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Sep.28,2013* Regency Hospital
Sep.30,2013* Astra Microwave Products in (IN)
Sep.30,2013* Asure Software
Sep.30,2013* Enterprise Products Partners LP
Sep.30,2013* General Donlee Canada
Sep.30,2013* Hindustan Bio Sciences in (IN)
Sep.30,2013* National Refinery
Sep.30,2013* Opto Circuits (India) in (IN)
Sep.30,2013* Samtel India
Sep.30,2013* Samyak International
Sep.30,2013* SkyPeople Fruit Juice
Sep.30,2013* Surya Pharmaceutical
Sep.30,2013* Synergy Pharmaceuticals
Sep.30,2013* Synthiko Foils
Oct.01,2013* Interbulk Group
Oct.02,2013* Frisch's Restaurants
Oct.03,2013* Crimson Exploration
Oct.03,2013* Maidenform Brands
Oct.03,2013* Mesa Laboratories in Lakewood (US)
Oct.03,2013* NeoStem
Oct.03,2013* Resverlogix
Oct.04,2013* ArkCore in (JP)
Oct.07,2013* Richardson Electronics
Oct.08,2013* Frequency Electronics
Oct.09,2013* Sure Energy
Oct.10,2013* Electro Rent in Van Nuys (US)
Oct.11,2013* Jinpan International in (US)
Oct.11,2013* National Beverage
Oct.11,2013* Noble in (US)
Oct.11,2013* Tianli Agritech
Oct.13,2013 Royal Mail Group in London (UK)
Oct.15,2013* Meade Instruments
Oct.16,2013* LS Starrett
Oct.17,2013* China Hydroelectric in (US)
Oct.17,2013* Tengasco
Oct.18,2013* Arena Agroindustrie Alimentari in (IT)
Oct.18,2013* Hemispherx Biopharma
Oct.18,2013* Shepherd Neame in (UK)
Oct.20,2013* Lihua International
Oct.21,2013* Alliance Fiber Optic Products
Oct.21,2013* Arotech
Oct.21,2013* Catalis SE in (DE)
Oct.21,2013* Media Create in (JP)
Oct.21,2013* Millennium India Acquisition Company
Oct.22,2013* AEHR Test Systems
Oct.23,2013* Acorn International in (CN)
Oct.23,2013* Alumasc Group in London (UK)
Oct.23,2013* Andatee China Marine Fuel Services
Oct.23,2013* Box Ships
Oct.23,2013* Morpol in (NO)
Oct.23,2013* Navarre
Oct.24,2013* Leap Wireless International in New York (US)
Oct.24,2013* Phonetime
Oct.24,2013* Sara Lee
Oct.24,2013* Toyo Engineering Works in (JP)
Oct.25,2013* African Medical Investments
Oct.25,2013* Premafin Finanziaria Holding Di Partecipazioni in (IT)
Oct.25,2013* Symmetricom
Oct.25,2013* WESCO in (JP)
Oct.26,2013* Compagnia di Assicurazione di Milano in (IT)
Oct.28,2013* Media in (UK)
Oct.28,2013* The9 in (CN)
Oct.29,2013* Kirkland Lake Gold in (CA)
Oct.29,2013* Pacific North West Capital
Oct.30,2013* Energy Fuels
Oct.30,2013* Goodpack in Singapore (SG)
Oct.30,2013* Mitec Telecom
Oct.30,2013* Noble Investments UK in (UK)
Oct.30,2013* Sunray Holdings in (CN)
Oct.31,2013* China Xiniya Fashion
Oct.31,2013* Dole Food
Oct.31,2013* Dongwha Pharm in (KR)
Oct.31,2013* Pike Electric
Nov.01,2013* Baltic Oil Terminals in (UK)
Nov.01,2013* OPMEDIC Group
Nov.03,2013 Chrysler Group in Auburn Hills (US)
Nov.05,2013* Bioniche Life Sciences
Nov.05,2013* Intellicheck Mobilisa
Nov.06,2013* Group Five in (ZA)
Nov.06,2013* Oplink Communications
Nov.06,2013* OTC Markets Group
Nov.06,2013* Saker Aviation Services
Nov.07,2013* BOS Better On Line Solutions in (IL)
Nov.07,2013* Emerson Radio
Nov.07,2013* GeoSentric Oyj in (FI)
Nov.07,2013* Medical Australia
Nov.08,2013* Education Management
Nov.08,2013* Paulson Capital
Nov.09,2013* Egain Communications
Nov.11,2013* Sunlink Health Systems
Nov.11,2013* Vanguard Health Systems in Houston (US)
Nov.12,2013* Perceptron
Nov.12,2013* Versar
Nov.13,2013* Cardica
Nov.13,2013 China Speciality Glass in Frankfurt (DE)
Nov.13,2013* Corinthianlleges
Nov.13,2013* Rochester Medical
Nov.13,2013* Sparton
Nov.14,2013* First Uranium in (ZA)
Nov.14,2013* PMFG
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