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Dec.19,2017* PLANT in (JP)
Dec.19,2017* Rainmaker Entertainment
Dec.19,2017* Rami Levi Chain Stores Hashikma Marketing 2006
Dec.19,2017* Regional REIT
Dec.19,2017* Santierul Naval 2 Mai in (RO)
Dec.19,2017* Saudi Hollandi Bank in (MY)
Dec.19,2017* Saudi International Petrochemical in (SA)
Dec.19,2017* SingAsia Holdings
Dec.19,2017* Sonetel AB (publ)
Dec.19,2017* Transilvania Leasing si Credit IFN
Dec.19,2017* United Wire Factories
Dec.19,2017* Yumeshin Hldg in (JP)
Dec.20,2017* ABO Wind in (DE)
Dec.20,2017* Abrau-Durso in (RU)
Dec.20,2017* Advance Create in (JP)
Dec.20,2017* Ahli United Bank BSC
Dec.20,2017* Al Hassan Ghazi Ibrahim Shaker in (SA)
Dec.20,2017* Arendals Fossekompani in (NO)
Dec.20,2017* Autozone
Dec.20,2017* Auxilium in (PL)
Dec.20,2017* Avanquest Software in (FR)
Dec.20,2017* B Gaon Holdings
Dec.20,2017* Bank Astany AO
Dec.20,2017* Biomed Lublin Wytwornia Surowic i Szczepionek
Dec.20,2017* Boguchanskaya GES in (RU)
Dec.20,2017* Braiconf in (RO)
Dec.20,2017* British Empire Securities and General Trust in (UK)
Dec.20,2017* Buducnost ad Backa Palanka
Dec.20,2017* Cakovecki mlinovi, in (HR)
Dec.20,2017* Capitalinc Investment Tbk in (ID)
Dec.20,2017* Change
Dec.20,2017* China Life Insurance in (CN)
Dec.20,2017* China Natural Investment in (HK)
Dec.20,2017* China Southern Airlines in (CN)
Dec.20,2017* Comnord in (RO)
Dec.20,2017* Crowdsoft Technology
Dec.20,2017* Diogene Co
Dec.20,2017* Duluxgroup in (AU)
Dec.20,2017* E Guardian in (JP)
Dec.20,2017* Elettra Investimenti
Dec.20,2017* Energi Mega Persada Tbk in (ID)
Dec.20,2017* Fashion Platform Co
Dec.20,2017* Firestone Diamonds in (UK)
Dec.20,2017* Fuji Pharma in (JP)
Dec.20,2017* Global Knafaim Leasing
Dec.20,2017* Golden Prospect Precious Metals in (UK)
Dec.20,2017* Gremi Media in (PL)
Dec.20,2017* Hartadinata Abadi Tbk
Dec.20,2017* Hexindo Adiperkasa Tbk in (ID)
Dec.20,2017* ImageONE in (JP)
Dec.20,2017* Immersion
Dec.20,2017* Insource Co
Dec.20,2017* Inventech Central Hotels in (IL)
Dec.20,2017* ITESOFT in (FR)
Dec.20,2017* Kawagishi Bridge Works in (JP)
Dec.20,2017* Kazkommertsbank AO in (RU)
Dec.20,2017* Kedco
Dec.20,2017* Knafaim Holdings in (IL)
Dec.20,2017* Krasnokamskiy zavod metallicheskikh setok in (RU)
Dec.20,2017* LAND BUSINESS CO in (JP)
Dec.20,2017* Latvijas Kugnieciba AS in (LV)
Dec.20,2017* LFE Corporation Bhd in (MY)
Dec.20,2017* Mastrad in (FR)
Dec.20,2017* MCE Holdings Bhd
Dec.20,2017* Melisron Limited in (IL)
Dec.20,2017* Nihon Falcom in (JP)
Dec.20,2017* Nishio Rent All in (JP)
Dec.20,2017* Nordic Nanovector
Dec.20,2017* Obara Group in (JP)
Dec.20,2017* Ohmoriya in (JP)
Dec.20,2017* ONI Holdings AD Sofia
Dec.20,2017* Open House
Dec.20,2017* Palma
Dec.20,2017* Pamapol in (PL)
Dec.20,2017* Paraca in (JP)
Dec.20,2017* Poly Real Estate Group in (CN)
Dec.20,2017* Portal Resources
Dec.20,2017* Presto
Dec.20,2017* Ram Technology
Dec.20,2017* Rompetrol Rafinare
Dec.20,2017* Ruby Tuesday in Tennessee (US)
Dec.20,2017* Sanyo Trading
Dec.20,2017* Sarajevoputevi dd Sarajevo
Dec.20,2017* Saudi Arabia Refineries in (SA)
Dec.20,2017* Saudi Ground Services Co
Dec.20,2017* Saudi Industrial Export in (SA)
Dec.20,2017* Saudia Dairy and Foodstuff in Jeddah (SA)
Dec.20,2017* Shinozakiya in (JP)
Dec.20,2017* Shinyoung HappyTomorrow No.2 Special Purpose Acquisition Co
Dec.20,2017* Sinergiya in (RU)
Dec.20,2017* SINOPEC Engineering Group
Dec.20,2017* Societatea Nationala de Gaze Naturale Romgaz in (RO)
Dec.20,2017* Societatea Nationala Nuclearelectrica in (RO)
Dec.20,2017* SolTech Energy Sweden in (SE)
Dec.20,2017* Soufun Holdings in (CN)
Dec.20,2017* Standard ad Prnjavor
Dec.20,2017* Taiba Holding in (SA)
Dec.20,2017* Tohoku Chemical in (JP)
Dec.20,2017* Tosnet in (JP)
Dec.20,2017* Totvs in (BR)
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