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Apr.26,2013* Nestle Nigeria in (NG)
Apr.26,2013* Nonthavej Hospital in (TH)
Apr.26,2013* Ntegrator International in (SG)
Apr.26,2013* Robeco in (NL)
Apr.26,2013* Singapore Land in Singapore (SG)
Apr.29,2013* Basic Net in (IT)
Apr.29,2013* Biesse in (IT)
Apr.29,2013* Cembre in Brescia (IT)
Apr.29,2013 CSAV Cia Sud Americana de Vapores in Valparaiso (CL)
Apr.29,2013* Diagnocure
Apr.29,2013* Fidia in (IT)
Apr.29,2013* Focus Media Holding in (CN)
Apr.29,2013* Learning Tree International
Apr.29,2013* Marcolin in Pordenone (IT)
Apr.29,2013* SAG GEST Solucoes Automovel Globais SGPS in (PT)
Apr.29,2013* Siuslaw Financial Group
Apr.29,2013* Tikit Group in (UK)
Apr.29,2013* Treasury China Trust in Singapore (SG)
Apr.29,2013 XSTRATA in Zug (CH)
Apr.30,2013* Alabama Power
Apr.30,2013* Avalon Holdings
Apr.30,2013* CEC Entertainment in (IL)
Apr.30,2013* Copano Energy LLC
Apr.30,2013* Excellon Resources
Apr.30,2013* H J Heinz in Pittsburgh (US)
Apr.30,2013* Lastas in (DK)
Apr.30,2013* Mediterranean Oil & Gas in (IT)
Apr.30,2013* Patriot Scientific
Apr.30,2013* VirTra Systems
May.01,2013* Arrow Financial
May.01,2013* c Technologies
May.01,2013* Canfor Pulp Products in Vancouver (CA)
May.01,2013 Goldrea Resources in Vancouver (CA)
May.01,2013* Newfoundland Capital in (CA)
May.01,2013* Rand Capital
May.01,2013* Tellabs
May.01,2013* Trimac Transportation
May.01,2013* Wesdome Gold Mines
May.02,2013* Furniture Brands International
May.02,2013* PHI
May.02,2013* Russel Metals
May.02,2013* Timeweave in (UK)
May.02,2013* Zhone Technologies
May.03,2013* Bennett Environmental in Brewster, Cape Cod (US)
May.03,2013* Star Reefers AS in (NO)
May.03,2013 VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP AG Wiener Versicherung Gruppe in (AT)
May.06,2013* Bertelsmann in (DE)
May.06,2013* BKW FMB Energie in (CH)
May.06,2013* Healthmarkets
May.06,2013* Neurometrix
May.06,2013* Tri Tech Holding in (CN)
May.07,2013* AeroMechanical Services
May.07,2013* Amerigo Resources
May.07,2013* Belo
May.07,2013* Biopetrol Industries in (CH)
May.07,2013* CA Immobilien Anlagen AG in (AT)
May.07,2013* Catalyst Paper
May.07,2013* GSE Hldg
May.07,2013* Jinhui Shipping and Transportation
May.07,2013* Liquor Stores NA in (CA)
May.07,2013* Mine Safety Appliances
May.07,2013* NovaStar Financial
May.07,2013* Preformed Line Products
May.08,2013* AEterna Zentaris
May.08,2013* Airboss of America
May.08,2013* Capstone Mining in Vancouver (CA)
May.08,2013* China Bio Cassava Holdings
May.08,2013* ConnectOne Bancorp
May.08,2013* Melrose in (UK)
May.08,2013* Ohio Valley Banc in Gallipolis (US)
May.08,2013* Optimer Pharmaceuticals
May.08,2013* Tianyin Pharmaceutical
May.08,2013* Western Forest Products
May.09,2013* Automodular
May.09,2013* Bioteq Environmental Technologies in (CA)
May.09,2013* Claude Resources in (CA)
May.09,2013* Cooper Standard Automotive
May.09,2013* Denison Mines in Toronto (CA)
May.09,2013* iParty
May.09,2013* Logistec
May.09,2013* New Flyer Industries
May.09,2013* New Look Eyewear in (CA)
May.09,2013* PFB in Calgary (CA)
May.09,2013* Pixelworks
May.09,2013* Shanghai Chlor-alkali Chemical in (CN)
May.09,2013* Trican Well Service in Calgary (CA)
May.09,2013* Wallbridge Mining
May.10,2013* Antonov in (UK)
May.10,2013* Camfin in (IT)
May.10,2013* Edgen Group
May.10,2013* Gruppo Ceramiche Ricchetti in (IT)
May.10,2013* Korea Exchange Bank in (KR)
May.10,2013* Mecox Lane
May.10,2013* Pretium Resources in (CA)
May.10,2013* Saul Centers in Bethesda (US)
May.10,2013* Standard Group
May.10,2013* TOR Minerals International
May.10,2013* WMS Industries
May.10,2013* Wuliangye Yibin in (CN)
May.11,2013* Shandong Pharmceutical Glass in (CN)
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