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Sep.21,2018* AXYZ CO in (JP)
Sep.21,2018* BBH in (JP)
Sep.21,2018* Bentley Commercial Enterprises
Sep.21,2018* Bingo Group Hldg in Hongkong (HK)
Sep.21,2018* Broadband Tower in (JP)
Sep.21,2018* CH Offshore in Singapore (SG)
Sep.21,2018* Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank
Sep.21,2018* Code Agriculture (Holdings) in Hongkong (HK)
Sep.21,2018* Com Hem Holding
Sep.21,2018* ConAgra Foods
Sep.21,2018* CST Mining Group in Hongkong (HK)
Sep.21,2018* Daily Internet in (UK)
Sep.21,2018* Damansara Realty Bhd in (MY)
Sep.21,2018* DHSL Textiles (India)
Sep.21,2018* Dynemic Products in (IN)
Sep.21,2018* Figeac Aero
Sep.21,2018* Frontline in (NO)
Sep.21,2018* Fruition venture
Sep.21,2018* Gading Development Tbk
Sep.21,2018* Ganon Trading and Finance Co
Sep.21,2018* GECI International in (FR)
Sep.21,2018* GG Dandeker Machine Works
Sep.21,2018* Gini Silk Mills
Sep.21,2018* GMR Infrastructure in (IN)
Sep.21,2018* Goldcrest Finance India
Sep.21,2018* GPT Infraprojects
Sep.21,2018* Great Harvest Maeta Group Holdings
Sep.21,2018* Groupe JAJ in (FR)
Sep.21,2018* Gujarat Petrosynthese
Sep.21,2018* Halder Venture
Sep.21,2018* Hem Holdings and Trading
Sep.21,2018* Herald Holdings in (HK)
Sep.21,2018* HindalCo Industries in (IN)
Sep.21,2018* Hindustan Foods
Sep.21,2018* Hob in (JP)
Sep.21,2018* Ibi Group Holdings
Sep.21,2018* ICVL Steels
Sep.21,2018* IFD Resmi AO in (KZ)
Sep.21,2018* IITL Projects
Sep.21,2018* India Gelatine and Chemicals
Sep.21,2018* India Stuffyarn
Sep.21,2018* Indian Link Chain Manufactrers
Sep.21,2018* Intellivate Capital Advisors
Sep.21,2018* Ivisys
Sep.21,2018* KBS India
Sep.21,2018* Khandwala Securities in (IN)
Sep.21,2018* Kirloskar Electric Company in (US)
Sep.21,2018* Korea Arlico Pharm Co
Sep.21,2018* Kurdistan International Bank for Investment and Development PSC
Sep.21,2018* Mainstay Medical Intl
Sep.21,2018* Malu Paper Mills
Sep.21,2018* Merdeka Copper Gold Tbk
Sep.21,2018* Mikhaylovskiy GOK
Sep.21,2018* Moneytech Finlease
Sep.21,2018* Morepen Laboratories in (IN)
Sep.21,2018* Morn Media
Sep.21,2018* NTPM Holdings Bhd in (MY)
Sep.21,2018* Ortel Communications
Sep.21,2018* Oyeeee Media
Sep.21,2018* Pacte Novation
Sep.21,2018* Parmax Pharma
Sep.21,2018* Paxnet
Sep.21,2018* PDS Multinational Fashions
Sep.21,2018* Pentokey Organy India
Sep.21,2018* Pratik Panels
Sep.21,2018* PVV Infra
Sep.21,2018* Sah Petroleums
Sep.21,2018* Sanko Marketing Foods in (JP)
Sep.21,2018* Sarda Energy and Minerals in (IN)
Sep.21,2018* Season Pacific Holdings
Sep.21,2018* Seed in (JP)
Sep.21,2018* Sellwin Traders
Sep.21,2018* Shinpo in (JP)
Sep.21,2018* Ship Finance International in (NO)
Sep.21,2018* Shree Hari Chemicals Export
Sep.21,2018* Shree Worstex
Sep.21,2018* Simplex Castings
Sep.21,2018* Societe Anonyme des Bains de Mer et du Cercle des Etrangers a Monaco in Monaco (MC)
Sep.21,2018* Spectra Industries in (IN)
Sep.21,2018* Standard Surfactants
Sep.21,2018* Starlight International Holdings
Sep.21,2018* Supernova Advertising
Sep.21,2018* Take Two Interactive Software
Sep.21,2018* Termes Grupa
Sep.21,2018* Texmo Pipes and Products
Sep.21,2018* Thai Rayon in (TH)
Sep.21,2018* Trilogiq in (FR)
Sep.21,2018* Trust Tech in (JP)
Sep.21,2018* Tungsten Corp
Sep.21,2018* Turiya Bhd
Sep.21,2018* Tyazhstankogidropress in (RU)
Sep.21,2018* Uniroyal Industries
Sep.21,2018* United Vander Horst
Sep.21,2018* Vibrant Global Capital
Sep.21,2018* Wojas in (PL)
Sep.21,2018* Zim Laboratories
Sep.22,2018* A-One Seimitsu in (JP)
Sep.22,2018* Abhijit Trading Co
Sep.22,2018* Aditya Spinners
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