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May.20,2015* Tiangong International
May.20,2015* Tianma Microelectronics in (CN)
May.20,2015* Tibet Summit Industry Co in (CN)
May.20,2015* Timar in (MA)
May.20,2015* TIME dotCom Bhd in (MY)
May.20,2015* TNG in (AU)
May.20,2015* Tverskoy ekskavator in (RU)
May.20,2015* UBM Realittenentwicklung AG in (AT)
May.20,2015* United Radiant Technology in (TW)
May.20,2015* Viky Plastic Joint Stock in (VN)
May.20,2015* Vislink in (UK)
May.20,2015* Vista Group International
May.20,2015* VTC Electronics in (TW)
May.20,2015* Wai Chi Holdings Co
May.20,2015* Xstate Resources in (AU)
May.20,2015* Zhanjiang Guolian Aquatic Products Co in (CN)
May.20,2015* Zhejiang Golden Eagle
May.20,2015* Zhejiang Huafon Spandex in (CN)
May.20,2015* Zhejiang Kaishan Compressor Co in (CN)
May.20,2015* Zhejiang Shapuaisi Pharm
May.20,2015* Zhejiang Xinan Chemical Industrial Group in (CN)
May.20,2015* Zhong An Real Estate in (CN)
May.20,2015* Zong Tai Real Estate Development in (TW)
May.21,2015* A8 New Media Group
May.21,2015 ad pepper media in Hoofddorp (NL)
May.21,2015* Advanced Medical Solutions Group in (UK)
May.21,2015* Alpha Natural Resources
May.21,2015* Altinyag Kombinalari AS in (TR)
May.21,2015* Anhui Jiuhuashan Tourism Development Co in (CC)
May.21,2015* Arcadia Worldwide
May.21,2015* Banque de la Reunion in (JP)
May.21,2015* Bashneftegeofizika in (RU)
May.21,2015* Beijing Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Technology in (CN)
May.21,2015* Bong in (SE)
May.21,2015* Cablevision Systems
May.21,2015* Canyon Services Group in Calgary (CA)
May.21,2015* Cct Telecom Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
May.21,2015* CCX Carvao da Colombia
May.21,2015* Cemas Dokum Sanayi AS in (TR)
May.21,2015* Cequence Energy
May.21,2015* China NT Pharma Group Co
May.21,2015* Chongqing Jiulong Electric Power in (CN)
May.21,2015* Convenience Retail Asia in Hongkong (HK)
May.21,2015* Cosmos Machinery Enterprises in (HK)
May.21,2015* Crew Energy
May.21,2015* EA Technique (M) Bhd
May.21,2015* Elverket Vallentuna in (SE)
May.21,2015* Energostal'konstruktsiya
May.21,2015* Engtex Group Bhd in (MY)
May.21,2015* Eva Precision Industrial Holdings in (HK)
May.21,2015* Future Land Development Holdings in (CN)
May.21,2015* G8 Education
May.21,2015* Glimcher Realty Trust
May.21,2015 Golden Minerals in Golden (US)
May.21,2015* Hainan Dadonghai Tourism Centre Holdings Co in (CN)
May.21,2015* Hans Energy in (HK)
May.21,2015* Heilongjiang Transport Development
May.21,2015* Henry Boot in (UK)
May.21,2015* HES Beheer in (NL)
May.21,2015* Homemaid in (SE)
May.21,2015* Idb Hldg in Luxemburg (LU)
May.21,2015* Incremental Oil and Gas
May.21,2015* Kina Petroleum
May.21,2015* Kingre Electronics in (TW)
May.21,2015* Kuwait for Process Plantnstruction andntracting KSCC in (KW)
May.21,2015* Lee + Man Handbags Holding
May.21,2015* Liberty Resources in (US)
May.21,2015* Mari Gasmpamny in (PK)
May.21,2015* Mediaplex in (KR)
May.21,2015* Miko International Hldg
May.21,2015* Ming Fai International Holdings
May.21,2015* Mirabela Nickel in (AU)
May.21,2015* Nanjing Sinolife United
May.21,2015* National CleaningK in (KW)
May.21,2015* Navigators Group in (US)
May.21,2015 Next Radio TV in Paris (FR)
May.21,2015* Nordeka AS in (LV)
May.21,2015* North Midlandnstruction in (UK)
May.21,2015* NZX
May.21,2015* Pang Da Automobile Trade in (CN)
May.21,2015* PCB in (BE)
May.21,2015* Perdana Petroleum Bhd in (MY)
May.21,2015* Plastikkart Akilli Kart Iletisim Sistemleri Sanayi ve Ticaret AS in (TR)
May.21,2015* Polaris Mf Global Futures in (TW)
May.21,2015* Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide
May.21,2015* Red Gum Resources
May.21,2015* Reward Minerals
May.21,2015* Rosenbauer International in Leonding (AT)
May.21,2015* RTG Mining
May.21,2015* Samir in (MA)
May.21,2015* Savanna Energy Services
May.21,2015* Sberbank ad Banja Luka in (BA)
May.21,2015* Sersol Technologies Bhd in (MY)
May.21,2015* Sevan Marine in (NO)
May.21,2015* Shandong Minhe Animal Husbandry in (CN)
May.21,2015* Shanghai Wanye Enterprises in (CN)
May.21,2015* Sichuan Hongda Co in (CN)
May.21,2015* Sinotrans Air Transportation Development in (CN)
May.21,2015* Strategic Hotels + Resorts
May.21,2015* Swissray Global Healthcare Holding in Taipeh (TW)
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