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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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Oct.24,2018* Novae Technologies
Oct.24,2018* Parker Hannifin
Oct.24,2018* PennyMac Finl Svcs
Oct.24,2018* Pharma Foods International in (JP)
Oct.24,2018* Photo-Me International P L C in (UK)
Oct.24,2018* Pushpanjali Floriculture
Oct.24,2018* Quinstreet
Oct.24,2018* S Holdings
Oct.24,2018* Sarajevska Pivara dd Sarajevo in (BA)
Oct.24,2018* Sparebanken Vest in (NO)
Oct.24,2018* St Barbara in Melbourne (AU)
Oct.24,2018* Stockland in (AU)
Oct.24,2018* Super Retail Group in Chermside South (AU)
Oct.24,2018* Synchronoss Technologies
Oct.24,2018* Texim Bank AD Sofia
Oct.24,2018* TFP Solutions Bhd in (MY)
Oct.24,2018* The Rubicon Project
Oct.24,2018* Transpacific Industries Group in (AU)
Oct.24,2018* Truworths International in (ZA)
Oct.24,2018* Ultratech Cement in (IN)
Oct.24,2018* Unity Foods
Oct.24,2018* VNIPIgazdobycha in (RU)
Oct.25,2018* 11 Bit Studios
Oct.25,2018* Al Safat Tec Holding KSCC in Safat (KW)
Oct.25,2018* ARDEPRO in (JP)
Oct.25,2018* Array Biopharma
Oct.25,2018* Assiteca SpA Internazionale di Brokeraggio Assicurativo in (IT)
Oct.25,2018* Atlas for Land Reclamation and Agricultural Processing SAE in (EG)
Oct.25,2018* Ausdrill in (AU)
Oct.25,2018* Bannu Woollen Mills in (PK)
Oct.25,2018* Billboard AD Sofia in (IT)
Oct.25,2018* Blackmores in Sydney (AU)
Oct.25,2018* Bofi Holding
Oct.25,2018* Briggs & Stratton
Oct.25,2018* Capitamall Trust in Singapore (SG)
Oct.25,2018* Casa Alba Independenta
Oct.25,2018* Challenger in (AU)
Oct.25,2018* China King Highway Holdings
Oct.25,2018* Civmec
Oct.25,2018* Dewan Cement
Oct.25,2018* El Ahram for Printing and PackagingE
Oct.25,2018* Filtronic in (UK)
Oct.25,2018* Freightways in Auckland (NZ)
Oct.25,2018* General Packer in (JP)
Oct.25,2018* Great Rich Technologies
Oct.25,2018* Grupa SMT in (PL)
Oct.25,2018* Gumho NT
Oct.25,2018* Guocoland in Singapore (SG)
Oct.25,2018* GuocoLeisure in Singapore (SG)
Oct.25,2018* GWA Group in (AU)
Oct.25,2018* Hatena Co
Oct.25,2018* Hong Leong Industries Bhd in (MY)
Oct.25,2018* I'LL in (JP)
Oct.25,2018* Infomedia in (AU)
Oct.25,2018* Inter Gamma Investment Company in (IL)
Oct.25,2018* iSelect
Oct.25,2018* Johnson and Phillips Pakistan in (PK)
Oct.25,2018* Juventus FC in (IT)
Oct.25,2018* Kakakucom in (JP)
Oct.25,2018* Karin Technology Hldg in (HK)
Oct.25,2018* Lewis Group in Cape Town (ZA)
Oct.25,2018* Mattioli Woods in (UK)
Oct.25,2018* Meiho Enterprise in (JP)
Oct.25,2018* Nippon Parking Development in (JP)
Oct.25,2018* PEC
Oct.25,2018* Pensonic Holdings Bhd in (MY)
Oct.25,2018* Planet in (JP)
Oct.25,2018* Ready Mixncrete andnstruction Supplies in (JO)
Oct.25,2018* Semen Baturaja Persero Tbk
Oct.25,2018* Sino Land in Hongkong (HK)
Oct.25,2018* Sougou Shouken in (JP)
Oct.25,2018* South32
Oct.25,2018* Sprintitaly
Oct.25,2018* Ssangyong Motor in (KR)
Oct.25,2018* TAS Offshore Bhd in (MY)
Oct.25,2018* Tea Life
Oct.25,2018* Techne
Oct.25,2018* Tic Tac Intl Hldg Co
Oct.25,2018* Torikizoku Co
Oct.25,2018* Truong Thanh Furniture in (VN)
Oct.25,2018* Twin Disc
Oct.25,2018 Unilever NV in Rotterdam (NL)
Oct.25,2018* VGO in (SG)
Oct.25,2018* Vino Zupa ad Aleksandrovac
Oct.25,2018* Virola Independenta
Oct.25,2018* Voluntis
Oct.25,2018* Whitehavenal in (AU)
Oct.25,2018* Wintest in (JP)
Oct.25,2018* World Reach in (AU)
Oct.26,2018* 101 Montri Storage Property Fund
Oct.26,2018* 333 Sugar Joint Stock
Oct.26,2018* Aerodromi Republike Srpske ad Banja Luka
Oct.26,2018* Airpark in (KR)
Oct.26,2018* Artiza Networks in (JP)
Oct.26,2018* AS Roma in (IT)
Oct.26,2018* Asian Micro Holdings
Oct.26,2018* Ateam
Oct.26,2018* Bank Victoria International Tbk in (ID)
Oct.26,2018* Carsales.Com
Oct.26,2018* CFM Holdings in (SG)
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