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Apr.15,2014* COLTENE Holding in Altstaetten (CH)
Apr.15,2014* Speedway Motorsports
Apr.15,2014* Univest Of Pennsylvania
Apr.15,2014* Washington Banking
Apr.16,2014* Coastal Contacts in Vancouver (CA)
Apr.16,2014* ESB Financial
Apr.16,2014* Exceed in (CN)
Apr.16,2014* H & T Group in (UK)
Apr.16,2014* Nacional Financiera SNC Institucion de Banca de Desarrollo in (MX)
Apr.16,2014* Northwest Bancshares
Apr.16,2014 POLTRONA Frau in Milano (IT)
Apr.17,2014* BMTC Group
Apr.17,2014* Citizens And Northern
Apr.17,2014* Cogent Communications Group
Apr.17,2014 HIAG Immobilien Holding in Basel (CH)
Apr.17,2014* Lavendon Group in (UK)
Apr.17,2014* Lobeck Medical in (CH)
Apr.17,2014* Stanley Furniture
Apr.17,2014* TranS1
Apr.17,2014* WBL in Singapore (SG)
Apr.18,2014 B & C Speakers in Florence (IT)
Apr.18,2014* Groupe Go Sport in (FR)
Apr.19,2014* Ur Energy
Apr.21,2014* Bachem in (CH)
Apr.21,2014* CapitalSource
Apr.21,2014* Cristalerias de Chile in (CL)
Apr.21,2014* Grupo Senda Autotransporte de CV
Apr.21,2014* Industrias Bachoco in (MX)
Apr.21,2014* Partnertech in (SE)
Apr.21,2014* SNS Reaal in (NL)
Apr.22,2014* Emclaire Financial
Apr.22,2014* First of Long Island
Apr.22,2014* HMN Financial
Apr.22,2014 Leyard Optoelectronic in Beijing (CN)
Apr.22,2014* Linn LLC
Apr.22,2014* Marine Products
Apr.22,2014* Peapack-Gladstone Financial
Apr.23,2014* Agenus
Apr.23,2014* Calavo Growers
Apr.23,2014* Cathedral Energy Services
Apr.23,2014* Com Dev International in (CA)
Apr.23,2014* Fairborne Energy
Apr.23,2014* Mega Brands
Apr.24,2014* 1St Source
Apr.24,2014* Apco Oil and Gas International
Apr.24,2014* Banque Cantonale du Jura in (CH)
Apr.24,2014* Beale in (UK)
Apr.24,2014* BRE Properties
Apr.24,2014* Central Goldtrust
Apr.24,2014* Cervus Equipment
Apr.24,2014* Cohen + Steers Qualityome Realty Fund
Apr.24,2014* Elma Electronic in (CH)
Apr.24,2014* Farmers National Banc
Apr.24,2014* Farmers National Bancorp
Apr.24,2014* Gulf Island Fabrication
Apr.24,2014* Hallador Energy
Apr.24,2014* Ilkka Yhtyma Oyj in (FI)
Apr.24,2014* Kansas City Life Insurance
Apr.24,2014* Kardex in (CH)
Apr.24,2014* Maschinenfabrik Heid in (AT)
Apr.24,2014* Melcor Developments in (CA)
Apr.24,2014* Quicklogic
Apr.24,2014* Republic Bancorp
Apr.24,2014* Sears Canada in (CA)
Apr.25,2014* Bank Of Kentucky Financial
Apr.25,2014* Credito Bergamasco in (IT)
Apr.25,2014* Schweizerische Nationalbank in (CH)
Apr.25,2014* Symmetry Medical
Apr.25,2014* Toromont Industries in Concord (CA)
Apr.28,2014* Access Intelligence
Apr.28,2014* All Leisure Group
Apr.28,2014* Amil Participacoes in (BR)
Apr.28,2014* Ascopiave in (IT)
Apr.28,2014* Bankop in (CH)
Apr.28,2014* Broadwind Energy
Apr.28,2014* Cape Bancorp
Apr.28,2014* Ciccolella
Apr.28,2014* Contrans Group in (CA)
Apr.28,2014 Eneva in Rio de Janeiro (BR)
Apr.28,2014* Gentium in (IT)
Apr.28,2014* Hoganas in (SE)
Apr.28,2014* Natuzzi in (US)
Apr.28,2014* Nice in Oderzo (IT)
Apr.28,2014* Petrobank Energy and Resources
Apr.28,2014* Real Gold Mining
Apr.28,2014* Sanitas in (LT)
Apr.28,2014* Vattenfall Europe in (DE)
Apr.29,2014* ALGETA in (NO)
Apr.29,2014* Aventis Pharma in (IN)
Apr.29,2014* Banque Privee Edmond De Rothschild in (CH)
Apr.29,2014* Basler Kantonalbank in (CH)
Apr.29,2014* Camden National
Apr.29,2014* First Citizens Bancshares
Apr.29,2014* Kopin
Apr.29,2014* LCNB
Apr.29,2014* Loeb Holding in (CH)
Apr.29,2014* MVC Capital in New York (US)
Apr.29,2014* Publigroupe in (CH)
Apr.29,2014* Suffolk Bancorp
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