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Sep.04,2014* Body Central
Sep.04,2014* Boulder Steel in (AU)
Sep.04,2014* Bright Brothers in (IN)
Sep.04,2014* Carclo in (UK)
Sep.04,2014* Carpetright in (UK)
Sep.04,2014* Cartier Saada
Sep.04,2014* Chanjet Information Technology
Sep.04,2014* Daktronics
Sep.04,2014* Dixons Retail in (UK)
Sep.04,2014* Ebiquity in (UK)
Sep.04,2014* Edu Company
Sep.04,2014* Egyptian Starch and Glucose Manufacturing Co SAE in (EG)
Sep.04,2014* Fantagio Co
Sep.04,2014* Fibrolan in (IL)
Sep.04,2014* Finet Group in (HK)
Sep.04,2014* Henan Hengxing Science & Technology in (CN)
Sep.04,2014* Hubei Tech Semiconductors in (CN)
Sep.04,2014* Hunan TV&Broadcast Intermediary in (CN)
Sep.04,2014* IDBI Bank in (IN)
Sep.04,2014* Innopac Holdings in Singapore (SG)
Sep.04,2014* Internationalnveyors
Sep.04,2014* Jiangsu JiuJiuJiu Technology in (CN)
Sep.04,2014* JK Lakshmi Cement in (IN)
Sep.04,2014* Lumax Automotive Systems in (IN)
Sep.04,2014* Maruti Suzuki India in New Dehli (IN)
Sep.04,2014* Mpil Corp
Sep.04,2014* NetPosa Technologies
Sep.04,2014* North Asia Strategic Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Sep.04,2014* Panama Petrochem
Sep.04,2014* Polar Capital Technology Trust in (UK)
Sep.04,2014* Pos Malaysia Bhd in (MY)
Sep.04,2014* Prima banka Slovensko as in (SK)
Sep.04,2014* Pulse Energy
Sep.04,2014* Pursuit Dynamics in (UK)
Sep.04,2014* RN2 Technologies Co
Sep.04,2014* Rolcon Engineering
Sep.04,2014* Scholium Group
Sep.04,2014* Shenzhen Energy Group in (CN)
Sep.04,2014* Shenzhen Shenbao Industrial in (CN)
Sep.04,2014* Shenzhenship Electronics in (CN)
Sep.04,2014* SHLnsolidated Bhd in (MY)
Sep.04,2014* Sotech Machinery in (CN)
Sep.04,2014* Talwalkars Better Value Fitness
Sep.04,2014* Trakm8 Hldg in (UK)
Sep.04,2014* Vitasoy International Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Sep.04,2014* Vivimed Labs
Sep.04,2014* Willie International Holdings in (HK)
Sep.04,2014* WOONGJIN COWAY CO in (KR)
Sep.04,2014* Xinjiang Korla Pear Co in (CN)
Sep.04,2014* Yingkou Port Liability in (CN)
Sep.04,2014* Yueyang Xingchang Petro-Chemical in (CN)
Sep.04,2014* Zhejiang Idc Fluidntrol in (CN)
Sep.04,2014* Zhejiang Satellite Petrochem
Sep.04,2014* Zito Vardar AD Veles in (MK)
Sep.05,2014* Aashee Infotech
Sep.05,2014* Acesite Phils Hotel in (PH)
Sep.05,2014* Advanced Powermponents in (UK)
Sep.05,2014* Alpha Tiger Property Trust in (UK)
Sep.05,2014* Amarjothi Spinning Mills
Sep.05,2014* Anhui Jianghuai Automobile in (CN)
Sep.05,2014* ARInsolidated Investments
Sep.05,2014* Arrow Textiles
Sep.05,2014* Badaro No3 Ship Investment in (KR)
Sep.05,2014* Better Capital in (GG)
Sep.05,2014* BIEMT Co in (KR)
Sep.05,2014* Borgosesia
Sep.05,2014* Cdc Point in (IT)
Sep.05,2014* Chambal Breweries and Distilleries
Sep.05,2014* ChanCo International Group in (HK)
Sep.05,2014* Chaoyue Group
Sep.05,2014* Chevalier International Holdings in (HK)
Sep.05,2014* China Energy
Sep.05,2014* Circle Oil in (IE)
Sep.05,2014* Componenta Oyj in (FI)
Sep.05,2014* Compuage Infocom
Sep.05,2014* Daisho Microline Holdings
Sep.05,2014* Drillco Metal Carbides
Sep.05,2014* Duckyang Ind in (KR)
Sep.05,2014* EpiCept
Sep.05,2014* Fame
Sep.05,2014* Galaxy Consolidated Finance
Sep.05,2014* Guangdong Silver Age Sci + Tech Co in (CN)
Sep.05,2014* Guoyuan Securities in (CN)
Sep.05,2014* Henan Billions Chemicals Co
Sep.05,2014* Henan Pinggao Electric in (CN)
Sep.05,2014* Henry Group Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Sep.05,2014* Higlo Hladnjaca ad Horgos in (RS)
Sep.05,2014* Hindustan Petroleum in (IN)
Sep.05,2014* Hybio Pharmaceutical in (CN)
Sep.05,2014* Integrated Waste Solutions Group Holdings
Sep.05,2014* Jiangsu Skyray Instrument in (CN)
Sep.05,2014* JiangSu YuXing Film Tech
Sep.05,2014* KMAproyektzhilstroy in (RU)
Sep.05,2014* Leaderlease
Sep.05,2014* Mack Trading
Sep.05,2014* Man Group in (UK)
Sep.05,2014* Mascotte Holdings in (HK)
Sep.05,2014* Meso Rad
Sep.05,2014* Midea Group Co
Sep.05,2014* Nemesisnstructions Public in (CY)
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