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Nov.10,2014* Natural Fuel
Nov.10,2014* New Hope
Nov.10,2014* Newland Resources
Nov.10,2014* Phibro Animal Health
Nov.10,2014* Pine Technology Holdings
Nov.10,2014* PMS in (IT)
Nov.10,2014* Protalix Biotherapeutics in (US)
Nov.10,2014* Rongfeng Holding Group in (CN)
Nov.10,2014* Sarina and District Community Financial Services
Nov.10,2014* SGSB Group Co
Nov.10,2014* Stratum Metals
Nov.10,2014* SVG Optronics
Nov.10,2014* SWS Group
Nov.10,2014* Syschem (India)
Nov.10,2014* Tapuz People in (IL)
Nov.10,2014* Vitec Software Group (Publ) in (SE)
Nov.10,2014* Wang On Group in (HK)
Nov.10,2014* Westoz Investment
Nov.10,2014* Wuhan Tianyu Information Industry in (CN)
Nov.11,2014* A & J Mucklow Group P L C in (UK)
Nov.11,2014* Acme Holdings Bhd
Nov.11,2014* Adamas In Corporation in (TH)
Nov.11,2014* ADP Automatic Data Processing in Roseland (US)
Nov.11,2014* Advanced Share Registry in (AU)
Nov.11,2014* Astro Japan Property Group in Sydney (AU)
Nov.11,2014* Black Sea Investment ADSITS Plovdiv in (BG)
Nov.11,2014* Bossini International Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Nov.11,2014* Breville Group in (AU)
Nov.11,2014* Camkids Group
Nov.11,2014* Canterbury Surrey Hills Community Finance
Nov.11,2014* Cavotec in (CH)
Nov.11,2014* China Tungsten and Hightech Materials Co in (CN)
Nov.11,2014 computershare in Abbotsford (AU)
Nov.11,2014* Craneware
Nov.11,2014* Crown Place VCT in (UK)
Nov.11,2014* Decmil Group in (AU)
Nov.11,2014* Dongwha Hldg in (KR)
Nov.11,2014* Fengfan Stock in (CN)
Nov.11,2014* Forum Pacific
Nov.11,2014* Grindeks AS in (LV)
Nov.11,2014* Heidelberg District Community Enterprise
Nov.11,2014* Huazhang Technology Holding
Nov.11,2014* ImmunoGen
Nov.11,2014* Impedimed
Nov.11,2014* Jiangsu Huachang Chemical in (CN)
Nov.11,2014* Jiangsu Nanfang Bearing
Nov.11,2014* JPmorgan Overseas Investment Trust in (UK)
Nov.11,2014* KP Toplana ad Gradiska
Nov.11,2014* Kriogenmash in (RU)
Nov.11,2014* ktk INC in (JP)
Nov.11,2014* Ledman Optoelectronic in (CN)
Nov.11,2014* MAS Real Estate
Nov.11,2014* Matchtech Group in (UK)
Nov.11,2014* MFS Technology in Singapore (SG)
Nov.11,2014* Miris Holding publ in (SE)
Nov.11,2014* Nabi Biopharmaceuticals
Nov.11,2014* Nexus Minerals
Nov.11,2014* North Ryde Community Finance
Nov.11,2014* Objective in (AU)
Nov.11,2014* Ozgrowth in (AU)
Nov.11,2014* Point-I Co in (KR)
Nov.11,2014* Praemium in (AU)
Nov.11,2014* Qatar Investment Fund
Nov.11,2014* Renta Corporacion Real Estate in Barcelona (ES)
Nov.11,2014* Rhea Girisim Sermayesi Yatirim Ortakligi AS
Nov.11,2014* Salbookh Trading Kscc in (KW)
Nov.11,2014* Sanjiang Shopping Club
Nov.11,2014* Seven West Media in (AU)
Nov.11,2014* Sizmek
Nov.11,2014* Stewart + Wight
Nov.11,2014* United Nilgiri Tea Estates
Nov.11,2014* Verticon Group in (AU)
Nov.11,2014* Webster in (AU)
Nov.11,2014* Wuxi Pharmatech (Cayman) in (US)
Nov.11,2014* YH Dimrinstruction and Development in (IL)
Nov.11,2014* York Timber Holdings in (ZA)
Nov.11,2014* YTC Resources
Nov.12,2014* 333 Sugar Joint Stock
Nov.12,2014* Agenix in (AU)
Nov.12,2014* Avic Sanxin in (CN)
Nov.12,2014* Avingtrans in (UK)
Nov.12,2014* Bellarine Peninsula Community Branch
Nov.12,2014* Benitec
Nov.12,2014* Camtek in (US)
Nov.12,2014* Cardiovascular Systems in (US)
Nov.12,2014* Catalyst Metals in (AU)
Nov.12,2014* Charter Hall Group in (AU)
Nov.12,2014* China Growth Opportunities in (UK)
Nov.12,2014* China Motor Bus
Nov.12,2014 Commonwealth Bank of Australia in Sydney (AU)
Nov.12,2014* DDM Group
Nov.12,2014* Digital Globe Services
Nov.12,2014* DWS Advanced Business Solutions in (AU)
Nov.12,2014* Embelton
Nov.12,2014* Extreme Networks
Nov.12,2014* Gan Shmuel Foods in (IL)
Nov.12,2014* GBM Gold in (AU)
Nov.12,2014* GR Engineering Services
Nov.12,2014* Guangdong Dahuanong Animal Health Products
Nov.12,2014* H2O Innovation
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