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Sep.30,2017* Baroda Extrusion
Sep.30,2017* Baroda Rayon Corporation
Sep.30,2017* Gemini Communication in (IN)
Sep.30,2017* International Agricultural Products in (EG)
Sep.30,2017* Kafr El Zayat Pesticides and ChemicalsF in (EG)
Sep.30,2017* Kahira Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Industries in (EG)
Sep.30,2017* Memphis Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Industries in (EG)
Sep.30,2017* Microse India
Sep.30,2017* Midwest Gold
Sep.30,2017* Nile for Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Industries in (EG)
Sep.30,2017* Parker Agro Chem Exports
Sep.30,2017* Prabhat Telecoms (India)
Sep.30,2017* REIL Electricals India in (IN)
Sep.30,2017* Rekvina Laboratories
Sep.30,2017* Spectacle Ventures
Sep.30,2017* Sumeet Industries
Sep.30,2017* TPSH
Sep.30,2017* Twinstar Industries
Sep.30,2017* Vantage Corporate Services
Sep.30,2017* Vantage Knowledge Academy
Sep.30,2017* Zastal in (PL)
Oct.01,2017* Arad in (IL)
Oct.01,2017* Eastern CompanyE in (EG)
Oct.01,2017* Electransumer Products in (IL)
Oct.01,2017* General Company for Paper Industry in (EG)
Oct.01,2017* Misr Oils and Soap in (EG)
Oct.01,2017* Specialities Group Holding KSCC in (KW)
Oct.02,2017* Agroliga Group
Oct.02,2017* Annexin Pharmaceuticals AB (publ)
Oct.02,2017* Arab Engineering Industries Egyptian Joint Stock
Oct.02,2017* Arko Holdings
Oct.02,2017* Bahema in (BR)
Oct.02,2017* Berjaya Food Bhd
Oct.02,2017* Braviken Logistik AB (publ)
Oct.02,2017* Companhia de Eletricidade do Estado da Bahia in (BR)
Oct.02,2017* Companhia Energetica de Pernambuco CELPE in (BR)
Oct.02,2017* Companhia Energetica do Rio Grande do Norte in (BR)
Oct.02,2017* Compania de Informatica Aplicata
Oct.02,2017* D Rotshtein Realestate in Petah-Tikva (IL)
Oct.02,2017* East Coast Furnitech
Oct.02,2017* Elco Holdings
Oct.02,2017* Elron Electronic Ind in (IL)
Oct.02,2017* Equital in (IL)
Oct.02,2017* Ivisys
Oct.02,2017* JOEL Jerusalem Oil Exploration
Oct.02,2017* Kancelaria Prawna Inkaso Wec
Oct.02,2017* Kriton Artos in (GR)
Oct.02,2017* Menivim The New REIT
Oct.02,2017* Micromedic Technologies in (IL)
Oct.02,2017* National Cement in (EG)
Oct.02,2017* Nawi Brothers Group in (IL)
Oct.02,2017* PBS Finanse in (PL)
Oct.02,2017* ScandiDos
Oct.02,2017* Sydsvenska Hem publ
Oct.02,2017* Tronox
Oct.02,2017* Your Image
Oct.03,2017* Aino Health AB (publ)
Oct.03,2017* Alony Hetz Properties and Investments in (IL)
Oct.03,2017* Ambrian Capital in (UK)
Oct.03,2017* Bank Leumi Le Israel BM in (IL)
Oct.03,2017* Dor Alon Energy in Israel 1988 in (IL)
Oct.03,2017* E Schnapp and Works
Oct.03,2017* Financial Levers in (IL)
Oct.03,2017* Forestar Group
Oct.03,2017* Ham Let Israel Canada
Oct.03,2017* Izo-Blok
Oct.03,2017* Middle East Tube in (IL)
Oct.03,2017* Novus Group International in (SE)
Oct.03,2017* Orbit Technologies in (IL)
Oct.03,2017* Siamraj
Oct.03,2017* Spancrete in (JP)
Oct.04,2017* Adept Telecom in (UK)
Oct.04,2017* Amedeo Air Four Plus
Oct.04,2017* Arab Dairy Products in (EG)
Oct.04,2017* Banco BTG Pactual
Oct.04,2017* Dan Hotels in (IL)
Oct.04,2017* Egyptian for Mobile ServicesE in (EG)
Oct.04,2017* Financiere Marjos
Oct.04,2017* Graphic
Oct.04,2017* Jabal Omar Development in (SA)
Oct.04,2017* RANK PROGRESS in (PL)
Oct.04,2017* Rudnik Uglja ad Pljevlja
Oct.04,2017* Samcrete Egypt Engineers and Constructors SAE
Oct.04,2017* Senim-bank AO in Astana (KZ)
Oct.04,2017* Weiqiao Textile in (CN)
Oct.05,2017* AK Altynalmas AO
Oct.05,2017* Amrest Holdings SE in (PL)
Oct.05,2017* Atwood Oceanics
Oct.05,2017* Berjaya Sports Toto Bhd in (MY)
Oct.05,2017* Costamare
Oct.05,2017* Duta Graha Indah Tbk in (ID)
Oct.05,2017* Ensco in (US)
Oct.05,2017* Fabryki Sprzetu I Narzedzi Gorniczych Grupa Kapitalowa Fasing in (PL)
Oct.05,2017* Goodwin in (UK)
Oct.05,2017* JD Sports Fashion in Bury (UK)
Oct.05,2017* LCS Imobiliar
Oct.05,2017* Marin Software
Oct.05,2017* National Chemical and Plastic Industries
Oct.05,2017* Neogen in (US)
Oct.05,2017* Nirvana Development Tbk
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