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Aug.31,2018* Rising Development Holdings in (HK)
Aug.31,2018* Security Papers in (PK)
Aug.31,2018* Sincere Watch (Hong Kong)
Aug.31,2018* Southeast Asia Properties & Finance in (HK)
Aug.31,2018* Sparkle Roll Group in (HK)
Aug.31,2018* SPG Land (Holdings)
Aug.31,2018* Stagecoach Group in (UK)
Aug.31,2018* Sutlej Textiles and Industries
Aug.31,2018* Tankerkomerc
Aug.31,2018* Taung Gold International in (HK)
Aug.31,2018* Tungtex (holdings) in (HK)
Aug.31,2018* Ukrains'ka birzha PAT in (UA)
Aug.31,2018* Uljanik in (HR)
Aug.31,2018* Upbest Group in (HK)
Aug.31,2018* Vantage International (Holdings)
Aug.31,2018* Verdes Management
Aug.31,2018* Vixtel Technologies Holdings
Aug.31,2018* Westag & Getalit in Rheda-Wiedenbrueck (DE)
Aug.31,2018* Westmorelandal
Sep.01,2018* Ashika Credit Capital
Sep.01,2018* BF Investment
Sep.01,2018* BNK Capital Markets
Sep.01,2018* City Union Bank in (IN)
Sep.01,2018* Crown Lifters
Sep.01,2018* Gravita India
Sep.01,2018* Jigar Cables
Sep.01,2018* Joindre Capital Services
Sep.01,2018* POCL Enterprises
Sep.01,2018* Steel City Securities
Sep.02,2018* Arad in (IL)
Sep.02,2018* Ashot Ashkelon Industries in (IL)
Sep.02,2018* Food Products in Riyadh (SA)
Sep.02,2018* Givot Olam Oil Exploration LP (1993)
Sep.02,2018* Klil Industries in (IL)
Sep.02,2018* Kumpulan Europlus Bhd in (MY)
Sep.02,2018* National for Tourist Investment
Sep.02,2018* Saudi Cable in Jeddah (SA)
Sep.03,2018* Albert David in (IN)
Sep.03,2018* Aris International
Sep.03,2018* Aviatia Utilitara Bucuresti
Sep.03,2018* Burshane LPG Pakistan
Sep.03,2018* CALESCO in (PL)
Sep.03,2018* Come Sure Group (Holdings)
Sep.03,2018* Crown Tours
Sep.03,2018* DECORA in (PL)
Sep.03,2018* Deltron
Sep.03,2018* Ebest Special Purpose Acquisition 2 Co
Sep.03,2018* Elve in (GR)
Sep.03,2018* Emilia Development OFG in (IL)
Sep.03,2018* Emirates Integrated Telecommunications PJSC in (AE)
Sep.03,2018* Energa in (PL)
Sep.03,2018* Euroconsultants in (GR)
Sep.03,2018* Foschini Group in (ZA)
Sep.03,2018* Hin Sang Group International Holding Co
Sep.03,2018* Kore Foods
Sep.03,2018* Kreka in (GR)
Sep.03,2018* Kroton Educacional in (BR)
Sep.03,2018* Kwan On Holdings
Sep.03,2018* NR Spuntech Industries in (IL)
Sep.03,2018* Online Brands Nordic in (SE)
Sep.03,2018* Pa Shun Pharmaceutical International Holdings
Sep.03,2018* Pounje
Sep.03,2018* RM Drip + Sprinklers Systems
Sep.03,2018* Robo 3 Co
Sep.03,2018* Sa Sa International Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Sep.03,2018* Sam Woo Construction Group
Sep.03,2018* See Hup Consolidated Bhd in (MY)
Sep.03,2018* Sharm Dreams Co for Touristic Investment SAE
Sep.03,2018* Sheung Yue Group Holdings
Sep.03,2018* SIP Industries
Sep.03,2018* Stem Cells Spin
Sep.03,2018* U Dori Group in (IL)
Sep.03,2018* Vico International Holdings
Sep.03,2018* Vitania in (IL)
Sep.03,2018* Vitasoy International Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Sep.03,2018* Yangtzekiang Garment in (HK)
Sep.03,2018* Ygm Trading in (HK)
Sep.04,2018* Abdullah Saad Mohammed Abo Moati Stationeries Company CJSC
Sep.04,2018* Abetrans
Sep.04,2018* AHB Holdings Bhd in (MY)
Sep.04,2018* Altra Holdings
Sep.04,2018* Asia Bioenergy Technologies Bhd in (MY)
Sep.04,2018* Astral Supreme Bhd in (MY)
Sep.04,2018* Balkrishna Paper Mills
Sep.04,2018* Bank Of India in (IN)
Sep.04,2018* China Environmental Energy Investment in (HK)
Sep.04,2018* CIMB Thai Bank
Sep.04,2018* D Pharm in (IL)
Sep.04,2018* DS Smith in (UK)
Sep.04,2018* Finisar
Sep.04,2018* Fondul Proprietatea
Sep.04,2018* Futuristic Solutions
Sep.04,2018* Geely Automobile Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Sep.04,2018* GV Films
Sep.04,2018* Himadri Chemicals And Industries in (IN)
Sep.04,2018* Hongkong Chinese in (HK)
Sep.04,2018* Ikegps Group
Sep.04,2018* IL&FS Transportation Networks
Sep.04,2018* IT Link in (FR)
Sep.04,2018* Jane France
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