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Aug.28,2018* Fulum Group Holdings
Aug.28,2018* Future Lifestyle Fashions
Aug.28,2018* Grob Tea Co
Aug.28,2018* Grupa Nokaut in (PL)
Aug.28,2018* GSB Group Bhd in (MY)
Aug.28,2018* Hao Bai International Cayman
Aug.28,2018* Hong Kong Food Investment Holdings in (HK)
Aug.28,2018* IG Port in (JP)
Aug.28,2018* Ind Agiv Commerce
Aug.28,2018* Ingenuity Solutions Bhd in (MY)
Aug.28,2018* Intellex in (JP)
Aug.28,2018* Interval Leisure Group in Miami (US)
Aug.28,2018* Kaneko Seeds in (JP)
Aug.28,2018* Karambunai Corp Bhd
Aug.28,2018* La Z Boy
Aug.28,2018* Lai Group Holding Co
Aug.28,2018* LNG Resources Bhd in (MY)
Aug.28,2018 Lumaland in Berlin (DE)
Aug.28,2018* Luster Industries Bhd in (MY)
Aug.28,2018* Minetech Resources Bhd in (MY)
Aug.28,2018* Monsanto India in (IN)
Aug.28,2018* National Electronics Holdings
Aug.28,2018* Nova MSC Bhd
Aug.28,2018* Oceania Healthcare
Aug.28,2018* OHBA in (JP)
Aug.28,2018* Okayama Paper Industries in (JP)
Aug.28,2018* OP Financial Investments in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.28,2018* Orchestra Kazibao in (FR)
Aug.28,2018* Oriental Food Industries Holdings Bhd in (MY)
Aug.28,2018* OT Logistics in (PL)
Aug.28,2018* Otake in (JP)
Aug.28,2018* Pantaloon Retail India in Mumbai (IN)
Aug.28,2018* Petaling Tin Bhd in (MY)
Aug.28,2018* Pharmarise Holdings in (JP)
Aug.28,2018* Properst in (JP)
Aug.28,2018* QL Resources Bhd in (MY)
Aug.28,2018* Richly Field China Development
Aug.28,2018* Sagami in (JP)
Aug.28,2018* Sakata Seed in (JP)
Aug.28,2018* Samse in (FR)
Aug.28,2018* Sanki Service
Aug.28,2018* Sichuan Expressway in (CN)
Aug.28,2018* SMPC Bhd in (MY)
Aug.28,2018* T O Ogasawara in (JP)
Aug.28,2018* Telecom Digital Holdings
Aug.28,2018* Telecom Service One Holdings
Aug.28,2018* Tianda Holdings in (HK)
Aug.28,2018* Tilt Renewables
Aug.28,2018* TOYO DENKI SEIZO KK in (JP)
Aug.28,2018* ULJANIK PLOVIDBA in (HR)
Aug.28,2018* Unipetrol as in (CZ)
Aug.28,2018* Vectren
Aug.28,2018* Waberer's International
Aug.28,2018* Westlife Development
Aug.28,2018* Weya in (FR)
Aug.28,2018* Widetech (Malaysia) Bhd in (MY)
Aug.28,2018* Wood Friends in (JP)
Aug.28,2018* Xin Hwa Holdings Bhd
Aug.28,2018* YD More Investments
Aug.29,2018* Acorn Minerals
Aug.29,2018* Agritrade Resources
Aug.29,2018* Al Safwa Islamic Financial Services PJSC
Aug.29,2018* America\'s CAR-MART in (US)
Aug.29,2018* Astro in (TW)
Aug.29,2018* Atlas Mara-Nvest
Aug.29,2018* Axis Capital Markets India
Aug.29,2018* BCL Enterprises
Aug.29,2018* Betacom in (PL)
Aug.29,2018* Bolton Bhd in (MY)
Aug.29,2018* Chevalier International Holdings in (HK)
Aug.29,2018* China Rongzhong Financial Holdings Co
Aug.29,2018 Clere (formerly: BALDA) in Berlin (DE)
Compliance Statement
Aug.29,2018* Cyberstep in (JP)
Aug.29,2018* Daejan Holdings in London (UK)
Aug.29,2018* Daito Pharmaceutical
Aug.29,2018* Daldrup & Soehne in Munich (DE)
Aug.29,2018* Delta Leasing and Finance
Aug.29,2018* Dhampur Sugar Mills in (IN)
Aug.29,2018* Dom Maklerski IDM in (PL)
Aug.29,2018* Easy One Financial Group
Aug.29,2018* Eclerx Services
Aug.29,2018* Focus Industrial Resources
Aug.29,2018* Future Retail
Aug.29,2018* Global Oriental Bhd in (MY)
Aug.29,2018* Golden Resources Development International in (HK)
Aug.29,2018* Goyo Foods Industry
Aug.29,2018* Ground Properties Co
Aug.29,2018* Himax Technologies in (TW)
Aug.29,2018* Hua Yang Bhd in (MY)
Aug.29,2018* Indian Oil in (IN)
Aug.29,2018* IQ Group Holdings Bhd
Aug.29,2018* Ireka Bhd in (MY)
Aug.29,2018* Jadi Imaging Holdings Bhd in (MY)
Aug.29,2018* KBES Bhd in (MY)
Aug.29,2018* Kumpulan Fima Bhd in (MY)
Aug.29,2018* LG in (KR)
Aug.29,2018* LG Uplus in (KR)
Aug.29,2018* Lingkaran Trans Kota Holdings Bhd in (MY)
Aug.29,2018* Ludan Engineering in (IL)
Aug.29,2018* Modern Beauty Salon Holdings in (HK)
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