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Aug.14,2014* Jiangsu Baoli Asphalt in (CN)
Aug.14,2014* Jiangsu Zhongnannstruction Group in (CN)
Aug.14,2014* Jk Tyre and Industries in New Dehli (IN)
Aug.14,2014* Kidicorp in (NZ)
Aug.14,2014* Konjuh dd Zivinice
Aug.14,2014* Lactate Natura in (RO)
Aug.14,2014* LiHom-Cuchen Co in (KR)
Aug.14,2014* Maharaja Shree Umaid Mills
Aug.14,2014* Mallinckrodt
Aug.14,2014 MediGene in Munich (D)
Aug.14,2014* Moiselle International Holdings in (HK)
Aug.14,2014* Munoth Financial Services
Aug.14,2014* Narmada Gelatines in (IN)
Aug.14,2014* Ncondezial
Aug.14,2014* Newtel Participacoes
Aug.14,2014* Ningbo Huaxiang Electronics in (CN)
Aug.14,2014* OP Financial Investments in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.14,2014* Orbotech in (IL)
Aug.14,2014* Orpheus Energy in (AU)
Aug.14,2014* Philadelphia Insurance in (JO)
Aug.14,2014* Plama-Pur Podgrad in (SI)
Aug.14,2014* Polymetal in Jersey (RU)
Aug.14,2014* Pulp and Paper Institute AD Sofia
Aug.14,2014* Pulsion Medical Systems SE
Aug.14,2014* Questcor Pharmaceuticals
Aug.14,2014* Red Star Express
Aug.14,2014* Resonance Specialties in (IN)
Aug.14,2014* Rubfila International
Aug.14,2014* Runeecha Textiles
Aug.14,2014* Sakhalinenergo in (RU)
Aug.14,2014* Shanghai Zhongji Investment Holding Co in (CN)
Aug.14,2014* Sharyans Resources
Aug.14,2014* Shenzhen Yitoa Intelligentntrol in (CN)
Aug.14,2014* Shenzhenmix Stationery in (CN)
Aug.14,2014* Shriram Asset Management Co
Aug.14,2014* SRS Real Infrastructure
Aug.14,2014* Sul 116 Participacoes in (BR)
Aug.14,2014 Telekom Austria AG in Wien (AT)
Aug.14,2014* Trent in (IN)
Aug.14,2014* Tysan Holdings in (HK)
Aug.14,2014* Vaibhav Global in (IN)
Aug.14,2014* Vst Tillers Tractors in (IN)
Aug.14,2014* WABCO India
Aug.14,2014* Zydus Wellness in (IN)
Aug.15,2014* 1pm in (UK)
Aug.15,2014* ADM Hamburg in (D)
Aug.15,2014* AKB Primor'ye in (RU)
Aug.15,2014* Anhui Expressway in (CN)
Aug.15,2014* Apte Amalgamations
Aug.15,2014* Asahi Industries in (JP)
Aug.15,2014* Astino Bhd in (MY)
Aug.15,2014* AVIC Real Estate Holding in (CN)
Aug.15,2014* AVncept Holdings in (HK)
Aug.15,2014* Banco Panamericano in (BR)
Aug.15,2014* Bangkok Nylon
Aug.15,2014* Beijing Mitenommunication Technology
Aug.15,2014* Beijing Thunisoft Corp in (CN)
Aug.15,2014* BHE Finanz
Aug.15,2014* Bingo Group Hldg in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.15,2014* Cementos Lima in (PE)
Aug.15,2014* Centar Banka in (HR)
Aug.15,2014* Chenguang Biotech Group in (CN)
Aug.15,2014* China Fiberglass in (CN)
Aug.15,2014* Chinammunication Telecom Services in (HK)
Aug.15,2014* Citic 21cn in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.15,2014* Deepak Spinners
Aug.15,2014* Excel Development
Aug.15,2014* Fujian Superpipe
Aug.15,2014* Fuyao Glass Industry Group in (CN)
Aug.15,2014* FW Thorpe in (UK)
Aug.15,2014 Girindus in Hannover (D)
Aug.15,2014* GPC Participacoes in (BR)
Aug.15,2014* Green China Holdings
Aug.15,2014* Guanghui Energy in (CN)
Aug.15,2014* Hancock Fabrics
Aug.15,2014* Hangzhou Zhongheng Electric in (CN)
Aug.15,2014* Henan Zhongfu Industrial in (CN)
Aug.15,2014* Hi-Target Navigation Tech in (CN)
Aug.15,2014* Hunan Yonker Environmental Protection in (CN)
Aug.15,2014* Hwa Create in (CN)
Aug.15,2014* Imaginatik in (UK)
Aug.15,2014* Interchina Holdings in (HK)
Aug.15,2014* ITC Properties Group in (HK)
Aug.15,2014* James Hardie Industries SE in Sydney (AU)
Aug.15,2014* Jaybharat Textiles and Real Estate in (IN)
Aug.15,2014* Jinzhou New China Dragon
Aug.15,2014* JK Paper in (IN)
Aug.15,2014* Kazakhmys
Aug.15,2014* KEG Kozep europai Gazterminal in (HU)
Aug.15,2014* Lee Kee Holdings
Aug.15,2014* Letong Chemical
Aug.15,2014* Lewis Group in (ZA)
Aug.15,2014* Merchant House International
Aug.15,2014* Midland Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.15,2014* Muyuan Foodstuff
Aug.15,2014* New Heritage Hldg in (HK)
Aug.15,2014* Orient Paper and Industries in (IN)
Aug.15,2014* Pansar Bhd in (MY)
Aug.15,2014* Perfect Shape (Prc) Holdings
Aug.15,2014* Premium PIH Holdings
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