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Aug.24,2018* Stelux Holdings International
Aug.24,2018* Sun Hing Vision Group Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.24,2018* Takara Printing in (JP)
Aug.24,2018* Tsui Wah Restaurant
Aug.24,2018* Twintek Investment Holdings
Aug.24,2018* United Malacca Bhd in (MY)
Aug.24,2018* World Acceptance
Aug.25,2018* Mandhana Retail Ventures
Aug.25,2018* McLeod Russel India in (IN)
Aug.25,2018* Prima Plastics
Aug.25,2018* Tiong Nam Logistics Holdings Bhd in (MY)
Aug.25,2018* Vasundhara Rasayans
Aug.25,2018* Vimta Labs in (IN)
Aug.26,2018* Edri-El Israel Assets in (IL)
Aug.26,2018* I G Petrochemicals
Aug.26,2018* IJM Plantations Bhd in (MY)
Aug.26,2018* Kajaria Ceramics in (IN)
Aug.26,2018* Netex Net Express in (IL)
Aug.26,2018* Pioneer Agro Extracts
Aug.26,2018* Power Root Bhd in (MY)
Aug.26,2018* Raideep Industries
Aug.26,2018* Voltas in (IN)
Aug.26,2018* Wattana Capital in (TH)
Aug.27,2018* Aditya Birla Capital
Aug.27,2018* Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail
Aug.27,2018* Ajinomoto (Malaysia) Bhd in (MY)
Aug.27,2018* APlus Group Holdings
Aug.27,2018* Armarda Group in Singapore (SG)
Aug.27,2018* Asian Hotels East
Aug.27,2018* AVncept Holdings in (HK)
Aug.27,2018* B + S International Holdings
Aug.27,2018* Beaver Group (Holding) Co
Aug.27,2018* Boon Koon Group Bhd
Aug.27,2018* Bosideng International Holdings
Aug.27,2018* Business & Decision in (FR)
Aug.27,2018* China Resources and Transportation Group in (HK)
Aug.27,2018* China Zhongwang Holdings
Aug.27,2018* Cohen Development and Industrial Buildings in (IL)
Aug.27,2018* Complete Logistic Services Bhd
Aug.27,2018* Confectii Vaslui in (RO)
Aug.27,2018* CUSCAPI BERHAD in (MY)
Aug.27,2018* Cyanotech in KAILUA-KONA (US)
Aug.27,2018* Denko Industrialoration Bhd in (MY)
Aug.27,2018* Dent-a-Medical in (PL)
Aug.27,2018* Diac
Aug.27,2018* Dominant Enterprise Bhd in (MY)
Aug.27,2018* DPS Resources Bhd in (MY)
Aug.27,2018* Esthetics International Group Bhd in (MY)
Aug.27,2018* GetBack
Aug.27,2018* Green Oceanoration Bhd
Aug.27,2018* IBO Technology Co
Aug.27,2018* IJM CORP BHD in (MY)
Aug.27,2018* India Nippon Electricals in (IN)
Aug.27,2018* Integrated Waste Solutions Group Holdings
Aug.27,2018* J COM Holdings in (JP)
Aug.27,2018* JMRnglomeration Bhd in (MY)
Aug.27,2018* K.P.R.Mill
Aug.27,2018* Kashyap Tele-Medicines
Aug.27,2018* Mallcom (India)
Aug.27,2018* Mangistauskaya Raspredelitel'naya Elektrosetevaya Kompaniya AO in (KZ)
Aug.27,2018* Midas Holdings in Singapore (SG)
Aug.27,2018* Nameson Holdings
Aug.27,2018* OKA Bhd in (MY)
Aug.27,2018* Parmeshwari Silk Mills
Aug.27,2018* Paul Y Engineering Group in (HK)
Aug.27,2018* PCCS Group Bhd
Aug.27,2018* PNE PCB Bhd in (MY)
Aug.27,2018* Regina Miracle International Holdings
Aug.27,2018* Rolandos Enterprises Public in (MT)
Aug.27,2018* Sanichi Technology Bhd
Aug.27,2018* Shri Kalyan Holdings
Aug.27,2018* Singapore Airlines in Singapore (SG)
Aug.27,2018* Sinocop Resources (Holdings) in (HK)
Aug.27,2018* Sinterom in (RO)
Aug.27,2018* SK Yuzhural-Asko PAO
Aug.27,2018* Tak Sing Alliance Holdings in (HK)
Aug.27,2018* Tal Education Group
Aug.27,2018* Thai Oil in (TH)
Aug.27,2018* Vertoz Advertising
Aug.27,2018* Winha Commerce and Trade International
Aug.27,2018* WWPKG Holdings Co
Aug.27,2018* Zhayremskiy GOK AO
Aug.28,2018* Affluent Foundation Holdings
Aug.28,2018* Al khair Financial Investment Co
Aug.28,2018* Aunnsulting in (JP)
Aug.28,2018* Bharti Airtel in (IN)
Aug.28,2018* Bintai Kinden Corporation Bhd in (MY)
Aug.28,2018* BLB
Aug.28,2018* Cave in (JP)
Aug.28,2018* Chemo Pharma Laboratories
Aug.28,2018* China Boon Hldg
Aug.28,2018* Countrywide in (UK)
Aug.28,2018* Dawn in (JP)
Aug.28,2018* Deepak Spinners
Aug.28,2018* EO2 in (FR)
Aug.28,2018* Ferchem Egypt Fertilizers and Chemicals SAE in (EG)
Aug.28,2018* First Tractor in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.28,2018* Four Seas Mercantile Holdings in (HK)
Aug.28,2018* Fuguiniao
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