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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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Jun.20,2018* Anhui Jinhe Industrial Co in (CN)
Jun.20,2018* Anhui Province Natural Gas Development Co
Jun.20,2018* Anhui Shengyun Machinary
Jun.20,2018* Anshin Guarantor Svc Co
Jun.20,2018* Antero Resources
Jun.20,2018* Arakawa Chemical Industries in (JP)
Jun.20,2018* Arzamasskiy mashinostroitel'nyi zavod in (RU)
Jun.20,2018* Asante
Jun.20,2018* ASEC for MiningE in (EG)
Jun.20,2018* Asia Pacific Telecom Co in (TW)
Jun.20,2018* Aspen Aerogels
Jun.20,2018* Asunaro Aokinstruction in (JP)
Jun.20,2018* Atomenergoremont AD Kozloduy
Jun.20,2018 Aumann in Beelen (DE)
Jun.20,2018* Aures Technologies in (FR)
Jun.20,2018* Aurotek in (TW)
Jun.20,2018* Autoventil ad Uzice
Jun.20,2018* AXIS Bank in (IN)
Jun.20,2018* Balchem
Jun.20,2018* Bank of Kaohsiung in (TW)
Jun.20,2018* Beijing JIAYU Door Window and Curtain Wall Joint-Stock in Beijing (CN)
Jun.20,2018* Beijing Wandong Medical Equipment in Beijing (CN)
Jun.20,2018* Belozerneft' in (RU)
Jun.20,2018* Benq Materials in (TW)
Jun.20,2018* BGC Partners
Jun.20,2018* Biokarpet SA Industrial and Commercial Enterprises in (GR)
Jun.20,2018* Bionime in (TW)
Jun.20,2018* bluebird bio
Jun.20,2018* Blueprint Medicines
Jun.20,2018* Box in Redwood City virtual meeting (US)
Jun.20,2018 Brenntag in Duesseldorf (DE)
Compliance Statement
Jun.20,2018* BYD Electronic (International)
Jun.20,2018* BYD in (CN)
Jun.20,2018* Calbee in (JP)
Jun.20,2018* Capital Trust in New York (US)
Jun.20,2018* Carnival Industrial in (TW)
Jun.20,2018* CAS Medical Systems
Jun.20,2018* Castlight Health
Jun.20,2018* Cemedine in (JP)
Jun.20,2018* Cenospheres Trade + Engineering
Jun.20,2018* Chernogorneft' in (RU)
Jun.20,2018* Chia Ta World in (TW)
Jun.20,2018* Chien Wei Precise Technology Co in (TW)
Jun.20,2018* Chimei Innolux in Sin-Jhu (TW)
Jun.20,2018* Chimerix
Jun.20,2018* China Communicationsnstruction in (CN)
Jun.20,2018* China Steel Structure in (TW)
Jun.20,2018* China Tungsten and Hightech Materials Co in (CN)
Jun.20,2018* CNNC Hua Yuan Titanium Dioxide Co in (CN)
Jun.20,2018* Coco S Japan in (JP)
Jun.20,2018* Commonwealth Reit
Jun.20,2018* Compagnie Ivoirienne d Electricite in (CI)
Jun.20,2018* Credit Saison in (JP)
Jun.20,2018* Crest Builder Holdings Bhd in (MY)
Jun.20,2018* Crown Siem
Jun.20,2018* CSS Stellar in (UK)
Jun.20,2018* Cypress Technology in (TW)
Jun.20,2018* Daheng New Epoch Technology in (CN)
Jun.20,2018* Daiko Clearing Services in (JP)
Jun.20,2018* Dalekovod in (HR)
Jun.20,2018* Dalian Rubber & Plastics Machinery in (CN)
Jun.20,2018* Danks Europejskie Centrum Doradztwa Podatkowego
Jun.20,2018* Denso in (JP)
Jun.20,2018* Der International Home Furnishing Co in (CN)
Jun.20,2018* Display Art in Monaco (MC)
Jun.20,2018* Dna Chip Research in (JP)
Jun.20,2018* Dom Maklerski WDM in (PL)
Jun.20,2018* Dubrovacko Primorje
Jun.20,2018* Eisai in (JP)
Jun.20,2018* Eko Export in (PL)
Jun.20,2018* Elton
Jun.20,2018* Escrit in (JP)
Jun.20,2018* Esso Societe Anonyme Francaise
Jun.20,2018* Etablissements Fauvet Girel
Jun.20,2018* Eurocastle Investments in Shanghai (CN)
Jun.20,2018 Evotec in Hamburg (DE)
Compliance StatementAGM video
Jun.20,2018* Expedia
Jun.20,2018* F I P P in (FR)
Jun.20,2018* Faes Farma in Madrid (ES)
Jun.20,2018* Far Eastern International Bank in (TW)
Jun.20,2018* Fields in (JP)
Jun.20,2018* Financial Institutions
Jun.20,2018* Fond za nedvizhimi imoti Bulgaria ADSITS Sofia
Jun.20,2018* Formosa Plastics in (TW)
Jun.20,2018* Forposta
Jun.20,2018* Forval Telecom in (JP)
Jun.20,2018* Frey in (FR)
Jun.20,2018* Fuji Nihon Seito in (JP)
Jun.20,2018* Fuji PS in (JP)
Jun.20,2018* Fujimori Kogyo in (JP)
Jun.20,2018* Futaba Industrial in (JP)
Jun.20,2018 GAG Immobilien in Cologne (DE)
Jun.20,2018* Gansu Huangtai Wine Marketing Industry in (CN)
Jun.20,2018* Gansu Mogao Industrial Development in (CN)
Jun.20,2018* Gevelot in (FR)
Jun.20,2018* Gintech Energy in (TW)
Jun.20,2018* Global Blood Therapeutics
Jun.20,2018* Goke Microelectronics Co
Jun.20,2018* Goldcrest in (JP)
Jun.20,2018* GOURMET KINEYA CO in (JP)
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