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Aug.10,2017* Aegis Logistics
Aug.10,2017* Allcargo Logistics in (IN)
Aug.10,2017* Alliant Techsystems
Aug.10,2017* Asian Capital Holdings in (HK)
Aug.10,2017* Asian Hotels (North) in (IN)
Aug.10,2017* Barracuda Networks
Aug.10,2017* Bharat Forge in (IN)
Aug.10,2017* Borosil Glass Works
Aug.10,2017* CAE
Aug.10,2017* Calmp Electronics (Thailand) in (TH)
Aug.10,2017 celesio in Stuttgart (DE)
Compliance Statement
Aug.10,2017* China Gas Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.10,2017* Courts Asia
Aug.10,2017* Duplex
Aug.10,2017* DXC Technology Co
Aug.10,2017* Egypt Free Shops
Aug.10,2017* Electra Real Estate in (IL)
Aug.10,2017* Electro Scientific Industries
Aug.10,2017* Godrej Properties
Aug.10,2017* GoldX International in (SE)
Aug.10,2017* Great Eastern Shipping in (IN)
Aug.10,2017* Gujarat Reclaim And Rubber Products
Aug.10,2017* Hikal in (IN)
Aug.10,2017* Hong Kong Resources Holdings in (HK)
Aug.10,2017* Housing Finance KSC in Safat (KW)
Aug.10,2017* Inditrade Capital in (IN)
Aug.10,2017* Investec in (UK)
Aug.10,2017* IVP
Aug.10,2017* Jiangsu Seagull Cooling Tower Co
Aug.10,2017* Jiangxi Fushine Pharmaceutical Co
Aug.10,2017* Jilin Power Share in (CN)
Aug.10,2017* JMC Projects (India) in (IN)
Aug.10,2017* JPMF Guangdong Co in (CN)
Aug.10,2017* Kajaria Ceramics in (IN)
Aug.10,2017* Lietuvos energijos gamyba
Aug.10,2017* MagForce in Berlin (DE)
Aug.10,2017* Mega Or Holdings
Aug.10,2017* Mobilatervinning I Sverige
Aug.10,2017* Page Industries in (IN)
Aug.10,2017* Panasonic Energy India in (IN)
Aug.10,2017* PViK Izvor ad Foca
Aug.10,2017* Rajapalayam Mills
Aug.10,2017* Ralph Lauren
Aug.10,2017* Red Hat
Aug.10,2017* Selan Exploration Technology
Aug.10,2017* Shanghainant Optics
Aug.10,2017* Shenyu Communication Technology
Aug.10,2017* Shriram Asset Management Co
Aug.10,2017* Societatea Nationala De Transport Gaze Naturale Transgaz in (RO)
Aug.10,2017* Specular Marketing And Financing
Aug.10,2017* Speech Modules Holdings (former: Tesoua 10) in Tel Aviv (IL)
Aug.10,2017* Styrolution Abs India
Aug.10,2017* SureKAM
Aug.10,2017* Syrymbet AO
Aug.10,2017* TerraForm Power
Aug.10,2017* Texwinca Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.10,2017* Transilvanianstructii in (RO)
Aug.10,2017* Transwarranty Finance in (IN)
Aug.10,2017* Trencor in (ZA)
Aug.10,2017* Tsuruha Holdings in (JP)
Aug.10,2017* Udaipur Cement Works
Aug.10,2017* uestra Hannoversche Verkehrsbetriebe in (DE)
Aug.10,2017* Unitedoperative Assurance in (SA)
Aug.10,2017* UPI Poslovni Sistem dd Sarajevo
Aug.10,2017* Uslugatrans ad Laktasi
Aug.10,2017* Wintac in (IN)
Aug.10,2017* Xiamen Kehua Hengsheng in (CN)
Aug.10,2017* Zhejiang Dingli Machinery Co
Aug.10,2017* Zhuzhou Feilu High-Tech Materials Co
Aug.10,2017* Zodiac Clothing in (IN)
Aug.11,2017* Adi Finechem
Aug.11,2017* Apex Development
Aug.11,2017* Ashima
Aug.11,2017* Bezeq the Israeli Telecomunication in (IL)
Aug.11,2017* Black Earth Farming
Aug.11,2017* Blue Star in (IN)
Aug.11,2017* Cadila Healthcare in (IN)
Aug.11,2017* Cipla in (IN)
Aug.11,2017* Clariant Chemicals India
Aug.11,2017* Coromandel Agro Products and Oils
Aug.11,2017* Damodar Threads
Aug.11,2017* Danal in (KR)
Aug.11,2017* Epileds Technologies
Aug.11,2017* ETI Tech Corporation Bhd
Aug.11,2017* GCL Poly Energy Holdings in (HK)
Aug.11,2017* Geosat Aerospace + Technology
Aug.11,2017* Gotse Delchev Tabak AD Gotse Delchev
Aug.11,2017* GP ZGP dd Sarajevo in (BA)
Aug.11,2017* Hoteli Podgora
Aug.11,2017* HS Vital Co
Aug.11,2017* iEnergizer
Aug.11,2017* ITC Properties Group in (HK)
Aug.11,2017* Jiangsu Ankura Smart Transmission Engineering Technology Co
Aug.11,2017* Kaira Can
Aug.11,2017* Kwan On Holdings
Aug.11,2017* Kyivs'kyi doslidnyi remontno-mekhanichnyi zavod PAT
Aug.11,2017* LIG-ES Special Purpose Acquisition Co
Aug.11,2017* Media Chinese International in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.11,2017* Merrimack Pharm(Atlantic)
Aug.11,2017* Mitsides Public Company in (CY)
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