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Dec.15,2017* CSS HOLDINGS in (JP)
Dec.15,2017* CyberAgent in (JP)
Dec.15,2017* Daisan Bank in (JP)
Dec.15,2017* DX(Group)Plc
Dec.15,2017* Electromontaj Carpati
Dec.15,2017* Gaz servis in (RU)
Dec.15,2017* GAZ-Tek
Dec.15,2017 Gazpromneft in Saint-Petersburg (RU)
Dec.15,2017* Gulf Hotels OmanOG
Dec.15,2017* Helio in (PL)
Dec.15,2017* Herbos Invest dd Mostar
Dec.15,2017* Hidroelektrane na Trebisnjici ad Trebinje in (BA)
Dec.15,2017* Ignis
Dec.15,2017* Infosat Telecom in (FR)
Dec.15,2017* Istrazivacko Razvojni Centar Elektroenergetike IRCE ad I Sarajevo
Dec.15,2017* Kancelaria Prawna Inkaso Wec
Dec.15,2017* Khee San Bhd
Dec.15,2017* KI Holdings in (JP)
Dec.15,2017* Kingwell Group
Dec.15,2017* KME Group
Dec.15,2017* Koninklijke Vopak in (NL)
Dec.15,2017* Lactate Natura in (RO)
Dec.15,2017* Lightinthebox Holding.,.
Dec.15,2017* Lightron Fiber Optic Devices in (KR)
Dec.15,2017* Lippo Cikarang Tbk
Dec.15,2017* Lippo Karawaci Tbk
Dec.15,2017* Livechat Software
Dec.15,2017* Madison Square Garden Co
Dec.15,2017* MD Biomedical
Dec.15,2017* Mediana Co
Dec.15,2017 MEDIASET in Cologno Monzese (IT)
Dec.15,2017* Metafrax in (RU)
Dec.15,2017* Mie Bank in (JP)
Dec.15,2017* Mitra Pinasthika Mustika Tbk
Dec.15,2017* Mtd Finance in (FR)
Dec.15,2017* Nizhegorodskaya sbytovaya kompaniya in (RU)
Dec.15,2017* Noble Group
Dec.15,2017* On-Line
Dec.15,2017* Orica in (AU)
Dec.15,2017* Petroleo Brasileiro Petrobras in (BR)
Dec.15,2017* Plant Impact in (UK)
Dec.15,2017* Platforma Mediowa Point Group in (PL)
Dec.15,2017* pSivida
Dec.15,2017* Recyctec Holding
Dec.15,2017* Rudnik Kovin U Restrukturiranju ad Kovin
Dec.15,2017* S K I in (JP)
Dec.15,2017* Sam Won Tech Co in (KR)
Dec.15,2017* Scandinavian Clinical Nutrition i Sverige
Dec.15,2017* Seoho Electric in (KR)
Dec.15,2017* Societatea de Investitii Financiare Transilvania in (RO)
Dec.15,2017* Societe Magasin General
Dec.15,2017* Sparebanken Vest in (NO)
Dec.15,2017* Systemsoft in (JP)
Dec.15,2017* Taishin Financial Holding in (TW)
Dec.15,2017* TSM Property ad Sremska Mitrovica
Dec.15,2017* Van Elle Holdings
Dec.15,2017* VDI Group in (FR)
Dec.15,2017* Volex in (UK)
Dec.15,2017* Xior Student Housing
Dec.15,2017* Yevroplan PAO
Dec.15,2017* Yirendai
Dec.16,2017* ASEC for MiningE in (EG)
Dec.16,2017* Step in (JP)
Dec.17,2017* Africa Israel Investments in (IL)
Dec.17,2017* Al Ameen Financial Investment
Dec.17,2017* AlJouf Agricultural Development in (SA)
Dec.17,2017* AltynEx Company AO
Dec.17,2017* Biomedix Incubator
Dec.17,2017* Engel Resources and Development in (IL)
Dec.17,2017* GMO Payment Gateway in (JP)
Dec.17,2017* Mediterranean Towers
Dec.17,2017* Saudi Research and Marketing Group in (SA)
Dec.17,2017* Sunflower Sustainable Investments
Dec.18,2017* AdderaCare
Dec.18,2017* ADO Group in Antalya (TR)
Dec.18,2017* Afcon Holdings in (IL)
Dec.18,2017* Africa Israel Properties in (IL)
Dec.18,2017* Al Mudon International Real Estate KSCC in Safat (KW)
Dec.18,2017* Alfa Energi Investama Tbk
Dec.18,2017* Arc Logistics Partners LP
Dec.18,2017* Auplata in (FR)
Dec.18,2017* Australia and New Zealand Banking Group in Melbourne (AU)
Compliance Statement
Dec.18,2017* Brangista
Dec.18,2017* Centar za odmor rekreaciju i lijecenje Igalo ad Igalo
Dec.18,2017* Ceprohart
Dec.18,2017* China Shipping Development in (CN)
Dec.18,2017* China Spacesat in (CN)
Dec.18,2017* ChinasCo Holdings in (CN)
Dec.18,2017* Ciech in (PL)
Dec.18,2017* COMCM in (RO)
Dec.18,2017* Crocodile Garments in (HK)
Dec.18,2017* Daqo New Energy
Dec.18,2017* DDM Holding
Dec.18,2017* Eko Export in (PL)
Dec.18,2017* El Saeedntracting in (EG)
Dec.18,2017* El Shams Pyramids Co for Hotels and Touristic Projects SAE
Dec.18,2017* Equity Financial Holdings
Dec.18,2017* Foraj Sonde
Dec.18,2017* Gan Shmuel Foods in (IL)
Dec.18,2017* Gastronom
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