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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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Mar.27,2018* KB No.9 Special Purpose Acquisition Co
Mar.27,2018* Konecranes Abp in (FI)
Mar.27,2018* M-real Oyj in (FI)
Mar.27,2018* Mobimo Holding in (CH)
Mar.27,2018* Nov Meta Pharma Co
Mar.27,2018* NRD in (KR)
Mar.27,2018 SKF in Goeteborg (SE)
Mar.27,2018* Vessel Co
Mar.28,2018* Atrium Ljungberg in (SE)
Mar.28,2018* Cramo Oyj in (FI)
Mar.28,2018* Finotek Co
Mar.28,2018 fortum in Helsinki (FI)
Mar.28,2018* Intershop Holding in Zurich (CH)
Mar.28,2018* Luxpia Co
Mar.28,2018* P in (ES)
Mar.28,2018 Stora Enso in Helsinki (FI)
Mar.28,2018* Unipoint
Mar.29,2018* Digimatic Group
Mar.29,2018* Fusion Data Co
Mar.29,2018* HI Special Purpose Acquisition Co III
Mar.29,2018* Jeju Air Co
Mar.29,2018* KC Industry Co
Mar.29,2018* NS Company Co
Mar.29,2018* Opasnet Co
Mar.29,2018* PNIsystem Co
Mar.29,2018* SKCS Co
Mar.29,2018* Toebox Korea
Mar.29,2018* Toronto Dominion Bank in Toronto (CA)
Mar.30,2018* Bokwang Industry Co
Mar.30,2018* Caros Co
Mar.30,2018* Cronex Co
Mar.30,2018* Daejoo Energy Innovation Technology Co
Mar.30,2018* Dexter Studios Co
Mar.30,2018* Doosan Bobcat
Mar.30,2018* DSK in (KR)
Mar.30,2018* DuChemBio Co
Mar.30,2018* Emro
Mar.30,2018* ES Industry Co
Mar.30,2018* Eu Biologics Co
Mar.30,2018* Eugene ACPC Special Purpose Acquisition 2 Co
Mar.30,2018* Eugene Special Purpose Acquisition 3 Co
Mar.30,2018* Genomictree
Mar.30,2018* Genotech
Mar.30,2018* Hands Corporation
Mar.30,2018* Hansol CNP Co
Mar.30,2018* HUVEXEL Co
Mar.30,2018* I
Mar.30,2018* IntroMedic
Mar.30,2018* Jeonwoo Precision Co
Mar.30,2018* JSPV Co
Mar.30,2018* Logindo Samudramakmur in Jakarta (ID)
Mar.30,2018* Logos Biosystems
Mar.30,2018* Me 2 On Co
Mar.30,2018* MFM Korea Co
Mar.30,2018* Micro Friend
Mar.30,2018* Mobile Appliance
Mar.30,2018* New Power Plasma Co
Mar.30,2018* PCL
Mar.30,2018* QMC Co
Mar.30,2018* Shenzhen Suntak Circuit Technology Co
Mar.30,2018* SNP Genetics
Mar.30,2018* Stem Lab
Mar.30,2018* Sugentech
Mar.30,2018* Sun Machinery
Mar.30,2018* Surplus Global
Mar.30,2018* U2bio Co
Mar.30,2018* Volvik
Mar.30,2018* Woory Industrial Co
Mar.30,2018* Xavis Co
Mar.30,2018* Youcel
Mar.30,2018* Zisung ECS Co
Apr.04,2018 Geberit International in Rapperswil (CH)
Apr.04,2018 Swisscom in Fribourg (CH)
Apr.05,2018* Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce in Halifax (CA)
Apr.05,2018* Electrolux in Stockholm (SE)
Apr.05,2018* Gjensidige Forsikring in (NO)
Apr.05,2018 neste oil in Helsinki (FI)
Apr.05,2018* PSP Swiss Property in Zurich (CH)
Apr.05,2018 UPM KYMMENE in Helsinki (FI)
Apr.06,2018* Forbo Holding in (CH)
Apr.08,2018 DAIMLER (former: DaimlerChrysler) in Berlin (DE)
Compliance Statement
Apr.09,2018* Belimo Holding in (CH)
Apr.09,2018* Fabege in (SE)
Apr.09,2018 Henkel in Duesseldorf (DE)
Compliance Statement
Apr.10,2018* Glaston Oyj Abp
Apr.10,2018* Holmen in (SE)
Apr.10,2018* Nobia in (SE)
Apr.10,2018 OERLIKON in Luzern (CH)
Apr.10,2018* Saab in (SE)
Apr.10,2018* Vetropack Holding in Bueelach (CH)
Apr.11,2018* Inficon Holding in Bad Ragaz (CH)
Apr.11,2018* Julius Baer Gruppe in Zurich (CH)
Apr.11,2018 KESKO in Helsinki (FI)
Apr.11,2018* Royal Ahold in The Hagus (NL)
Apr.11,2018* SBM Offshore in Monaco (MC)
Apr.12,2018* Borregaard
Apr.12,2018 Elisa Oyj in Helsinki (FI)
Apr.12,2018 Lenzing AG in Lenzing (AT)
Compliance Statement
Apr.12,2018* Mikron Holding in (CH)
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