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May.22,2013* Aradigm
May.22,2013* Aston Hill Financial in (CA)
May.22,2013* ATMI
May.22,2013* Cubic Energy
May.22,2013* Foran Mining in Vancouver (CA)
May.22,2013* Hardwoods Distribution
May.22,2013* Healthcare Locums in (UK)
May.22,2013* Indophil Resources N L
May.22,2013* Jones Soda
May.22,2013* Liberty Mines
May.22,2013* Maxim Power
May.22,2013* Maxvalu Chubu in (JP)
May.22,2013* Ocean Shore Holding
May.22,2013* Pulse Seismic
May.23,2013* Blonder Tongue Laboratories
May.23,2013* Dynamic Materials
May.23,2013* Espial Group
May.23,2013* Guardian Capital Group
May.23,2013 intelligence in Bielefeld (DE)
May.23,2013* Inverfiatc
May.23,2013* Jubilee Insurance
May.23,2013* Market Leader
May.23,2013* Orion Marine Group
May.23,2013* Palliser Oil and Gas
May.23,2013* PAM Transportation Services
May.23,2013* Psychemedics
May.23,2013* Spectral Diagnostics
May.23,2013* Sunshine Heart
May.23,2013* Taiyo in (JP)
May.23,2013* TASER International
May.23,2013* Transwitch
May.23,2013* Viropharma
May.24,2013* Hacisco Joint Stock
May.24,2013* Theratechnologies in Montreal (CA)
May.24,2013* Toho Real Estate in (JP)
May.24,2013* Vindon Healthcare in (UK)
May.25,2013* Gatehouse Media
May.25,2013* Teixeira Duarte in (PT)
May.27,2013* New Fcpt
May.27,2013* Richard Ginori 1735 in (IT)
May.27,2013* Sigma in Malmo (SE)
May.27,2013* US Silver
May.28,2013* Alberta Star Development in (CA)
May.28,2013 Douglas in Hagen (DE)
Compliance Statement
May.28,2013* Jordan Sulpho Chemicals in (JO)
May.28,2013* Rainy River Resources in Toronto (CA)
May.28,2013* Tuscany International Drilling
May.28,2013* Unified Transport and Logistics in (JO)
May.28,2013* Woongjin Holdings in (KR)
May.29,2013 Atos Origin in Paris (FR)
May.29,2013* Brigus Gold
May.29,2013* Emeritus
May.29,2013* Fred Olsen Production in (NO)
May.29,2013* Gasco Energy
May.29,2013* Howard Bancorp
May.29,2013* Lonrho in (UK)
May.29,2013 Praktiker in Hamburg (DE)
May.29,2013* Responsys in San Bruno (US)
May.29,2013* Veraz Networks
May.30,2013* American Caresource Holdings in (IL)
May.30,2013* Atlas Financial Holdings
May.30,2013* Digital Ally
May.30,2013* e pay Asia
May.30,2013* Etam Developpement in (FR)
May.30,2013* InterMune
May.30,2013* Perilya in (AU)
May.30,2013* Reis in New York (US)
May.30,2013* Taylor Capital Group
May.30,2013* Tortoise North American Energy
May.30,2013* Xceed Mortgage in (CA)
May.31,2013* Caledonia Mining
May.31,2013* First Bank of Nigeria in (NG)
May.31,2013* Granlombia Gold
May.31,2013* Hot Topic
May.31,2013* Intertainment Media
May.31,2013* Medx Health
May.31,2013* Nem Insurance
May.31,2013* Norse Energy in (NO)
May.31,2013* PCD Stores (Group)
May.31,2013* Sino-Excel Energy
May.31,2013* Willdan Group
Jun.03,2013* Aethlon Medical
Jun.03,2013* Camillo Eitzen & in (NO)
Jun.03,2013* Devgen in (BE)
Jun.03,2013* General Accident
Jun.03,2013* Jupiter Telecommunications in (JP)
Jun.03,2013* McMoRan Exploration
Jun.03,2013* Newton 21 Europe in (BE)
Jun.03,2013* Osiatis in (FR)
Jun.03,2013 Tom Taylor in Hamburg (DE)
Jun.03,2013* WOM World Of Medicine in (DE)
Jun.04,2013* Alpha Pro Tech
Jun.04,2013* Birner Dental Management Services
Jun.04,2013* Duckwall-ALCO Stores
Jun.04,2013* Dynamics Research in Boston (US)
Jun.04,2013* Identive Group in Boston (US)
Jun.04,2013* Polaris Minerals
Jun.04,2013 Tognum in Friedrichshafen (DE)
Compliance Statement
Jun.04,2013* Ventrus Biosciences
Jun.05,2013* Ameristar Casinos
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