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Aug.28,2013* Carpathian in (UK)
Aug.28,2013* Globus Maritime in (GR)
Aug.28,2013* Phorm in (UK)
Aug.29,2013* Belisce in (HR)
Aug.29,2013* Electronics Line 3000 in (DE)
Aug.29,2013* Golden Predator
Aug.29,2013* Hanwei Energy Services
Aug.29,2013* InfuSystem Holdings
Aug.29,2013* JAPAN ERI CO in (JP)
Aug.29,2013* mbs in (JP)
Aug.29,2013* Medicago in (CA)
Aug.29,2013* Vigil Health Solutions
Aug.30,2013* Air T in Charlotte (US)
Aug.30,2013 DTB - Deutsche Biogas in Muenster (DE)
Aug.30,2013* Flexible Solutions International
Aug.30,2013* Kingtone Wirelessinfo Solution Holding
Aug.30,2013 Naspers (former: Nasionale Pers) in Capt Town (ZA)
Aug.30,2013* Tal Education Group
Sep.02,2013* Cambridge Heart
Sep.02,2013* Endace in (NZ)
Sep.02,2013* Hits Telecom Holding KSCC in Safat (KW)
Sep.02,2013* Pointer Telocation in (IL)
Sep.02,2013* Reno De Medici in (IT)
Sep.03,2013* CML Healthcare
Sep.03,2013* IBS Group Holding in (RU)
Sep.03,2013* Senvest Capital
Sep.04,2013* Himax Technologies in (TW)
Sep.04,2013* Sonomax Technologies
Sep.04,2013* Spreadtrum Communications in (CN)
Sep.04,2013* Synear Food Holdings in (CN)
Sep.05,2013* China Metro-Rural Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Sep.05,2013* Vero Energy in (CA)
Sep.06,2013* Alembic in (IN)
Sep.06,2013* Hyunjin Materials in (KR)
Sep.06,2013* Retractable Technologies in (IL)
Sep.06,2013* Wyeth in (IN)
Sep.09,2013* InvesCo Property Income Trust in London (UK)
Sep.09,2013* Ki-Ryung Electronics in (KR)
Sep.09,2013* Loen Entertainment in (KR)
Sep.10,2013* S H L Telemedicine in (IL)
Sep.10,2013* TerraVestome Fund
Sep.10,2013* Warner Chilcott in (IE)
Sep.11,2013* Andrew Peller
Sep.11,2013* Claimsnet com in (IL)
Sep.11,2013* Diversinet
Sep.11,2013* Jovian Capital
Sep.11,2013* Liontrust Asset Management in (UK)
Sep.11,2013* Major Drilling Group International
Sep.12,2013* Birks and Mayors
Sep.12,2013* Inscape
Sep.12,2013* Nathan S Famous
Sep.12,2013* STEC
Sep.12,2013* United Breweries Holdings in (IN)
Sep.13,2013* BEML in (IN)
Sep.13,2013* Genky Stores in (JP)
Sep.13,2013* Morepen Laboratories in (IN)
Sep.13,2013* Transgene Biotek in (IN)
Sep.13,2013* Warner Estate Holdings in (UK)
Sep.16,2013* Aetrium
Sep.16,2013* Anderson Energy in (CA)
Sep.16,2013 Andreae Noris Zahn in Frankfurt (DE)
Sep.16,2013* As Seen On TV
Sep.16,2013* Banif Sgps in (PT)
Sep.16,2013* BWP Trust in (AU)
Sep.16,2013* L & L Energy
Sep.16,2013* Memsic
Sep.16,2013* Rugby Estates in (UK)
Sep.16,2013* Simplex Hldg in (JP)
Sep.16,2013* Smithfield Foods
Sep.16,2013* Yedang in (KR)
Sep.17,2013* Arca Biopharma
Sep.17,2013* Cox & Kings
Sep.17,2013* Nimin Energy
Sep.17,2013* Universal Office Automation
Sep.18,2013* Giga Tronics
Sep.18,2013* Labrador Iron Mines Holdings in (CA)
Sep.18,2013* Shandong Lukang Pharmaceutical in (CN)
Sep.18,2013* Stagecoach Theatre Arts in (UK)
Sep.18,2013* SWK Holdings
Sep.19,2013* AP Pharma
Sep.19,2013* Levon Resources
Sep.19,2013* Measurement Specialties
Sep.19,2013* rue21
Sep.19,2013* Value Line
Sep.20,2013* Acorn Energy
Sep.22,2013* CCBN.com
Sep.23,2013* 3i Infotech in (IN)
Sep.23,2013* Genesis Land Development
Sep.23,2013* Goldman Sachs Dynamic Opportunities
Sep.23,2013* Okwave in (JP)
Sep.23,2013* Skyline
Sep.23,2013* UTStarcom Holdings in (US)
Sep.24,2013* Institutional Financial Markets
Sep.24,2013* Migao
Sep.24,2013* Sun-Rype Products
Sep.24,2013* Universal Power Group
Sep.24,2013* Wonik in (KR)
Sep.25,2013* CounterPath
Sep.25,2013* Daegis
Sep.25,2013* Lotus Eye Care Hospital in (IN)
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