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Jul.18,2013* Aberdeen International in (CA)
Jul.18,2013* Airmedia Group in (CN)
Jul.18,2013* Insignia Energy in (CA)
Jul.19,2013* BNK Petroleum
Jul.19,2013* Cline Mining
Jul.20,2013* KMC Speciality Hospitals India in (IN)
Jul.22,2013* Asia Offshore Drilling
Jul.22,2013* Everest Kanto Cylinder in (IN)
Jul.22,2013* Ffastfill in (UK)
Jul.22,2013* Kirloskar Industries in (IN)
Jul.22,2013* Onward Technologies
Jul.23,2013* Power One
Jul.24,2013* Audiovox
Jul.24,2013* Motive Television in (UK)
Jul.25,2013* Athi River Mining
Jul.25,2013* Commtouch Software in (US)
Jul.25,2013* Invensys in (UK)
Jul.25,2013* TTK Healthcare
Jul.26,2013* Isotechnika Pharma
Jul.26,2013* Rpg Life Sciences
Jul.27,2013* Metalore Resources
Jul.29,2013* Ecm Real Estate Investments in (CZ)
Jul.29,2013* True Religion Apparel
Jul.29,2013* Water Intelligence
Jul.30,2013* Alstom Projects India in (IN)
Jul.30,2013* EID Parry India in (IN)
Jul.30,2013* Indoco Remedies in (IN)
Jul.30,2013* Primus Guaranty in (US)
Jul.31,2013* AK Transneft' in (RU)
Jul.31,2013* D.E Masters Blenders 1753
Jul.31,2013 Loewe in Munich (D)
Compliance Statement
Jul.31,2013* Mitel Networks
Jul.31,2013* Piramal Life Sciences in Mumbai (IN)
Jul.31,2013* Satyammputer Services in (IN)
Aug.01,2013* AxoGen
Aug.02,2013* China Yuchai International in Singapore (SG)
Aug.02,2013* Shasun Pharmaceuticals in (IN)
Aug.02,2013* Xtremeil Drilling
Aug.03,2013* Vantage Equities in (PH)
Aug.06,2013* Garrison Capital
Aug.06,2013* Imaging Dynamics
Aug.06,2013* MEGANE TOP CO in (JP)
Aug.06,2013* Thallion Pharmaceuticals
Aug.07,2013* Allot Communications in (IL)
Aug.07,2013* American Greetings
Aug.07,2013* E2open
Aug.07,2013* Encision
Aug.07,2013* MER Telemanagement Solutions in (IL)
Aug.07,2013* UQM Technologies
Aug.08,2013* Euro Tech Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.08,2013* Generale Mobiliare Interessenze Azionarie in (IT)
Aug.08,2013* Peninsula Land in (IN)
Aug.08,2013* RealD
Aug.08,2013* Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
Aug.12,2013* Digital Power
Aug.12,2013* FutureFuel in Clayton (US)
Aug.12,2013* Maxygen
Aug.12,2013* NEC Mobiling in (JP)
Aug.12,2013 San Leon Energy in London (UK)
Aug.13,2013* Crown Crafts
Aug.13,2013* Stonesoft Oyj in (FI)
Aug.13,2013* Transdel Pharmaceuticals
Aug.14,2013* Bliss GVS Pharma
Aug.14,2013* Intermap Technologies
Aug.14,2013* Oracle Financial Services Software in (IN)
Aug.15,2013* Country Styleoking Restaurant Chain in (CN)
Aug.16,2013 a.i.s. in Mannheim (D)
Compliance Statement
Aug.17,2013* Vimta Labs in (IN)
Aug.19,2013* American Software
Aug.19,2013* China BAK Battery in (CN)
Aug.19,2013* Marumiyastore in (JP)
Aug.20,2013* Investors Capital Holdings
Aug.20,2013* Monarch Community Bancorp in Coldwater (US)
Aug.20,2013* Strathmore Minerals
Aug.21,2013* Henan Taloph Pharmaceutical Stock in (CN)
Aug.21,2013* Life Technologies
Aug.21,2013* OC Options Choice in (CY)
Aug.21,2013* Pentamedia Graphics in (IN)
Aug.22,2013* China Distance Education Holdings
Aug.22,2013* Comarco
Aug.22,2013* evalue Europe in (D)
Aug.22,2013* Gujarat Gas in (IN)
Aug.23,2013* Advanced Photonix
Aug.23,2013* Engineers India in (IN)
Aug.23,2013* Media Five in (JP)
Aug.23,2013* Ruecker in (D)
Aug.26,2013* American Safety Insurance Holdings in (US)
Aug.26,2013* Met Pro
Aug.26,2013* Sterlite Industries (India) in (IN)
Aug.26,2013* Tact Home in (JP)
Aug.27,2013* Applied Micro Circuits
Aug.27,2013* ASIACEMENT CO in (KR)
Aug.27,2013* Esperanza Resources
Aug.27,2013* Hudson Technologies
Aug.28,2013* Carpathian in (UK)
Aug.28,2013* Globus Maritime in (GR)
Aug.28,2013* Phorm in (UK)
Aug.29,2013* Belisce in (HR)
Aug.29,2013* Electronics Line 3000 in (D)
Aug.29,2013* Golden Predator
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