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Dec.28,2018* Hortonworks
Dec.28,2018* Hwashintech in (KR)
Dec.28,2018* Hyundai Heavy Industries Holdings Co
Dec.28,2018* Kumho Investment Bank in (KR)
Dec.28,2018* Maghreb International Publicite MIP
Dec.28,2018* Mandhana Industries
Dec.28,2018* Nanjing Panda Electronics in (CN)
Dec.28,2018* Nextnation Communication Bhd in (MY)
Dec.28,2018* NGK Slavneft' in (RU)
Dec.28,2018* Oriental City Group Holdings in (HK)
Dec.28,2018* Poslovna Zona ad Banja Luka
Dec.28,2018* Proview International Holdings in (HK)
Dec.28,2018* Rajdy 4X4
Dec.28,2018* Shaanxi Northwest New Technology Industry in (CN)
Dec.28,2018* Shandong Chenming Paper Holdings in (CN)
Dec.28,2018* Shinhan 2nd Special Purpose Acquisition Co
Dec.28,2018* Shougang Concord Grand Group in (HK)
Dec.28,2018* Sino Tech International Holdings in (HK)
Dec.28,2018* Sterling Guaranty + Finance
Dec.28,2018* Sunpower Group in (CN)
Dec.28,2018* Trend Electronics
Dec.28,2018* TSC Group Holdings in (HK)
Dec.28,2018* Vodovod ad Trebinje
Dec.28,2018* Vodovod KP ad Srbac
Dec.28,2018* Webis Holding in (UK)
Dec.28,2018* Xiamen International Port in (CN)
Dec.28,2018* Xiezhong Intl Hldg
Dec.28,2018* Yi Hua Dept Store Hldgs
Dec.29,2018* Alora Trading Co
Dec.29,2018* Bluebird Merchant Ventures
Dec.29,2018* Concord Medical Services Holdings in Beijing (CN)
Dec.29,2018* Coris Bank International
Dec.29,2018* Dolphin Medical Services
Dec.29,2018* Electricite et Eaux de Madagascar EEM in (FR)
Dec.29,2018* Konditerskaya fabrika Udarnitsa in (RU)
Dec.29,2018* Lysians'ke RVPMTZ PAT
Dec.29,2018* N P Spinning Mills
Dec.29,2018* Nimir Industrial Chemical in (PK)
Dec.29,2018* Radaan Media Works India in (TV)
Dec.29,2018* Sanghi Corporate Services
Dec.29,2018* Sanghi Industries in (IN)
Dec.29,2018* Shahzad Textile Mills
Dec.29,2018* Zhangjiagang Furui Special Equipment Co in (CN)
Dec.30,2018* Bahrain Middle East Bank BSC in Manama (BH)
Dec.30,2018* Cairo Investment for Investment and Real Estate DevelopmentE in (EG)
Dec.30,2018* Development Works Food Co CJSC
Dec.30,2018* Elco Holdings
Dec.30,2018* Isras Investment in (IL)
Dec.30,2018* National Building and Marketing Company CJSC
Dec.30,2018* National FinanceOG in Muscat (OM)
Dec.30,2018* Pearl Oriental Oil
Dec.30,2018* Petron Engineeringnstruction in (IN)
Dec.30,2018* PriceSmart
Dec.30,2018* Tadiran Holdings in (IL)
Dec.31,2018* 3 Maj Brodogradiliste
Dec.31,2018* ABG Infralogistics in (IN)
Dec.31,2018* Adgar Investments and Development in (IL)
Dec.31,2018* Aisi Realty Public
Dec.31,2018* Birman Wood and Hardware in (IL)
Dec.31,2018* Bogawantalawa Tea Estates
Dec.31,2018* Centrale Laitiere
Dec.31,2018* Chaarat Gold Holdings
Dec.31,2018* Changan Minsheng APLL Logistics in Hongkong (HK)
Dec.31,2018* China Digital Video Holdings
Dec.31,2018* Comtec Solar Systems Group
Dec.31,2018* Crescent Textile Mills in (PK)
Dec.31,2018* Direct Insurance Financial Investments in (IL)
Dec.31,2018* El Al Israel Airlines in (IL)
Dec.31,2018* El-Mor Electric Installation + Services 1986
Dec.31,2018* Elbit Medical Technologies in Petach Tikva (IL)
Dec.31,2018* Eldav Investments in (IL)
Dec.31,2018* Epistem Holdings in (UK)
Dec.31,2018* Fridenson Logistic Services
Dec.31,2018* Global Investments in (UK)
Dec.31,2018* Interlink Petroleum
Dec.31,2018* Kasen International Holdings in (CN)
Dec.31,2018* Leaf Clean Energy in (US)
Dec.31,2018* Lorenzo International in (SG)
Dec.31,2018* Menora Mivtachim Holdings
Dec.31,2018* MIC Electronics in (IN)
Dec.31,2018* Panyam Cements And Mineral Industrties
Dec.31,2018* Priti International
Dec.31,2018* Saudi Paper Manufacturing in (SA)
Dec.31,2018* Suprema
Dec.31,2018* Supreme Infrastructure India in (IN)
Dec.31,2018* Swiber Holdings in Singapore (SG)
Dec.31,2018* Tetragon Financial Group in (UK)
Dec.31,2018 UMS United Medical Systems International in Hamburg (DE)
Dec.31,2018* Vilniaus Baldai in (LT)
Dec.31,2018* Xiwang Special Steel
Dec.31,2018* Yongsheng Advanced Materials
Dec.31,2018* Zhuguang Holdings Group Co
Dec.31,2018* ZIF Big Investiciona grupa dd Sarajevo in Sarajevo (BA)
Dec.31,2018* Zur Shamir Holdings in (IL)
Jan.01,2019* Transdermal Asia Holdings Co in (KR)
Jan.01,2019* World Trust Fund
Jan.02,2019* ALAFCO Aviation Lease and Finance KSC in Safat (KW)
Jan.02,2019* Avrot Industries in (IL)
Jan.02,2019* Warderly International Holdings
Jan.02,2019* XiDeLang Holdings
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