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Jan.31,2014* Keegan Resources
Jan.31,2014* PMI Gold
Feb.03,2014* Cash Store Financial Services in Toronto (CA)
Feb.03,2014* Chiesi Farmaceutici
Feb.03,2014* DG Fastchannel in (IL)
Feb.03,2014* EGIS Gyogyszergyar in (HU)
Feb.03,2014* Rgc Resources
Feb.03,2014* Sedo Holding in (DE)
Feb.04,2014* Numis in (UK)
Feb.06,2014* Anaren
Feb.07,2014* Calian Technologies
Feb.10,2014* Geodesic in (IN)
Feb.10,2014* Impax Asian Environmental Markets in (UK)
Feb.12,2014* Afrocentric Investment in (ZA)
Feb.12,2014* Cangene
Feb.12,2014* Daiki Ataka Engineering in (JP)
Feb.13,2014* Unitedmmunity Bancorp
Feb.14,2014* Shinnihon Gas in (JP)
Feb.17,2014* Kelly Group in (ZA)
Feb.17,2014* Sapiens International in Holon (IL)
Feb.18,2014* Peoples Federal Bancshares
Feb.19,2014* Charter Financial
Feb.20,2014* Ruddick
Feb.20,2014* Sterling Bancorp
Feb.21,2014 AI advanced inflight (former: Advanced Medien) in Munich (DE)
Compliance Statement
Feb.24,2014* Haynes International
Feb.24,2014* Paladin Labs
Feb.25,2014* Franklin Financial
Feb.25,2014* Maruya in (JP)
Feb.25,2014 Scotiabank Trinidad and Tobago in La Romain (TT)
Feb.25,2014* Sterling Financial
Feb.26,2014* Aska in (JP)
Feb.26,2014* Planar Systems
Feb.27,2014* Ampco-Pittsburgh
Feb.27,2014* Jelf Group in (UK)
Feb.27,2014* Platinum Group Metals
Feb.28,2014 SCS Standard computersysteme in Hamburg (DE)
Mar.03,2014* Aurizon Mines
Mar.03,2014* Sorouh Real Estate PJSC
Mar.03,2014* Vestfyns Bank in (DK)
Mar.04,2014* Jefferies Group
Mar.05,2014* Panhandle Oil and Gas
Mar.06,2014 Green Mountain Coffee Roasters in Vermont (US)
Mar.06,2014* The Local Shopping Reit in (UK)
Mar.07,2014* Crosstex Energy
Mar.07,2014* Crosstex Energy LP
Mar.10,2014* Diba Bank in (DK)
Mar.10,2014* Koor Industries in (IL)
Mar.12,2014* Shiloh Industries
Mar.13,2014* ASA Gold and Precious Metals
Mar.13,2014* Elbit Imaging in (IL)
Mar.13,2014* Transat A.T.
Mar.14,2014 DuPont in Wilmington (US)
Mar.17,2014* API Technologies
Mar.17,2014* biolitec in (DE)
Mar.17,2014* EMGESA ESP
Mar.17,2014* Euro Asia Premier Real Estate
Mar.17,2014* I M Skaugen Se in (NO)
Mar.17,2014* Sparekassen Faaborg in (DK)
Mar.18,2014* Lombard Medical Technologies in (UK)
Mar.18,2014* Medica in (FR)
Mar.18,2014 Toro Company in Bloomington (US)
Mar.19,2014* Dhofar PowerOG
Mar.19,2014* SBSntents Hub in (KR)
Mar.20,2014* Regency Energy Partners LP
Mar.20,2014* S&S Tech in (KR)
Mar.20,2014* Turvatiimi Oyj in (FI)
Mar.20,2014* Yoho Resources in (CA)
Mar.21,2014* BIOX
Mar.21,2014 Borderfree in New York (US)
Mar.21,2014* Huchems Fine Chemical in (KR)
Mar.21,2014* Jcontentree in (KR)
Mar.21,2014* Signetics in (KR)
Mar.21,2014* SK Securities in (KR)
Mar.21,2014* Woori Finance Holdings in (KR)
Mar.22,2014* Joyfull in (JP)
Mar.24,2014* Macromill in (JP)
Mar.24,2014* MadeCo in (CL)
Mar.24,2014* Vordingborg Bank in (DK)
Mar.25,2014* Beam
Mar.25,2014* Clifton Savings Bancorp
Mar.25,2014 FTI Consulting in Washington D.C. (US)
Mar.25,2014* Isagen ESP in (CO)
Mar.25,2014* Orior in (CH)
Mar.25,2014* Valener in Montreal (CA)
Mar.26,2014* Equity Bank in (KE)
Mar.26,2014* GRAVITY in (KR)
Mar.26,2014* Lannen Tehtaat in (FI)
Mar.26,2014* Nexus Management in (UK)
Mar.26,2014* Urstadt Biddle Properties
Mar.27,2014 2U in Landover (US)
Mar.27,2014 Bank Linth LLB in Rapperswil-Jona (CH)
Mar.27,2014* Champion Minerals
Mar.27,2014* Hudaco Industries in (ZA)
Mar.27,2014 Kssbohrer Gelndefahrzeug in Laupheim (DE)
Mar.27,2014* Newron Pharmaceuticals in (IT)
Mar.27,2014* Taro Pharmaceutical Industries in (US)
Mar.28,2014* Allana Potash in (CA)
Mar.28,2014* Hancom in (KR)
Mar.28,2014* Interconexion Electrica ESP in (CO)
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