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May.29,2018* Ajwan Gulf Real Estate KSCC in (KW)
May.29,2018* AK Altynalmas AO
May.29,2018* Al Bareeq Holding Co KSCC
May.29,2018 Allgemeine Baugesellschaft - A.Porr AG in Wien (AT)
May.29,2018* Ame
May.29,2018* Amita Technologies in (TW)
May.29,2018* Anderson Industrial in (TW)
May.29,2018* Anhui Xinhua Media in (CN)
May.29,2018* Apollo Commercial Co in New York (US)
May.29,2018* Arabi Holding Group KSCC in Safat (KW)
May.29,2018* Arima Communications in (TW)
May.29,2018* Arista Networks
May.29,2018* Armada in (RU)
May.29,2018* Atech Holdings
May.29,2018* Aura Investments in (IL)
May.29,2018* Austral Gold in (AU)
May.29,2018* Australian Bauxite in (AU)
May.29,2018* Axiomtek in (TW)
May.29,2018* Bai Sha Technology in (TW)
May.29,2018* BANK ZACHODNI WBK in Wroclaw (PL)
May.29,2018* Baoviet Holdings in (VN)
May.29,2018* Bawan Co SJSC
May.29,2018* BHCC Holding
May.29,2018* Bright Sheland International Co
May.29,2018* Brogent Technologies
May.29,2018* Buima Group
May.29,2018* Burujoperative Insurance
May.29,2018* C Sun Mfg in (TW)
May.29,2018* Cape Range in (AU)
May.29,2018* Cenergy Holdings
May.29,2018* Changfeng Axle China Co
May.29,2018* Cheboksarskiy agregatnyi zavod in (RU)
May.29,2018* Chengdu Xuguang Electronics in (CN)
May.29,2018* China Creative Home Group
May.29,2018* China Greatwallmputer Shenzhen in (CN)
May.29,2018* China Life Insurance Co in (TW)
May.29,2018* China New Economy Fund
May.29,2018* China Travel International Investment Hong Kong in Hongkong (HK)
May.29,2018* CJ E&M
May.29,2018* CJ O Shopping in (KR)
May.29,2018* Clal Biotechnology Industries in (IL)
May.29,2018* Clujana
May.29,2018* CO Cyprus Opportunity Energy Public Co
May.29,2018* Cocor
May.29,2018* Compagnie de Chemins de Fer Departementaux in (FR)
May.29,2018* Compania Nationala De Transport Al Energiei Electrice Transelectrica in (RO)
May.29,2018* Corcept Therapeutics
May.29,2018* Cosumar
May.29,2018* Create Restaurants Holdings in (JP)
May.29,2018* Cryomaxoling System
May.29,2018* Ctci in (TW)
May.29,2018* Cyclopharm in (AU)
May.29,2018* D Pharm in (IL)
May.29,2018* Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering in (KR)
May.29,2018* DGA in (PL)
May.29,2018* DingZing Advanced Materials
May.29,2018* Diversified Gas + Oil
May.29,2018* Dragon Mining in (AU)
May.29,2018* Eastern CompanyE in (EG)
May.29,2018* Ecobank Cote d'Ivoire
May.29,2018* Egyptians for Investment and Urban Development SAE in (EG)
May.29,2018* Ekter in (GR)
May.29,2018* Elite Semiconductor Memory Technology in (TW)
May.29,2018* ELTA Technology Co
May.29,2018* Escrow Agent Japan
May.29,2018* Exor in Turin (IT)
May.29,2018* EZconn
May.29,2018* Far Glory Hotel in (TW)
May.29,2018 Faurecia in Paris (FR)
May.29,2018* Filling and Packing Materials Manufacturing in (SA)
May.29,2018* Fingerprint Cards in (SE)
May.29,2018* First Capital Realty in (CA)
May.29,2018* Francotyp Postalia Holding in Berlin (DE)
May.29,2018 Fraport in Frankfurt (DE)
May.29,2018* Fustelarko Borec AD Bitola in (MK)
May.29,2018* Gamma Optical in (TW)
May.29,2018* Glotech Industrial in (TW)
May.29,2018* Gordorstroy in (RU)
May.29,2018* Grape King in (TW)
May.29,2018* Graphite Design in (JP)
May.29,2018* Guangzhou Shipyard International in (CN)
May.29,2018* Guorui Properties
May.29,2018* GYG
May.29,2018* Hainan Shuangcheng
May.29,2018* HANIL CEMENT CO in (KR)
May.29,2018* Haulotte Group in (FR)
May.29,2018* Healthcare Services Group
May.29,2018* HearMeOut
May.29,2018* Hempro ad Beograd
May.29,2018* Hengshi Mining Investments
May.29,2018* Hkc (Holdings) in Hongkong (HK)
May.29,2018* HLJ Technology Co
May.29,2018* Hyundai Glovis in (KR)
May.29,2018* Hyundai Mobis in (KR)
May.29,2018* Ichirokudo in (JP)
May.29,2018* Ichishin Holdings in (JP)
May.29,2018* ICube Technology Holdings in (HK)
May.29,2018* IFA Hotels and Resorts KSCC in Safat (KW)
May.29,2018* Ind Swift Laboratories in (IN)
May.29,2018* Indykpol in (PL)
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