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Nov.30,2012* Byte Power Group
Nov.30,2012* Cape Lambert Resources in (AU)
Nov.30,2012* Clover
Nov.30,2012* Crescent Financial
Nov.30,2012* Elixir Petroleum
Nov.30,2012* M K Land Holdings Bhd in (MY)
Nov.30,2012* Monteray Mining Group in (AU)
Nov.30,2012* St. Elias Mines
Nov.30,2012* Synergy Plus
Nov.30,2012* World.Net Services in (AU)
Nov.30,2012* Xinyuan Real Estate
Nov.30,2012* Zoom Technologies in (US)
Dec.03,2012* Carbacid Investments
Dec.03,2012* Daqo New Energy
Dec.03,2012* GeoEye
Dec.03,2012* Immunomedics
Dec.03,2012* Kenexa
Dec.04,2012* AI Claims Solutions in (UK)
Dec.04,2012* Caxton And Ctp Publishers And Printers in (ZA)
Dec.04,2012* KMG Chemicals
Dec.05,2012* CHS
Dec.05,2012* Enablence Technologies
Dec.05,2012* Prime Group Realty Trust
Dec.05,2012* Tekelec
Dec.05,2012* TRCmpanies
Dec.05,2012* Unga Group
Dec.06,2012* 51job in (CN)
Dec.06,2012* Esprit Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Dec.06,2012* Farmer Bros
Dec.06,2012* Gamuda Bhd in (MY)
Dec.06,2012* Lakeview Hotel Real Estate Investment in Winnipeg (CA)
Dec.06,2012* Marusan Ai in (JP)
Dec.06,2012* Sandmartin International Holdings in (HK)
Dec.06,2012* XXI Century Investments Public in (UA)
Dec.07,2012* Champion Industries
Dec.07,2012* eAccess in (JP)
Dec.07,2012* Mumias Sugar
Dec.07,2012* Winner Medical Group in (CN)
Dec.10,2012* GUL Technologies Singapore in Singapore (SG)
Dec.10,2012* HF Financial
Dec.10,2012* Ninetowns Internet Technology Group in (CN)
Dec.10,2012* Nissin Servicer in (JP)
Dec.10,2012* Robe Australia in (AU)
Dec.10,2012* S Mobility in (IN)
Dec.10,2012* Star Scientific
Dec.10,2012* Trio Tech International
Dec.10,2012* Univerma in (D)
Dec.11,2012* Fushipperweld in (CN)
Dec.11,2012* Medi Flex in (MY)
Dec.11,2012* SmartHeat
Dec.12,2012* Hastings Diversified Utilities Fund in (AU)
Dec.12,2012* Lentuo International
Dec.12,2012* Lion Industries Bhd
Dec.12,2012* Normabec Mining Resources
Dec.12,2012* Teys
Dec.13,2012* Avexa in Victoria (AU)
Dec.13,2012* Merisel in New York (US)
Dec.13,2012* Union Resources in (AU)
Dec.14,2012* Athena Kogyo in (JP)
Dec.14,2012* Camelot Information Systems
Dec.14,2012* Dehaier Medical Systems in (CN)
Dec.14,2012* Dejour Energy
Dec.14,2012* Moser Baer India in (IN)
Dec.14,2012* Redecard in (BR)
Dec.14,2012* Sky-mobi
Dec.14,2012* Tele Norte Cellular Holding in (BR)
Dec.14,2012* UNIPULSE CORP in (JP)
Dec.15,2012* China Green Agriculture
Dec.16,2012* New Energy Systems Group in (CN)
Dec.17,2012* Ecometals
Dec.17,2012 Ergoresearch in Laval (CA)
Dec.17,2012* M3 Technologies Asia Bhd in (MY)
Dec.18,2012 Babcock Borsig in Düsseldorf (D)
Dec.18,2012* Ballarpur Industries in (IN)
Dec.18,2012* Golden Gate Petroleum in (AU)
Dec.18,2012 Mannheimer Holding (vormals Versicherung) in Mannheim (D)
Compliance Statement
Dec.18,2012* Nuvolt
Dec.19,2012* Axel Mark in (JP)
Dec.19,2012* Broadway Financial
Dec.19,2012* GeoGlobal Resources
Dec.19,2012* Integra Mining in (AU)
Dec.19,2012* Lounor Exploration in (CA)
Dec.19,2012* MAM Software Group
Dec.19,2012* Shinozakiya in (JP)
Dec.19,2012* Trada Maritime Tbk in Jakarta (ID)
Dec.20,2012* Avelco in (JP)
Dec.20,2012* China Shen Zhou Mining & Resources in (CN)
Dec.20,2012* European CleanTech I SE
Dec.20,2012* NF Energy Saving
Dec.20,2012* Nihon Form Service in (JP)
Dec.20,2012* S Kumars Nationwide in (IN)
Dec.20,2012* Versant
Dec.21,2012* Asaka Riken in (JP)
Dec.21,2012* asiaEP Resources Bhd in (MY)
Dec.21,2012* Buzz Telecommunications Services in (CA)
Dec.21,2012* China United Networkmmunications in (CN)
Dec.21,2012* Chronicle in (JP)
Dec.21,2012* LondonMetric Property (former: Metric Property Investments) in London (UK)
Dec.21,2012* Metro International in (SE)
Dec.21,2012* Shaw Group
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