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May.13,2013* WCT Bhd in (MY)
May.13,2013* Yiaco Medical KSCC
May.14,2013* AKRorindo Tbk in (ID)
May.14,2013* Ashford Hospitality Trust in (US)
May.14,2013* Atrium Innovations
May.14,2013* Cathay General Bancorp
May.14,2013* Century BanCorp
May.14,2013* Community Bancorp
May.14,2013* Dolan in Minneapolis (US)
May.14,2013* Farmers Capital Bank
May.14,2013* First Mariner Bancorp
May.14,2013* FP Newspapers
May.14,2013* Holloway Lodging Real Estate Investment Trust
May.14,2013* Intrinsyc Software International
May.14,2013* MCAN Mortgage
May.14,2013* Nevsun Resources
May.14,2013* Proximagen Group in (UK)
May.14,2013* Rainmaker Entertainment
May.14,2013* Sxc Health Solutions
May.14,2013* TriQuint Semiconductor
May.14,2013* U S Physical Therapy
May.14,2013* Wyndham Worldwide
May.15,2013* Akita Drilling
May.15,2013* Al Arabiya Real Estate KSCC
May.15,2013* Albidon in (AU)
May.15,2013* Aldridge Minerals in (CA)
May.15,2013* ARC Resources
May.15,2013* Athens Bancshares
May.15,2013* Beijing Media in Beijing (CN)
May.15,2013* Boardwalk Real Estate Investment Trust
May.15,2013* Cambium Learning Group
May.15,2013* Cape Intermediate Holdings in (UK)
May.15,2013* Ceco Environmental
May.15,2013* Coast Wholesale Appliances
May.15,2013* Dorchester Minerals LP
May.15,2013* Ensign Energy Services
May.15,2013* Entertainment Properties Trust
May.15,2013* First Financial Service
May.15,2013* Greenland Minerals and Energy in (AU)
May.15,2013* HopFed Bancorp
May.15,2013* Lone Pine Resources
May.15,2013* Mandarin Oriental International in Hongkong (HK)
May.15,2013* Mastech Holdings in Pittsburgh (US)
May.15,2013* Power Of Canada
May.15,2013* Samson Holding
May.15,2013* Sichuan Dikang Sci&Tech Pharmaceutical Industry in (CN)
May.15,2013* Sinoceanic Shipping in (NO)
May.15,2013* Sinotrans Shipping
May.15,2013* Southernnnecticut Bancorp
May.15,2013* StellarOne
May.15,2013* Sterling Bank in (US)
May.15,2013* Tesla Exploration
May.15,2013* Union Bankshares
May.15,2013* United-Guardian
May.15,2013* Verisk Analytics in Jersey City (US)
May.15,2013* Westaim
May.16,2013* Alkane Resources in (AU)
May.16,2013* Amcol International
May.16,2013* Artio Global Investors in New York (US)
May.16,2013* AtCo
May.16,2013* Aurelian Oil and Gas
May.16,2013* Big Rock Brewery
May.16,2013* Chinook Energy
May.16,2013* Clublink Enterprises in (CA)
May.16,2013* Evans & Sutherlandmputer
May.16,2013* Gamehost in (CA)
May.16,2013* Genco Shipping And Trading
May.16,2013* International Finance KSC in Safat (KW)
May.16,2013* Lumber Liquidators Holdings
May.16,2013* Manganese Bronze Holdings in (UK)
May.16,2013* Norandaome Fund
May.16,2013* Northwest Bancorp in Warren (US)
May.16,2013* OM Holdings
May.16,2013* Poseidonncepts
May.16,2013* Primo Water
May.16,2013* Reading International
May.16,2013* Savaria
May.16,2013* Shanxi Xinghuacun Fen Wine Factory in (CN)
May.17,2013* Boc India in (IN)
May.17,2013* Caribbean Utilities in (US)
May.17,2013* Cyberoptics
May.17,2013* Fidelity Bank
May.17,2013* Imexpharm Pharmaceutical Joint Stock in (VN)
May.17,2013* Jiangzhong Pharmaceutical in (CN)
May.17,2013* Nippon Accommodations Fund in (JP)
May.17,2013* SCA Hygiene Products SE in (D)
May.17,2013* United Insurance Holdings
May.20,2013* Alexandria Real Estate Equities
May.20,2013* CEL-SCI
May.20,2013* Ck Life Sciences Int L (Holdings) in Hongkong (HK)
May.20,2013* First Internet Bancorp
May.20,2013* icad
May.20,2013* Lbi International in (SE)
May.20,2013* Livestock Transport and Trading KSC in Safat (KW)
May.20,2013* May and Baker Nigeria in (NG)
May.20,2013* Mayinglong Pharmaceutical Group in (CN)
May.20,2013* Plains Exploration and Production
May.20,2013* Telecom Reseaux Services in (FR)
May.20,2013* Tompkins Financial
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