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May.07,2015* Fava International Holdings
May.07,2015* Fortegra Financial
May.07,2015* Furmanite in (IL)
May.07,2015 German Startups Group in Berlin (DE)
May.07,2015* Goals Soccer Centres in (UK)
May.07,2015* Golden Star Resources
May.07,2015* Hafslund in Oslo (NO)
May.07,2015* Heba Fastighets in (SE)
May.07,2015* International Leasing and Financial Services
May.07,2015* Jardine Matheson Hldg in Hongkong (HK)
May.07,2015* Johnson Service Group in (UK)
May.07,2015* Ko Yo Chemical Group
May.07,2015* Kongsberg Automotive Holding in (NO)
May.07,2015 Lafarge in Paris (FR)
Compliance Statement
May.07,2015* Lingotes Especiales in (ES)
May.07,2015* Manazel Holding KSCC in Safat (KW)
May.07,2015* Matrix Holdings in (HK)
May.07,2015* Melcolot in Hongkong (HK)
May.07,2015* Millennium Pacific Group Holdi
May.07,2015* Modern Polymers Co SAE
May.07,2015* Morgan Sindall Group in (UK)
May.07,2015* Ningbo Construction Co in (CN)
May.07,2015* Nischer in (SE)
May.07,2015* Novotek in (SE)
May.07,2015* Orell Fuessli Holding in Zurich (CH)
May.07,2015* Otis Energy
May.07,2015* Oxford Biomedica in (UK)
May.07,2015* PMC Sierra
May.07,2015* Progress Energy in Charlotte (US)
May.07,2015* Prosperity Real Estate Investment Trust in (HK)
May.07,2015* Samson Holding
May.07,2015* Sanlian Commercial Co
May.07,2015* Savcor Group
May.07,2015* Scentre Group Trust 1
May.07,2015* SeaBird Exploration in (NO)
May.07,2015* Sing Tao News in Hongkong (HK)
May.07,2015* Soor Fuel Marketing KSC in (KW)
May.07,2015* Storm Real Estate in (UK)
May.07,2015* Suncorp Technologies in Hongkong (HK)
May.07,2015* SunKing Power Electronics Group
May.07,2015* Svyatogor in (RU)
May.07,2015* Swissquote Group Holding in (CH)
May.07,2015 Tianjin Keyvia Electric Co in Tianjin (CN)
May.07,2015* Tianjin Quanyechang(Group)Co in (CN)
May.07,2015* TKH Group in (NL)
May.07,2015* Trinity Mirror in (UK)
May.07,2015 Tubos Reunidos in Madrid (ES)
May.07,2015* TZ Tehnicka Kontrola AD Skopje
May.07,2015* Visgeneer in (TW)
May.07,2015* Yestar International Hldgs
May.07,2015* Yunnan Bowin Technology Industry in (CN)
May.08,2015* Abengoa Yield in Brentford (UK)
May.08,2015* AKM Industrial in (HK)
May.08,2015* Amtech Systems
May.08,2015* Beijing Aerospace Changfeng in Beijing (CN)
May.08,2015* Bertelsmann SE + Co in (DE)
May.08,2015* Besunyen Holdings
May.08,2015* BIP Investment Partners in Luxemburg (LU)
May.08,2015* BKW in (CH)
May.08,2015* Botnia Exploration Holding publ
May.08,2015* Bros Eastern
May.08,2015* Chang Chun Eurasia Group in (CN)
May.08,2015* Changmao Biochemical Engineering in (HK)
May.08,2015* Changzhou Xingyu Automotive Lighting Systems
May.08,2015* Chengzhi in (CN)
May.08,2015* China Chaintek United
May.08,2015* China Ludao Technology
May.08,2015* China Pioneer Pharma Holdings
May.08,2015* China Primary Resources Holdings in (HK)
May.08,2015* Chong Hing Bank in Hongkong (HK)
May.08,2015* Companyia D Aigues de Sabadell
May.08,2015* Dazhong Transportation (Group) in (CN)
May.08,2015* Desert Gateway
May.08,2015* DIBS Payment Services
May.08,2015* DistIT in (SE)
May.08,2015* Elefirst Science & Tech
May.08,2015* ELL Environmental Holdings
May.08,2015* Enemona Ad
May.08,2015* Enerplus
May.08,2015* Epoxy Base Electn Material
May.08,2015* ES-SYSTEM in (PL)
May.08,2015* Essex Bio Technology in Hongkong (HK)
May.08,2015* Excel Technology International Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
May.08,2015* FDT System Holding
May.08,2015* Filinvest Land in (PH)
May.08,2015* Focus Media Network
May.08,2015* Forum Energy
May.08,2015* Fujian Guanfu Modern Household Wares Co in (CN)
May.08,2015* Gea
May.08,2015* Genpower Holding AS in (TR)
May.08,2015* Global Power Equipment Group
May.08,2015* Golden Prospect Precious Metals in (UK)
May.08,2015* Guangbo Group Stock in (CN)
May.08,2015* Guangdong Goworld in (CN)
May.08,2015* Guangdong Hongteo Accurate Technology in (CN)
May.08,2015* Guizhou Space Appliance in (CN)
May.08,2015* Honbridge Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
May.08,2015* Hubei Radio and Television Information Network Co in (CN)
May.08,2015* Hunan Hansen Pharmaceutical Co in (CN)
May.08,2015* Intellecta in (SE)
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