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Sep.12,2014* GTL Infrastructure
Sep.12,2014* Guangzhou Pearl River Industrial Development in (CN)
Sep.12,2014* HB Properties
Sep.12,2014* Highfield Resources in (AU)
Sep.12,2014* Highway Capital in (UK)
Sep.12,2014* Hindustan Wires
Sep.12,2014* Hubei Energy Group in (CN)
Sep.12,2014* Indraprastha Gas in (IN)
Sep.12,2014* Infranor Inter in (CH)
Sep.12,2014* Infrastructure
Sep.12,2014* InvenSense
Sep.12,2014* Investec Australia Property
Sep.12,2014* Jayant Agro Organics
Sep.12,2014* Jenburkt Pharmaceuticals
Sep.12,2014* Jointo Energy Investmenthebei in (CN)
Sep.12,2014* JPMorgan Brazil Investment Trust in Sao Paulo (BR)
Sep.12,2014* KNRnstructions
Sep.12,2014* Labgenomics Co
Sep.12,2014* Lancy Co in (CN)
Sep.12,2014* Loxley in (TH)
Sep.12,2014* Mono Technology
Sep.12,2014* Nis Ekspres ad Nis
Sep.12,2014* Nova Measuring Instruments in (US)
Sep.12,2014* Olidata in (IT)
Sep.12,2014* Pasupati Fincap
Sep.12,2014* Prima Plastics
Sep.12,2014* Princi-baru in (JP)
Sep.12,2014* Rajdarshan Industries
Sep.12,2014* Rakon in (NZ)
Sep.12,2014* RLS Global
Sep.12,2014* Sansiri in (TH)
Sep.12,2014* SCGM Bhd
Sep.12,2014* Senator Entertainment in Berlin (D)
Sep.12,2014* Shandong Hualu Hengsheng Chemical in (CN)
Sep.12,2014* Shenzhen Rainbow Fine Chemical Industry in (CN)
Sep.12,2014* Shenzhen Topraysolar Co in (CN)
Sep.12,2014* Shri Krishna Devcon
Sep.12,2014* Sino Prosper State Gold Resources Holdings in (HK)
Sep.12,2014* Sree Sakthi Paper Mills in (IN)
Sep.12,2014* St Dupont in (FR)
Sep.12,2014* Stademos Hotels in (CY)
Sep.12,2014* Success Electronics in (CN)
Sep.12,2014* Supreme Holdings + Hospitality (India)
Sep.12,2014* SVM UK Emerging Fund
Sep.12,2014* Syntopix Group
Sep.12,2014* Tashi India
Sep.12,2014* Tonic Industries Holdings
Sep.12,2014* Tugcelik Aluminyum ve Metal Mamulleri Sanayi ve Ticaret AS in (TR)
Sep.12,2014* Tuzla Remont dd Tuzla
Sep.12,2014* Uranex in (AU)
Sep.12,2014* Vascon Engineers
Sep.12,2014* Vaswani Industries
Sep.12,2014* Vinda International Holdings
Sep.12,2014* Washington Post
Sep.12,2014* Westone Information Industry in (CN)
Sep.12,2014* WNS Holdings
Sep.12,2014* Wuhunch Profiles and Science in (CN)
Sep.12,2014* Xinjiang Tianshan Wool Tex Stock Co
Sep.12,2014* Xinjiang Zhundong Petroleum Technology in (CN)
Sep.13,2014* Aroni Commercials
Sep.13,2014* Atlas for Land Reclamation and Agricultural Processing SAE in (EG)
Sep.13,2014* Century Enka in (IN)
Sep.13,2014* El Obour Real Estate Investment
Sep.13,2014* Kolte Patil Developers
Sep.13,2014* Kopran in (IN)
Sep.13,2014* Motovilikhinskiye Zavody in (RU)
Sep.13,2014* Saraswati Commercial (India) in (IN)
Sep.13,2014* Tiong Nam Logistics Holdings Bhd in (MY)
Sep.13,2014* Waterfront Philippines Incorporated in (PH)
Sep.13,2014* Winro Commercial India
Sep.14,2014* Computer Direct Group in (IL)
Sep.14,2014* J B Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals in (IN)
Sep.14,2014 Kurganskaya generiruyushchaya kompaniya in (RU)
Sep.14,2014* Nanopac Innovation
Sep.14,2014* National for Tourist Investment
Sep.14,2014* National Poultry Co PSC
Sep.14,2014* Starhill Real Estate Investment Trust in (MY)
Sep.14,2014* United Arab Investors in (JO)
Sep.15,2014* Action Hotels
Sep.15,2014* Advanced Petrochemical in (SA)
Sep.15,2014* AvangardCo Investments Public in (UA)
Sep.15,2014* BANESTES Banco do Estado do Espirito Santo in (BR)
Sep.15,2014* Bannari Amman Sugars in (IN)
Sep.15,2014* Diversified Gateway Solutions Bhd in (MY)
Sep.15,2014* Donrechflot in (RU)
Sep.15,2014* Ekiz Yag ve Sabun Sanayi AS
Sep.15,2014* Finkurve Financial Services
Sep.15,2014* Fitters Diversified Bhd in (MY)
Sep.15,2014* Forefront Group in (HK)
Sep.15,2014* Ganesh Housing in (IN)
Sep.15,2014* Guangdong Shengyi Sci. Tech in (CN)
Sep.15,2014* International Greetings in (UK)
Sep.15,2014* Jeypore Sugar
Sep.15,2014* Jiangsu Tongda Power Technology Co in (CN)
Sep.15,2014* Mexan
Sep.15,2014* Moviemax Media Group in (IT)
Sep.15,2014* Nagpur Power and Industries in (IN)
Sep.15,2014* Nakhodkinskaya baza aktivnogo morskogo rybolovstva in (RU)
Sep.15,2014* Nandan Denim in Ahmedabad (IN)
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