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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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Oct.17,2018* Zutec Holding
Oct.18,2018* Amalgamated Holdings in (AU)
Oct.18,2018* Ancom Bhd
Oct.18,2018* Ancom Logistics Bhd in (MY)
Oct.18,2018* Astral Supreme Bhd in (MY)
Oct.18,2018* B3 - BM&F Bovespa Bolsa de Valores Mercadorias e Futuros in Rio de Janeiro (BR)
Oct.18,2018* Bank Internasional Indonesia Tbk
Oct.18,2018* Chuan Hup Holdings in (SG)
Oct.18,2018* Cita Mineral Investindo Tbk in (ID)
Oct.18,2018* Dobojka ad Doboj
Oct.18,2018* Elbit Systems in (IL)
Oct.18,2018* Ellipsiz in Singapore (SG)
Oct.18,2018* EN3 in (KR)
Oct.18,2018* Falcon Oil and Gas
Oct.18,2018* Hospitality Property Fund in Johannesburg (ZA)
Oct.18,2018* Interferie in (PL)
Oct.18,2018* JAKS Resources Bhd in (MY)
Oct.18,2018* Kein Hing International Bhd in (MY)
Oct.18,2018* KMN Capital
Oct.18,2018* Lapidoth-Heletz LP in (IL)
Oct.18,2018* Lee + Man Handbags Holding
Oct.18,2018* Loblawmpanies in (CA)
Oct.18,2018* Mega Center Management AO
Oct.18,2018 Meridian Energy in Christchurch (NZ)
Oct.18,2018* Miliboo in (FR)
Oct.18,2018* Mosul Bank for Development and Investment PSC
Oct.18,2018* Nylex (Malaysia) Bhd
Oct.18,2018* Pci in Singapore (SG)
Oct.18,2018* Perry Ellis International
Oct.18,2018* Playmakers
Oct.18,2018* Qr National
Oct.18,2018* Rank Group in (UK)
Oct.18,2018* Real Estate Egyptian Consortium SAE in (EG)
Oct.18,2018* Renishaw in (UK)
Oct.18,2018* Skycity Entertainment Group in (NZ)
Oct.18,2018* Starhill Real Estate Investment Trust in (MY)
Oct.18,2018* Sunoco Logistics Partners LP
Oct.18,2018* SUPERVALU INC
Oct.18,2018* Techcomp (Holdings) in Hongkong (HK)
Oct.18,2018* Terna Energy in (GR)
Oct.18,2018* Toyo Ink Group Bhd
Oct.18,2018* Treasury Wine Estates in Melbourne (AU)
Oct.18,2018* Triple Point Social Housing REIT
Oct.18,2018* Tsesnabank AO in (RU)
Oct.19,2018* Accupix in (KR)
Oct.19,2018* AltynEx Company AO
Oct.19,2018* Ariadne Australia
Oct.19,2018 Ashmore in London (UK)
Oct.19,2018* Bank Kuznetskiy in (RU)
Oct.19,2018* China Literature
Oct.19,2018* Cogra 48
Oct.19,2018* Compagnie Miniere Grecemar
Oct.19,2018* Dastek Co in (KR)
Oct.19,2018* Dechra Pharmaceuticals in London (UK)
Oct.19,2018* E Biotech Co
Oct.19,2018* EQT Holdings
Oct.19,2018* Hai Leck Holdings
Oct.19,2018* Hargreave Hale Aim VCT 1 in (US)
Oct.19,2018* L'Immobiliere Hoteliere
Oct.19,2018* Shandong International Trust Co in (CN)
Oct.19,2018* Skyfame Realty Holdings
Oct.19,2018* Societe d'Articles Hygieniques SAH in (TN)
Oct.19,2018* Societe Servicom in (TN)
Oct.19,2018* TWZoration in (TH)
Oct.19,2018* Wellmade Star M in (KR)
Oct.19,2018* WINDMILL Group
Oct.20,2018* Nippon Ski Resort Development Co
Oct.20,2018* Tabak ad Nis
Oct.21,2018* Energy One in (AU)
Oct.21,2018* Kerur Holdings in (IL)
Oct.21,2018* Mohandes Insurance in (EG)
Oct.21,2018* Orad
Oct.21,2018* Slantse Stara Zagora Tabak AD Stara Zagora
Oct.22,2018* Al Arabiya Real Estate KSCC
Oct.22,2018* Astoria Capital in (PL)
Oct.22,2018* Berjaya Bhd in (MY)
Oct.22,2018* City of London Investment Group in London (UK)
Oct.22,2018* Cree
Oct.22,2018* Energetics And Energy Savings Fund Spv
Oct.22,2018* Flight Centre in (AU)
Oct.22,2018 Gestamp Automocion in Madrid (ES)
Oct.22,2018* Japan Meat
Oct.22,2018* KR Motors Co in (KR)
Oct.22,2018* Lumimicro Co in (KR)
Oct.22,2018* Luxking Group Holdings
Oct.22,2018* Mcmillan Shakespeare in (AU)
Oct.22,2018* Mena Real Estate Co KSC
Oct.22,2018* Modrica MPI ad Modrica
Oct.22,2018* Outin Futures Co
Oct.22,2018* Prospectiuni in (RO)
Oct.22,2018* Rabigh Refining and Petrochemical in (SA)
Oct.22,2018* Sawit Sumbermas Sarana
Oct.22,2018* Singapore Kitchen Equipment
Oct.22,2018* TJX companies in Framingham (US)
Oct.22,2018* Union Steel Holdings in (SG)
Oct.23,2018 Aeroflot in Moscow (RU)
Oct.23,2018* AIK Banka ad Nis in (RS)
Oct.23,2018* Aposense
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