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Dec.22,2017* Renren in HongKong (CN)
Dec.22,2017* SACOS CORP in (JP)
Dec.22,2017* Shandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical in (CN)
Dec.22,2017* Shell-Line in (KR)
Dec.22,2017* Sho Bi in (JP)
Dec.22,2017* Shoei in (JP)
Dec.22,2017* Sintesi Societa di Investimenti e Partecipazioni in Milan (IT)
Dec.22,2017* Sk Electronics in (JP)
Dec.22,2017* SK Standard AO
Dec.22,2017* SK Ukrrichflot PAT in (UA)
Dec.22,2017* Stupinskoye Mashinostroitel'noye Proizvodstvennoye Predpriyatiye AO
Dec.22,2017* System Information
Dec.22,2017* SZNEM Nasosenerhomash PAT
Dec.22,2017* Taiyo Bussan Kaisha in (JP)
Dec.22,2017* Takatori in (JP)
Dec.22,2017* Tear in (JP)
Dec.22,2017* Teraplast in (RO)
Dec.22,2017* TKC in (JP)
Dec.22,2017* Toa Valve Engineering in (JP)
Dec.22,2017* Tonymoly Co
Dec.22,2017* TP Dunav ad Vucak
Dec.22,2017* Transdermal Asia Holdings Co in (KR)
Dec.22,2017* Ubion Co
Dec.22,2017* Union Banka dd Sarajevo
Dec.22,2017* Varnost Fitep ad Beograd
Dec.22,2017* Vino Zupa ad Aleksandrovac
Dec.22,2017* Vodovod ad Doboj
Dec.22,2017* Woori Bank
Dec.22,2017* Yamaka Electricnstruction in (JP)
Dec.22,2017* YOKOHAMA REITO CO in (JP)
Dec.22,2017* YTN in (KR)
Dec.22,2017* Ziraatbank dd Sarajevo
Dec.23,2017* 1 Maj Drvodjelska ad Banja Luka
Dec.23,2017* Domesco Medical Import- Export Joint Stock in (VN)
Dec.23,2017* Gradiska Trznica ad Gradiska
Dec.23,2017* MTI in (JP)
Dec.23,2017* Nix in (JP)
Dec.23,2017* SHL-JAPAN in (JP)
Dec.23,2017* Taisei in (JP)
Dec.24,2017* Aamra Technologies in Dhaka (BD)
Dec.24,2017* Electransumer Products in (IL)
Dec.24,2017* Electrical Industries Co JSC
Dec.24,2017* Israel Opportunity Energy Resources LP
Dec.24,2017* Mizrahi Tefahot Bank in (IL)
Dec.24,2017* Nextgen Biomed in (IL)
Dec.24,2017* Paz Chen in (IL)
Dec.24,2017* Raval ICS
Dec.24,2017* Saudi Kayan Petrochemical in (SA)
Dec.24,2017* Tefron in Misgav (IL)
Dec.25,2017* Al Ahsa Development in (SA)
Dec.25,2017* ALAFCO Aviation Lease and Finance KSC in Safat (KW)
Dec.25,2017* Arko Holdings
Dec.25,2017* Bemind ad Banja Luka
Dec.25,2017* Dixy Group in (RU)
Dec.25,2017* Doza Djerdj ad Backa Topola
Dec.25,2017* Energoprojekt Industrija ad Beograd
Dec.25,2017* FMS Enterprises Migun in (IL)
Dec.25,2017* Gruppa Kompaniy PIK in (RU)
Dec.25,2017* Hidroelektrane na Vrbasu ad Mrkonjic Grad
Dec.25,2017* Jarir Marketing in (SA)
Dec.25,2017* Jasmine Telecom Systems in (TH)
Dec.25,2017* Joint Stock Eximbank Kazakhstan
Dec.25,2017* Kikindski mlin ad Kikinda
Dec.25,2017* Kvazar PAT
Dec.25,2017* Lenskoye ob''yedinennoye rechnoye parokhodstvo in (RU)
Dec.25,2017* Ohridska Banka AD Skopje in (MK)
Dec.25,2017* Public Joint Stock Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port in (RU)
Dec.25,2017* Putnik ad Banja Luka
Dec.25,2017* Shemen Industries in (IL)
Dec.25,2017* Usluzne Djelatnosti ad Banja Luka
Dec.25,2017* Velez ad Nevesinje
Dec.25,2017* Zrak ad Bileca
Dec.26,2017 Aeroflot in Moscow (RU)
Dec.26,2017* AKB Industrialbank PAT in (UA)
Dec.26,2017* Alphax Food System in (JP)
Dec.26,2017* Arkhangel'skaya sbytovaya kompaniya in (RU)
Dec.26,2017* Aviakompaniya UTair in (RU)
Dec.26,2017* Bank Kipru PAT
Dec.26,2017* Bawan Co SJSC
Dec.26,2017* China CSSC Holdings in (CN)
Dec.26,2017* Dongkook Ind Co in (KR)
Dec.26,2017* Dongyang Steel Pipe Co in (KR)
Dec.26,2017* EN3 in (KR)
Dec.26,2017* Ferment PAT
Dec.26,2017* Hod Assaf Industries in (IL)
Dec.26,2017* HS Industries in (KR)
Dec.26,2017* Idea Bank PAT
Dec.26,2017* IFD Resmi AO in (KZ)
Dec.26,2017* Lapidoth-Heletz LP in (IL)
Dec.26,2017* Mcnex Co
Dec.26,2017* Niskogradnja ad Teslic
Dec.26,2017* People & Telecommunication in (KR)
Dec.26,2017* Tefen Industrial Engineering Management and Systems Analysis in (IL)
Dec.26,2017* Trabzonspor Sportif Yatirim ve Futbol Isletmeciligi Ticaret AS in (TR)
Dec.26,2017* Vinnytsiaoblenerho PAT in (UA)
Dec.27,2017* Adiuvo Investments in Warzaw (PL)
Dec.27,2017* Airway Medix
Dec.27,2017* Arco Vara AS in (EE)
Dec.27,2017* Aromasoft in (KR)
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