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Oct.05,2018* Abakanvagonmash in (RU)
Oct.05,2018* Ace Technologies in (KR)
Oct.05,2018* Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional Tbk in (ID)
Oct.05,2018* Clabo
Oct.05,2018* Dongbu 2nd Special Purpose Acquisition Co
Oct.05,2018* Ed in (KR)
Oct.05,2018* Geosonda Konsolidacija ad Beograd
Oct.05,2018* GK Russkoye more in (RU)
Oct.05,2018* OldCo
Oct.05,2018* P in (ES)
Oct.05,2018* Palace
Oct.05,2018* Park + OPC in (KR)
Oct.05,2018* Raygen Co in (KR)
Oct.05,2018* Semicon Light Co
Oct.05,2018* Sewon Co
Oct.05,2018* Technical Publications Service
Oct.05,2018* Tim
Oct.05,2018* Tulachermet in (RU)
Oct.05,2018* Versartis
Oct.05,2018* Vongroup in Hongkong (HK)
Oct.05,2018* Xinhua Holdings in (CN)
Oct.05,2018* YATEK in (RU)
Oct.07,2018* Aseer Trading Tourism and Manufacturing in (SA)
Oct.07,2018* Ashtrom Group
Oct.07,2018* Baghdad, Iraq for Public Transport and Real Estate Investments Mixed
Oct.07,2018* Ez Energy
Oct.07,2018* Lachish Industries in (IL)
Oct.07,2018* Marathon Investments in (IL)
Oct.07,2018* Plasson Industries in (IL)
Oct.07,2018* Rimoni Industries in (IL)
Oct.07,2018* Shaniv Paper Industry in (IL)
Oct.08,2018* Alexandria Spinning and Weaving in (EG)
Oct.08,2018* Amir Marketing and Investments in Agriculture in (IL)
Oct.08,2018* Asia Fiber
Oct.08,2018* Avioane Craiova
Oct.08,2018* Dan Hotels in (IL)
Oct.08,2018* Energoinvest dd Sarajevo in (BA)
Oct.08,2018* Export Development Bank Of EgyptE in (EG)
Oct.08,2018* Fridenson Logistic Services
Oct.08,2018* Hamama Meir Trading 1996
Oct.08,2018* Herman Miller in Zeeland (US)
Oct.08,2018* HS Valve Co in (KR)
Oct.08,2018* Kiattana Transport in (TH)
Oct.08,2018* Lakshmi Energy And Foods in (IN)
Oct.08,2018* Ma'ariv Holdings in (IL)
Oct.08,2018* Matahari Department Store Tbk in (ID)
Oct.08,2018* Middle and West Delta Flour Mills
Oct.08,2018* Minoan Group in (UK)
Oct.08,2018* Privredna Banka Sarajevo dd Sarajevo in Sarajevo (BA)
Oct.08,2018* RK Tuzlanka dd Tuzla
Oct.08,2018* Saratovneftegaz in (RU)
Oct.08,2018* Senterra Energy
Oct.08,2018* Sillo Maritime Perdana Tbk
Oct.08,2018* SK Target Group
Oct.08,2018* Skybee Tbk
Oct.08,2018* TPG Specialty Lending
Oct.08,2018* Trznica ad Subotica
Oct.08,2018* Umetnost ad Novi Sad
Oct.08,2018* Var'yeganneft' in (RU)
Oct.08,2018* Yonghyun BM Co in (KR)
Oct.08,2018* Zaklady Azotowe w Tarnowie-Moscicach in Tarnow (PL)
Oct.09,2018* 51job in (CN)
Oct.09,2018* Alony Hetz Properties and Investments in (IL)
Oct.09,2018 Aston Martin Lagonda in Gaydon (UK)
Oct.09,2018* Bagir Group
Oct.09,2018* Bank Pundi Indonesia Tbk in (ID)
Oct.09,2018* BCI Group Holdings
Oct.09,2018* Carpenter Technology in Philadelphia (US)
Oct.09,2018* Cereal Planet
Oct.09,2018* Itamar Medical in (IL)
Oct.09,2018* Media Shoppe Bhd in (MY)
Oct.09,2018* Origin Property
Oct.09,2018* Procter & Gamble
Oct.09,2018* Prodplast in (RO)
Oct.09,2018* Saudi Industrial Export in (SA)
Oct.09,2018* Sound Global in Singapore (SG)
Oct.09,2018* Symbio Polska in (PL)
Oct.09,2018* Taldormputer Systems 1986 in (IL)
Oct.09,2018* Technodex Bhd
Oct.09,2018* Tianjin Zhongxin Pharmaceutical Group in Tianjin (CN)
Oct.09,2018* Tunisie Leasing in (TN)
Oct.10,2018* AAR corp in Wood dale (US)
Oct.10,2018* Al Alamiya foroperative Insurance
Oct.10,2018* Amcor in (AU)
Oct.10,2018* Amoeba
Oct.10,2018* AngioDynamics
Oct.10,2018* Athlone Investments in (IL)
Oct.10,2018* Bank Kipru PAT
Oct.10,2018* Bank Windu Kentjana International Tbk
Oct.10,2018* Delek Drilling Limited Partnership in (IL)
Oct.10,2018* Elektroporcelan ad Novi Sad
Oct.10,2018* Etablissementen Frlruyt in (BE)
Oct.10,2018* Export Investment in (IL)
Oct.10,2018* Extracted Oil and Derivatives in (EG)
Oct.10,2018* Intikeramik Alamasri Industri Tbk in (ID)
Oct.10,2018* Kopex in (PL)
Oct.10,2018* Linas in (LT)
Oct.10,2018* Putnik ad Novi Sad
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