchants in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.14,2015* Jean Pierre Rosselet Cosmetics
Aug.14,2015* Lenswista in (DE)
Aug.14,2015* MCG Capital
Aug.14,2015* Orient Green Power Co
Aug.14,2015* Pacific Textiles Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.14,2015* Plava Laguna in (HR)
Aug.14,2015* Punj Lloyd in (IN)
Aug.14,2015* Real Touch Finance
Aug.14,2015 Rheonix in Ithaca (US)
Aug.14,2015* Samuel Heath and Sons in (UK)
Aug.14,2015* Shilchar Technologies
Aug.14,2015* Suven Life Sciences in (IN)
Aug.14,2015* Velcan
Aug.14,2015* Walker Group Holdings in (HK)
Aug.15,2015* Greens Holdings
Aug.16,2015* Nitsba Holdings 1995 in (IL)
Aug.17,2015* Electrocarbon in (RO)
Aug.17,2015* Kharkivs'kyi pidshypnykovyi zavod PAT in (UA)
Aug.17,2015* Mangalam Cement in (IN)
Aug.17,2015* MediNavi in (DE)
Aug.17,2015* NPT in (NZ)
Aug.17,2015* Precision Castparts
Aug.18,2015* Argosy Property Trust in (NZ)
Aug.18,2015* ATB Austria Antriebstechnik
Aug.18,2015* Burger Fuel Worldwide
Aug.18,2015* China Healthcare Holdings
Aug.18,2015* Eagle Nice (International) Hldg in (HK)
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