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Jun.19,2013* Nidecpal in (JP)
Jun.19,2013* Stemline Therapeutics
Jun.19,2013* Tanah Laut Tbk in (ID)
Jun.20,2013* American Bio Medica
Jun.20,2013* Bashkirenergo in (RU)
Jun.20,2013* Canlan Ice Sports
Jun.20,2013* CAS Medical Systems
Jun.20,2013* China Strategic Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Jun.20,2013* Cim in (CH)
Jun.20,2013* Corin Group in (UK)
Jun.20,2013* CriticalControl Solutions
Jun.20,2013* Dexit
Jun.20,2013* Elitegroupmputer Systems in (TW)
Jun.20,2013* Geologix Explorations in (CA)
Jun.20,2013* Global Sources in (US)
Jun.20,2013* Longview Oil
Jun.20,2013* MagIndustries in Toronto (CA)
Jun.20,2013* MGT Capital Investments in (UK)
Jun.20,2013* Naugatuck Valley Financial
Jun.20,2013* Nidec Tosok in (JP)
Jun.20,2013* NorDiag in (NO)
Jun.20,2013* Rotech Healthcare
Jun.20,2013* Telitmmunications in (UK)
Jun.21,2013* Acta in (IT)
Jun.21,2013* Atlantic Power
Jun.21,2013* China High Speed Transmission Equipment Group in (CN)
Jun.21,2013* Chuco in (JP)
Jun.21,2013* Euroseas in (GR)
Jun.21,2013* Formation Metals
Jun.21,2013* FUJIMI INC in (JP)
Jun.21,2013* Global Mixed Mode Technology in (TW)
Jun.21,2013* Groupe Bikini Village inc
Jun.21,2013* Hindustannstruction in (IN)
Jun.21,2013* INTEREUROPA
Jun.21,2013* Jos A Bank Clothiers
Jun.21,2013* KME Group
Jun.21,2013* Marujun in (JP)
Jun.21,2013* Marutai in (JP)
Jun.21,2013* Members in (JP)
Jun.21,2013* Mori Trust Sogo Reit in (JP)
Jun.21,2013* ONTSU in (JP)
Jun.21,2013* OPEL Technologies
Jun.21,2013* Padiberas Nasional Bhd in (MY)
Jun.21,2013* Taiwan FamilyMart in (TW)
Jun.21,2013* Tokyummunity in (JP)
Jun.21,2013* Toyo Electric in (JP)
Jun.21,2013* Warehouse in (JP)
Jun.22,2013 Adveo Group International (former: Unipapel) in Madrid (ES)
Jun.22,2013* Infoteria in (JP)
Jun.24,2013* Aire GmbH & Kgaa in (D)
Jun.24,2013* Ando in (JP)
Jun.24,2013* Armtec Infrastructure
Jun.24,2013* Castillian Resources in (CA)
Jun.24,2013* Chikuho Bank in (JP)
Jun.24,2013* Corporacion Dermoestetica in (ES)
Jun.24,2013* Digital Hearts in (JP)
Jun.24,2013* Fonar
Jun.24,2013* Goodman in (JP)
Jun.24,2013* Ishaan Real Estate in (UK)
Jun.24,2013* Meetic in (FR)
Jun.24,2013* Metrovacesa in (ES)
Jun.24,2013* Nippon Light Metal in (JP)
Jun.24,2013* Nipponnveyor in (JP)
Jun.24,2013* Oki Electric Cable in (JP)
Jun.24,2013* Palomar Medical Technologies
Jun.24,2013* Quabit Inmobiliaria in (ES)
Jun.24,2013* SGOCO Group in Hongkong (HK)
Jun.24,2013* Sniace in (ES)
Jun.24,2013* Sumikin Bussan in (JP)
Jun.24,2013* Tohpe in (JP)
Jun.24,2013* Tokyo Denpa in (JP)
Jun.24,2013* Tokyu Livable in (JP)
Jun.24,2013* U Ming Marine Transport in (TW)
Jun.25,2013* Al Mowasat Healthcare KSCC
Jun.25,2013* Asuransi Bintang Tbk in (ID)
Jun.25,2013* Bioexx Specialty Proteins
Jun.25,2013* Conifex Timber
Jun.25,2013* Crystal Rock Holdings
Jun.25,2013* Ecomic in (JP)
Jun.25,2013* Fortune Minerals
Jun.25,2013* La Seda De Barcelona in (ES)
Jun.25,2013* Lithium Americas
Jun.25,2013* MethylGene
Jun.25,2013* Minerales y Productos Derivados in (ES)
Jun.25,2013* Nakanihon Kogyo in (JP)
Jun.25,2013* Nikko in (JP)
Jun.25,2013* Orphanides Publicmpany in (CY)
Jun.25,2013* Sprott Resource Lending
Jun.25,2013* Syndicate Bank in (IN)
Jun.25,2013* Tisc in (JP)
Jun.25,2013* Ube Material Industries in (JP)
Jun.26,2013* 21LADY in (JP)
Jun.26,2013* 7 Days Group Holdings in (CN)
Jun.26,2013* A Zorbas and Sons Public in (CY)
Jun.26,2013* Amsc in (JP)
Jun.26,2013* Bakrie Sumatera Plantations Tbk in (ID)
Jun.26,2013* Chubu Securities Financing in (JP)
Jun.26,2013* Chuo Seisakusho in (JP)
Jun.26,2013* Chuoh Pack Industry in (JP)
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