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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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Nov.15,2012* Fukushima Printing in (JP)
Nov.15,2012* Gigoptix
Nov.15,2012* Globecomm Systems in (US)
Nov.15,2012* Greencap in Melbourne (AU)
Nov.15,2012* Integrated Research in (AU)
Nov.15,2012* OBA Financial Services
Nov.15,2012* Objective in (AU)
Nov.15,2012* Opexa Therapeutics
Nov.15,2012* Resonance Health in (AU)
Nov.15,2012* Senetas
Nov.15,2012* Solera Holdings
Nov.16,2012* Adacel Technologies
Nov.16,2012* Alpha and Omega Semiconductor
Nov.16,2012* Arbor Memorial Services
Nov.16,2012* Armarda Group in Singapore (SG)
Nov.16,2012* Carnarvon Petroleum in (AU)
Nov.16,2012* Cash Converters International in Perth (AU)
Nov.16,2012* Document Capture Technologies
Nov.16,2012* East African Breweries
Nov.16,2012* Expertise Systemes & ReseauxRL in (FR)
Nov.16,2012* Living Cell Technologies
Nov.16,2012* Phylogica
Nov.16,2012* Sitoy(HK)Handbag Factory
Nov.18,2012* 3Q Holdings
Nov.18,2012* Perfect World in (CN)
Nov.19,2012* CPT Global
Nov.19,2012* Eurovestech in (UK)
Nov.19,2012* Koshidaka Hldg in (JP)
Nov.19,2012* Nautical Petroleum in (UK)
Nov.19,2012* Pro Medicus in (AU)
Nov.19,2012* Pumpkin Patch in (NZ)
Nov.19,2012* SeaBright Holdings
Nov.19,2012* Trump Entertainment Resorts
Nov.20,2012* Abm Resources NL in (AU)
Nov.20,2012* Circadian Technologies in (AU)
Nov.20,2012* Clinton Cards in (UK)
Nov.20,2012* Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals
Nov.20,2012* ING Real Estatemmunity Living Group
Nov.20,2012* KP Chemical in (KR)
Nov.20,2012* Pan Pacific Petroleum N L
Nov.21,2012* Aberdeen Asian Smallermpanies Investment Trust in (UK)
Nov.21,2012* Akatsuki Eazima in (JP)
Nov.21,2012* Beyond International in (AU)
Nov.21,2012* China Marine Food Group in (CN)
Nov.21,2012* China Zenix Auto International
Nov.21,2012* ICSGlobal
Nov.21,2012* IMF Australia
Nov.21,2012* Independence Group NL in (AU)
Nov.21,2012* Narhex Life Sciences
Nov.21,2012* Servcorp in (AU)
Nov.21,2012* Siriusoration in (AU)
Nov.21,2012* Winmar Resources in (AU)
Nov.21,2012* Worldspreads Group in (IE)
Nov.22,2012* Alchemia
Nov.22,2012* Blaze International in (AU)
Nov.22,2012* Clime Investment Management in (AU)
Nov.22,2012* Guinness Anchor Bhd in Manila (MY)
Nov.22,2012* Hansen Technologies in (AU)
Nov.22,2012* IFM Investment
Nov.22,2012* Probiotec in (AU)
Nov.22,2012* Southern Pacific Resource
Nov.22,2012* Strike Resources in (AU)
Nov.22,2012* Techniche
Nov.22,2012* Viralytics
Nov.23,2012* Apollonsolidated in (AU)
Nov.23,2012* Ausdrill in (AU)
Nov.23,2012* Southern Arc Minerals
Nov.23,2012* White Energy
Nov.24,2012* Marumae in (JP)
Nov.25,2012* CL Asset Holdings in (AU)
Nov.26,2012* Aisi Realty Public
Nov.26,2012* Caspian Oil & Gas
Nov.26,2012* CCK Financial Solutions in (AU)
Nov.26,2012* Epoch Holding
Nov.26,2012* Kojima in (JP)
Nov.26,2012* Mozambial
Nov.26,2012* Nippo Electric in (JP)
Nov.26,2012* OBJ in (AU)
Nov.26,2012* ScanSource
Nov.26,2012* Xceed Resources
Nov.27,2012* Akinasista in (JP)
Nov.27,2012* ASAHI KAGAKU KOGYO CO in (JP)
Nov.27,2012* Bioprospect
Nov.27,2012* Genetic Technologies in (AU)
Nov.27,2012* Jbz Capital
Nov.27,2012* Khong Guan Flour Milling in Singapore (SG)
Nov.27,2012* Red 5
Nov.27,2012* Sandfire Resources NL in (AU)
Nov.27,2012* YTL Power International Bhd
Nov.28,2012* Altair Nanotechnologies
Nov.28,2012* Australian Vintage in (AU)
Nov.28,2012* Cga Mining
Nov.28,2012* Charmmmunications
Nov.28,2012* Dacha Strategic Metals
Nov.28,2012* DAIYOSHI TRUST CO in (JP)
Nov.28,2012* E-House (China) Holdings in (US)
Nov.28,2012* Flagstone Reassurance Suisse Bermuda Branch in (US)
Nov.28,2012* Grandbridge in (AU)
Nov.28,2012* Greenvale Mining NL in (AU)
Nov.28,2012 NEOS Resources in London (UK)
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