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Apr.23,2015* Panariagroup Industrie Ceramiche in (IT)
Apr.23,2015* PETROL Ljubljana in (SI)
Apr.23,2015* PJSC Budivel'na firma Mykolaivbud
Apr.23,2015* Plato Capital in Sydney (AU)
Apr.23,2015* Poligrafica S Faustino in (IT)
Apr.23,2015* Polons'kyi KKHP PAT
Apr.23,2015* Porn Prom Metal in (TH)
Apr.23,2015* Post Publishing in (TH)
Apr.23,2015* Preecha Group in (TH)
Apr.23,2015* Premier Marketing in (TH)
Apr.23,2015* Principal Capital
Apr.23,2015* Property Perfect in (TH)
Apr.23,2015* PVI Holdings in (VN)
Apr.23,2015* Quickfood
Apr.23,2015* Raffles Medical Group in Singapore (SG)
Apr.23,2015* Ratti in (IT)
Apr.23,2015* Rokytnians'kyi Kombinat Khliboproduktiv PAT
Apr.23,2015* Rood Testhouse International in (NL)
Apr.23,2015* Roven'kivs'ka vzuttieva fabryka PAT
Apr.23,2015* Royal Orchid Hotel (Thailand)
Apr.23,2015* Ruitai Materials Technology in (CN)
Apr.23,2015* S 11 Group
Apr.23,2015 SAF Holland in Luxemburg (LU)
Apr.23,2015* Salee Colour
Apr.23,2015* San MiguelICI y F
Apr.23,2015* SE Education in (TH)
Apr.23,2015* Seat Pagine Gialle in (IT)
Apr.23,2015* Securities House KSCC in (KW)
Apr.23,2015* Semrom Muntenia
Apr.23,2015* Serm Suk in (TH)
Apr.23,2015* Shandong Airlines in (CN)
Apr.23,2015* Shanghai Bairun Flavor & Fragrance
Apr.23,2015* Shanghai Kinlita Chemical Co
Apr.23,2015* Shell Pakistan
Apr.23,2015* Sheng Siong Group
Apr.23,2015* Shenzhen Zhongjin Lingnan Nonfemet in (CN)
Apr.23,2015* Sing Investments & Finance in Singapore (SG)
Apr.23,2015* Sinwa in (SG)
Apr.23,2015* SK Meha-Harant PAT
Apr.23,2015* SKF India in (IN)
Apr.23,2015* Smartgroup Corporation
Apr.23,2015* Sociedad Pesqueraloso
Apr.23,2015* Societe Frigorifique Et Brasserie De Tunis Sfbt in (TN)
Apr.23,2015* Sportamore Publ in (SE)
Apr.23,2015* Starburst Holdings
Apr.23,2015* Sthree in (UK)
Apr.23,2015* Sunshine City Group in (CN)
Apr.23,2015* Susco in (TH)
Apr.23,2015* Svejsemaskinefabrikken Migatronic in (DK)
Apr.23,2015* Team Precision in (TH)
Apr.23,2015* Tekhmashremont PAT
Apr.23,2015 Telegraaf Media Groep in Amsterdam (NL)
Apr.23,2015* Ternopil's'kyi elektromekhanichnyi zavod PAT
Apr.23,2015* Texhong Textile Group
Apr.23,2015* Thai Ha
Apr.23,2015* Tibet Mineral Development in (CN)
Apr.23,2015* Tonic Industries Holdings
Apr.23,2015* Transportadora de Gas del Sur in (AR)
Apr.23,2015* Triplan in (DE)
Apr.23,2015* Ukrains'kyi Profesiinyi Bank PAT
Apr.23,2015* Ukropthosptovary PAT
Apr.23,2015* Ukrp'iezo PAT
Apr.23,2015* Urals Energy Public Company in (CY)
Apr.23,2015* Vietnam Holding
Apr.23,2015* VINACOMIN QUACONTROL Joint Stock
Apr.23,2015* Vinnyts'kyi OZHK PAT in (UA)
Apr.23,2015* Walter Energy
Apr.23,2015* Wattana Karnpaet in (TH)
Apr.23,2015* Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co in (CN)
Apr.23,2015* Weis Markets
Apr.23,2015* Xinjiang Guotong Pipeline in (CN)
Apr.23,2015* Xinjiang Westnstruction in (CN)
Apr.23,2015* Yong Xin International Holdings
Apr.23,2015* Zaporizhskloflius PAT
Apr.23,2015* Zhejiang Giuseppe Garment
Apr.23,2015* Zhejiang Yatai Pharmaceutical
Apr.23,2015* Zhejiang Zanyu Technology Co in (CN)
Apr.23,2015* Zhuhai Wanlida Electric in (CN)
Apr.24,2015* 3Cnergy
Apr.24,2015* Aalborg Boldspilklub in (DK)
Apr.24,2015* AB Ekspres-Bank PAT
Apr.24,2015* AB Fagerhult in (SE)
Apr.24,2015* AB Stolychnyi PAT
Apr.24,2015* ABG Sundalllier Holding in (NO)
Apr.24,2015* Accel in San Rafael (MX)
Apr.24,2015* Active Power
Apr.24,2015* Agellis Group
Apr.24,2015* Ajiya Bhd
Apr.24,2015* Al Hassan EngineeringOG
Apr.24,2015* Allis Participacoes in (BR)
Apr.24,2015* Alphanam Investment Joint Stock in (VN)
Apr.24,2015* Altus Sistemas de Automacao
Apr.24,2015* AND International Publishers in (NL)
Apr.24,2015* Anglo African Agriculture
Apr.24,2015* Anhui Ankai Automobile in (CN)
Apr.24,2015* Antarchile in Santiago (CL)
Apr.24,2015* Apollo Commercial Co in New York (US)
Apr.24,2015* APS Energia
Apr.24,2015* ARA Asset Management in (HK)
Apr.24,2015* Arezzo Industria emercio in (BR)
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