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Jun.24,2015* Shang Properties
Jun.24,2015* Sileks AD Kratovo
Jun.24,2015* Sino Horizon Holdings in (CN)
Jun.24,2015* Societe Sitex
Jun.24,2015* Sona Petroleum Bhd
Jun.24,2015* Sunshine Oilsands
Jun.24,2015* Surikate Mittelstands in (DE)
Jun.24,2015* Tangent Communications in (UK)
Jun.24,2015* TKZ Krasnyi kotel'shchik in (RU)
Jun.24,2015* Universe Group in (UK)
Jun.24,2015* US Residential Fund
Jun.24,2015* Vereya Tour AD Stara Zagora
Jun.24,2015* Wellpool
Jun.24,2015* Yonyu Plastics in (TW)
Jun.24,2015* Zeder Investments in Stellenbosch (ZA)
Jun.25,2015* Adwya in (TN)
Jun.25,2015* AKB Finprombank in (RU)
Jun.25,2015* Akers Biosciences in Thorofare (US)
Jun.25,2015* Alexander David Investments in (UK)
Jun.25,2015* Altec Holdings in (GR)
Jun.25,2015* Amati VCT 2 in (UK)
Jun.25,2015* Ambrian Capital in (UK)
Jun.25,2015* Arlitech Electronic
Jun.25,2015* Bank of Khyber in (PK)
Jun.25,2015* Baranivs'ke pidpryiemstvo RAPT PAT
Jun.25,2015* Bashkirskiye vtorichnye metally in (RU)
Jun.25,2015* BIG SUN Energy Technology in (TW)
Jun.25,2015* Chip Hope Co in (TW)
Jun.25,2015* Cision in Stockholm (SE)
Jun.25,2015* Comintel Corporation Bhd
Jun.25,2015* Compagnie Agricole de la Crau in (FR)
Jun.25,2015* Computer Warehouse Group
Jun.25,2015* Daiwa Odakyunstruction in (JP)
Jun.25,2015* Discovery World
Jun.25,2015* Dom Maklerski WDM in (PL)
Jun.25,2015* DSM-AGI in (TW)
Jun.25,2015* E-one Moli Energy in (TW)
Jun.25,2015* Eikoh Holdings
Jun.25,2015* ELE-CON Technology Co in (TW)
Jun.25,2015* Elvaco ad Bijeljina
Jun.25,2015* Entire Technology in (TW)
Jun.25,2015* FNC Entertainment Co
Jun.25,2015* Global Brands Group Holding
Jun.25,2015* GQ Ball Pen
Jun.25,2015* Grand Harbour Marina in St Martins (MT)
Jun.25,2015* Green River Holding Co in (TW)
Jun.25,2015* Hakuseisha in (JP)
Jun.25,2015* Herti AD Shumen in (BG)
Jun.25,2015* Hi-Clearance in (TW)
Jun.25,2015* Hidili Industry International Development
Jun.25,2015* Hitachi Metals Techno in (JP)
Jun.25,2015* Hopefluent Group Holdings in (CN)
Jun.25,2015* Ibase Technology in (TW)
Jun.25,2015* Incadea
Jun.25,2015* Intergeneratsiya
Jun.25,2015* Jaguar Mining
Jun.25,2015 Japan Post Bank Co. in Tokyo (JP)
Jun.25,2015* Japan Wind Development in (JP)
Jun.25,2015* Jih Sun Financial Holding in (TW)
Jun.25,2015* Jilin Province Huinan Changlong Bio Pharmacy
Jun.25,2015* Jmicron Technology
Jun.25,2015* Johan Holdings Bhd
Jun.25,2015* Land Mark Optoelectronics in (TW)
Jun.25,2015* Leisure + Resorts World
Jun.25,2015* Liwe Espanola
Jun.25,2015* Lorenzo Shipping
Jun.25,2015* Lustrous Technology in (TW)
Jun.25,2015* Manitok Energy
Jun.25,2015* Manvijay Development Co
Jun.25,2015* Marusei
Jun.25,2015* MD Biomedical
Jun.25,2015* MedFirst Healthcare Services
Jun.25,2015* Mega Biotech + Electronics Co in (TW)
Jun.25,2015* Metalno dd Zenica
Jun.25,2015* Metron AD Prolesha
Jun.25,2015* Microcosm Technology in (TW)
Jun.25,2015* Midven
Jun.25,2015* MiLOC Group
Jun.25,2015* Molycorp
Jun.25,2015* Neurosoft Software Production in (GR)
Jun.25,2015* New Asianstruction & Development in (TW)
Jun.25,2015* New Century Aim VCT 2
Jun.25,2015* North Atlantic Smaller Companies Investment Trust in (UK)
Jun.25,2015* Orient Finance
Jun.25,2015* Pactolus Hungarian Property in (UK)
Jun.25,2015* Penzenskiy zavod kompressornogo mashinostroyeniya in (RU)
Jun.25,2015* Peoples Leasing And Financial Services
Jun.25,2015* PowerFilm
Jun.25,2015* Pragati Insurance
Jun.25,2015* Pressoration
Jun.25,2015* Professionalmputer Technology in (TW)
Jun.25,2015* R&A Telecommunication Group Bhd in (MY)
Jun.25,2015* Risma
Jun.25,2015* Rosinvest
Jun.25,2015* Royal Host
Jun.25,2015* Sentronic International in (TW)
Jun.25,2015* Shenzhen Yinghe Technology Co
Jun.25,2015* Shinwa Naiko Kaiun Kaisha in (JP)
Jun.25,2015* Sical in (FR)
Jun.25,2015* Sis Mobile Holdings
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