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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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Oct.26,2018* China Telecom in (CN)
Oct.26,2018* China Yuanbang Property Holdings in (CN)
Oct.26,2018* Daiwamputer in (JP)
Oct.26,2018* Danieli &+C Officine Meccaniche in Buttrio (IT)
Oct.26,2018* Digital Bros in (IT)
Oct.26,2018* Dr.Ci:Labo in (JP)
Oct.26,2018* EcoFirst Consolidated Bhd in (MY)
Oct.26,2018* Elsoft Research Bhd
Oct.26,2018* Equation Corp
Oct.26,2018* Ezen Tech in (KR)
Oct.26,2018* F J Benjamin Holdings in Singapore (SG)
Oct.26,2018* Firstlogic
Oct.26,2018* Genesem
Oct.26,2018* Global Yellow Pages in Singapore (SG)
Oct.26,2018* GRP in (SG)
Oct.26,2018* Hana Must Second Special Purpose Acquisition Co
Oct.26,2018* Harris Corp in Melbourne (US)
Oct.26,2018* Haudongchun Co
Oct.26,2018* I-mobile Co
Oct.26,2018* Insurance Australia Group in Sydney (AU)
Oct.26,2018* IOIoration Bhd in (MY)
Oct.26,2018* Isoteam
Oct.26,2018* Ko Yo Chemical Group
Oct.26,2018* Loyz Energy in (SG)
Oct.26,2018* Luka Bar ad Bar in (ME)
Oct.26,2018* Magic Micro Co
Oct.26,2018* Makedonija Viena Insurens Grup AD Skopje
Oct.26,2018* Malayan Flour Mills Bhd in (MY)
Oct.26,2018* Monalisa in (KR)
Oct.26,2018* OHMORI CO in (JP)
Oct.26,2018* Shinhan Alpha REIT Co
Oct.26,2018* Silverlake Axis in (MY)
Oct.26,2018* Sinobest Technology Holdings in (CN)
Oct.26,2018* SINOPEC Engineering Group
Oct.26,2018* Spindex Industries in (SG)
Oct.26,2018* SS Lazio in (IT)
Oct.26,2018* Sungjee Construction Co in (KR)
Oct.26,2018* Tiong Woon Holding in (SG)
Oct.26,2018* TMC Educationoration in Singapore (SG)
Oct.26,2018* Tonnellerie Francois Freres in (FR)
Oct.26,2018* UKF(Holdings)Ltd
Oct.26,2018 Unilever PLC in London (UK)
Oct.26,2018* Wesco Holdings in (JP)
Oct.26,2018* Zhongxin Fruit and Juice
Oct.27,2018* Arab Electrical Industries
Oct.27,2018* Dua Putra Utama Makmur
Oct.27,2018* Grupul Industrial Electrocontact in (DK)
Oct.27,2018 Mediobanca in Milano (IT)
Oct.27,2018* Ruby Textile Mills
Oct.27,2018* Vojvodinaput Backaput ad Novi Sad
Oct.27,2018* Wadi Kom Ombo Land Reclamation Co EAS in (EG)
Oct.28,2018* Bilokalnik-IPA in (HR)
Oct.28,2018* Computer Direct Group in (IL)
Oct.28,2018* Egyptian Modern Education Systems SAE
Oct.28,2018* Electra in (IL)
Oct.28,2018* Jarir Marketing in (SA)
Oct.28,2018* Mayanot Tamda in (IL)
Oct.28,2018* Middle Egypt Flour Mills
Oct.28,2018* Partner Communications Company in Rosh Ha ayin (IL)
Oct.29,2018* Aier Eye Hospital Group in (CN)
Oct.29,2018* Alumast
Oct.29,2018* Arad in (IL)
Oct.29,2018* ArcelorMittal Hunedoara in (RO)
Oct.29,2018* AsiaCredit Bank AO
Oct.29,2018* Avi Tech Electronics in (SG)
Oct.29,2018* BALNIBARBI Co
Oct.29,2018* Bank Bukopin Tbk in (ID)
Oct.29,2018* Boral in (AU)
Oct.29,2018* Burson Group
Oct.29,2018* Centrepoint Alliance
Oct.29,2018* D'nonce Technology Bhd
Oct.29,2018* Dafora in (RO)
Oct.29,2018* ES Ceramics Technology Bhd
Oct.29,2018* Giglio Group
Oct.29,2018* Hong Leong Bank Bhd in (MY)
Oct.29,2018* Irsa Inversiones y Representaciones in (AR)
Oct.29,2018* Konsorcjum Stali in (PL)
Oct.29,2018* L'Accumulateur Tunisien Assad in (TN)
Oct.29,2018* Lifepoint Hospitals
Oct.29,2018* Logistics Holdings
Oct.29,2018* Metabank PAT
Oct.29,2018* Middle East Paper Co SJSC
Oct.29,2018* Mitra Komunikasi Nusantara Tbk
Oct.29,2018* Montenegro Stock Exchange
Oct.29,2018* NETIA in (PL)
Oct.29,2018* Poligrafici Printing in (IT)
Oct.29,2018* Romaero in Bukarest (RO)
Oct.29,2018* Safilo Group in (IT)
Oct.29,2018* Sakae Holdings in (SG)
Oct.29,2018* Shoprite Holdings in (ZA)
Oct.29,2018* Truly International Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Oct.29,2018* Union Bank of Israel in (IL)
Oct.29,2018* Vocus Communications in (AU)
Oct.29,2018* WP Carey and LLC
Oct.29,2018* Zetatrans ad Podgorica
Oct.29,2018* Zhaojin Mining Industry in (CN)
Oct.30,2018* 235 Holdings AD
Oct.30,2018 AIA Auckland International Airport in Auckland (NZ)
Oct.30,2018* Angle in (UK)
Oct.30,2018* Apollo Food Holdings Bhd in (MY)
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