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Aug.11,2014* DNZ Property Fund
Aug.11,2014* Gondwana Resources
Aug.11,2014* Hercules Hoists in (IN)
Aug.11,2014* Indiabulls Housing Finance
Aug.11,2014* Infrastructure India
Aug.11,2014* Internet Gold Golden Lines in (IL)
Aug.11,2014* Kentz in London (JE)
Aug.11,2014* Kermadec Property Fund
Aug.11,2014* KEYW Holding
Aug.11,2014* Khabarovsknefteprodukt in (RU)
Aug.11,2014* Maslavinstructionmpany
Aug.11,2014* Microchip Technology
Aug.11,2014* National Petroleum
Aug.11,2014* Nepco Star
Aug.11,2014* Novohrad-Volyns'krembud PAT
Aug.11,2014* Nutridar
Aug.11,2014* Pienetworks
Aug.11,2014* Plotinus Vagyonkezelo in (HU)
Aug.11,2014* PME African Infrastructure Opportunities
Aug.11,2014* Power Line Engineering in (TH)
Aug.11,2014* Quality Systems
Aug.11,2014* Quepasa
Aug.11,2014* Real Estate Credit Investments PCC in (UK)
Aug.11,2014* Rubianna Resources
Aug.11,2014* SEM 1986
Aug.11,2014* Shahjalal Islami Bank
Aug.11,2014* Shengli Oil + Gas Pipe Holdings
Aug.11,2014* Shrenuj and in (IN)
Aug.11,2014* Societatea de Investitii Financiare Transilvania
Aug.11,2014* Sport Chalet
Aug.11,2014* Tamboli Capital
Aug.11,2014* Telkom in (ZA)
Aug.11,2014* Transerv Energy
Aug.11,2014* Triad Group in (UK)
Aug.11,2014* Voltari
Aug.11,2014* Vortex Pipes
Aug.11,2014* Woojin Plaimm Co in (KR)
Aug.12,2014* Accel Frontline in (IN)
Aug.12,2014* Ace Hightech Co in (KR)
Aug.12,2014* Advance Energy
Aug.12,2014* Ainsworth Lumber in (CA)
Aug.12,2014* Aker Solutions in (NO)
Aug.12,2014* Alpha Tiger Property Trust in (UK)
Aug.12,2014* Ashoka Refineries
Aug.12,2014* Ausgold
Aug.12,2014* B3System in (PL)
Aug.12,2014* Black Box
Aug.12,2014* Bluecrest Allblue Fund
Aug.12,2014* Britannia Industries in (IN)
Aug.12,2014* Burey Gold in (AU)
Aug.12,2014* Carbures Europe
Aug.12,2014* Central Asia Resources
Aug.12,2014* Computech Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.12,2014* Control Print
Aug.12,2014* Dahe Media
Aug.12,2014* DCM Shriram Industries in (IN)
Aug.12,2014* Deltathree
Aug.12,2014* Dexia Israel Bank in (IL)
Aug.12,2014* Entertainment Network India in (IN)
Aug.12,2014* Enzychem Lifesciences
Aug.12,2014 Gigaset (former:arques Industry) in Munich (D)
General Meeting 21.06.2007 10:00 - 21.06.2007 11:29
Aug.12,2014* Global Lock Safety International Group Co
Aug.12,2014* Grand Korea Leisure
Aug.12,2014* Graphite India in (IN)
Aug.12,2014* GVK Power + Infrastructure in (IN)
Aug.12,2014* Himatsingka Seide in (IN)
Aug.12,2014* Hind Rectifiers
Aug.12,2014 infratil in Auckland (NZ)
Aug.12,2014* Ismt in (IN)
Aug.12,2014* Iz Hayvancilik Tarim ve Gida Sanayi Ticaret AS
Aug.12,2014* Jyothy Laboratories
Aug.12,2014* Kirloskar Oil Engines
Aug.12,2014* Kwoon Chung Bus Holdings in (HK)
Aug.12,2014* Ludlow Jute and Specialities
Aug.12,2014* Machino Plastics
Aug.12,2014* Manjushree Technopack in (IN)
Aug.12,2014* Mobicon Group in (HK)
Aug.12,2014* Mobile Telecom Network (Holdings)
Aug.12,2014* Mowbrayllectables in (NZ)
Aug.12,2014* Namsos Trafikkselskap in (NO)
Aug.12,2014 nanostart in Frankfurt (D)
Aug.12,2014* National Fittings
Aug.12,2014* Neo Neon Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.12,2014* Neocity Group for Investments and Holdings
Aug.12,2014* Nile City Investments SAE in (EG)
Aug.12,2014* Orient Green Power Co
Aug.12,2014* Oriental Watch Holdings in (HK)
Aug.12,2014* Picon
Aug.12,2014* Pluton Resources
Aug.12,2014* Precision Castparts
Aug.12,2014* Quantum Digital Vision (India)
Aug.12,2014* Rajkumar Forge
Aug.12,2014* Rajratan Global Wire
Aug.12,2014* Rajshree Sugars + Chemicals in (IN)
Aug.12,2014* Sanmenxia Tianyuan Aluminum Co
Aug.12,2014* Saskenmmunication Technologies in (IN)
Aug.12,2014* Shandong Luoxin Pharmacy Stock in (CN)
Aug.12,2014* Shreyas Shipping and Logistics in (IN)
Aug.12,2014* Singer Pakistan
Aug.12,2014* Sino Resources Group in (HK)
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