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May.12,2015* Interserve in (UK)
May.12,2015* Kingfa Sci &Tech in (CN)
May.12,2015* Kings Town Bank in (TW)
May.12,2015 KLP in Oslo (NO)
May.12,2015* Kyobo With Special Purpose Acquisition
May.12,2015* Lonkey Industrial Guangzhou in (CN)
May.12,2015* Maanshan Fangyuan Slewing Ring in (CN)
May.12,2015* Man Yue Technology Hldg in (HK)
May.12,2015* Manganese Mineral Joint Stock in (VN)
May.12,2015* Mango Gida Sanayi ve Ticaret AS in (TR)
May.12,2015 Mensch und Maschine in Wessling (DE)
May.12,2015* Merry Garden Holdings
May.12,2015* Monteiro Aranha in (BR)
May.12,2015* My Chau Printing + Packaging Holdings Co in (VN)
May.12,2015* Nanjing Port in (CN)
May.12,2015* NB Private Equity Partners in (US)
May.12,2015* Nedbank
May.12,2015* Newcapec Electronics Co
May.12,2015* Newell Rubbermaid
May.12,2015* Ningbo Shanshan in (CN)
May.12,2015* Ningbo Shuanglin Auto Parts
May.12,2015* Osprey Medical
May.12,2015* Oyang in (KR)
May.12,2015* Poste Srpske ad Banja Luka
May.12,2015* RANK PROGRESS in (PL)
May.12,2015* Shanghai International Shanghai Growth Investment in (HK)
May.12,2015* Shenzhen Huapengfei Modern
May.12,2015* Sick in (DE)
May.12,2015* Sing Lee Software (Group)
May.12,2015* Societe Financiere et de Gestion Texaf in Brusselsl (BE)
May.12,2015* Sol
May.12,2015* Sportech in (UK)
May.12,2015* Standard Life UK Smaller Companies Trust in (UK)
May.12,2015* Sxc Health Solutions
May.12,2015* Synergy Health in (UK)
May.12,2015* Tangshan Jingyuan Yufeng Electronics in (CN)
May.12,2015* Teranga Gold in Toronto (CA)
May.12,2015 Teranga Gold in Toronto (SN)
May.12,2015* The Vitec Group in (UK)
May.12,2015* Transcom Worldwide in (UK)
May.12,2015* TT Electronics in (UK)
May.12,2015* UIL Holdings
May.12,2015* Xuchang Yuandong Drive Shaft in (CN)
May.12,2015* YGSOFT INC in (CN)
May.12,2015* ZetaDisplay in (SE)
May.13,2015* Aerospace Communications Holdings in (CN)
May.13,2015* Affymetrix in (US)
May.13,2015* Agfa Gevaert Nv in (BE)
May.13,2015* Allenex in (SE)
May.13,2015* AnShan Heavy Duty Mining Machinery Co in (CN)
May.13,2015* arGEN X BV
May.13,2015* Belgische Scheepvaartmaatschappij Cie Maritime Belge Nv in (BE)
May.13,2015* Blue Capital Global Reinsurance Fund
May.13,2015* Boule Diagnostics in (SE)
May.13,2015 Braas Monier Building Group in Luxembourg (LU)
May.13,2015* Briscoe Group in (NZ)
May.13,2015* BTS Group in (SE)
May.13,2015* Candover Investments in (UK)
May.13,2015* Cangzhou Mingzhu Plastic in (CN)
May.13,2015* Cello Group in (UK)
May.13,2015* Centaur Media in (UK)
May.13,2015* China 33 Media Group
May.13,2015* Credit Foncier de Monaco in Monaco (MC)
May.13,2015* Dardanel Onentas Gida Sanayi AS in (TR)
May.13,2015* Deceuninck in (BE)
May.13,2015* Dresdner Factoring in (DE)
May.13,2015* Dunedin Enterprise Investment Trust in Edinburgh (UK)
May.13,2015* Eko Export in (PL)
May.13,2015* Ensign Energy Services
May.13,2015* First Gen in (PH)
May.13,2015* Fu Shou Yuan Intl Group
May.13,2015* Fujian Holdings
May.13,2015* Handy + Harman
May.13,2015* Headermpression Sweden Holding
May.13,2015* Henderson Global Trust in (UK)
May.13,2015* Huaiji Dengyun Auto-Parts
May.13,2015* Ict Automatisering in (NL)
May.13,2015* ImmoMentum in Aadorf (CH)
May.13,2015* International Resorts Company KSCC in (KW)
May.13,2015* Jiangsu Changfa Refrigeration
May.13,2015* Jiangsu Nata Opto-electronic
May.13,2015* Junma Tyrerd in (CN)
May.13,2015* Kyongnam Bank Co
May.13,2015* MyCelx Technologies
May.13,2015* National Industries KSC in (KW)
May.13,2015* Nigerian Breweries in (NG)
May.13,2015* Nova Stokovna Kukja AD Strumica
May.13,2015* OM Group
May.13,2015* Osoul Investment KSC in Safat (KW)
May.13,2015* Peab in (SE)
May.13,2015* Penn Virginia
May.13,2015* Polytec Holding in Hoersching (AT)
May.13,2015 Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC) in Beijing (CN)
May.13,2015* S Culture International
May.13,2015* Shandong Hualian Mining Holdings in (CN)
May.13,2015* Shandong Luyang Share in (CN)
May.13,2015* ShanDongDengHai Seeds in (CN)
May.13,2015* Shenyang Brilliant Elevator
May.13,2015* Slate Retail REIT
May.13,2015* Smartphoto group in (BE)
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