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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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May.23,2018 Societe Generale in Paris (FR)
Compliance Statement
May.23,2018* St James's Place in London (UK)
May.23,2018* TAG Immobilien in Hamburg (DE)
May.23,2018 Thales in Paris (FR)
May.23,2018 United Internet in Frankfurt (DE)
May.23,2018* Valiant Holding in Bern (CH)
May.23,2018* Zhejiang Tiantie Industry Co
May.24,2018* Atos in Bezons (FR)
May.24,2018* Austevoll Seafood in (NO)
May.24,2018 Balfour Beatty in (UK)
May.24,2018 BNP Paribas in Paris (FR)
Compliance Statement
May.24,2018 Dassault Aviation in Paris (FR)
May.24,2018 Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt/Main (DE)
Compliance StatementAGM video
May.24,2018* Eramet in (FR)
May.24,2018 Erste Group Bank AG in Wien (AT)
May.24,2018 inchcape in Bristol (UK)
May.24,2018* InDex Pharmaceuticals Holding in Stockholm (SE)
May.24,2018 Indus Holding in Cologne (DE)
Compliance Statement
May.24,2018 Intertek group in London (UK)
May.24,2018* OHB Technology in Bremen (D)
May.24,2018 Salzgitter in Braunschweig (DE)
May.24,2018* Sintercast in Stockholm (SE)
May.24,2018* Standard Bank Group in (ZA)
May.25,2018* Australian Masters Yield Fund No 4
May.25,2018* Australian Masters Yield Fund No 5
May.25,2018 Bayer in Bonn (DE)
Compliance Statement
May.25,2018* Emerging Capital
May.25,2018* Energy Solutions International
May.25,2018* Informa in (CH)
May.25,2018* Malta Properties Company
May.25,2018* Ontex Group in (BE)
May.25,2018 Safran in Paris (FR)
May.25,2018* Silver Heritage Group
May.25,2018 TLG Immobilien in Berlin (DE)
May.25,2018* VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP AG (Wiener Stdtische Versicherung AG) in (AT)
May.28,2018* Ackermans en van Haaren in Antwerp (BE)
May.28,2018* UNIQA Versicherungen AG in (AT)
May.29,2018* ABN AMRO Group
May.29,2018 Allgemeine Baugesellschaft - A.Porr AG in Wien (AT)
May.29,2018 Carl Zeiss Meditec in Weimar (DE)
May.29,2018* Fingerprint Cards in (SE)
May.29,2018 Fraport in Frankfurt (DE)
May.29,2018* Romande Energie Holding in (CH)
May.29,2018 SGL Carbon in Wiesbaden (DE)
Compliance Statement
May.30,2018 Deutsche Wohnen in Frankfurt (DE)
Compliance Statement
May.30,2018* Legrand SNC in Paris (FR)
May.30,2018 LEIFHEIT in Frankfurt (DE)
May.30,2018* Marine Harvest in (NO)
May.30,2018* Nemetschek in Munich (DE)
May.30,2018* SNP Schneider-Neureither + Partner in Heidelberg (DE)
May.30,2018 Software in Darmstadt (DE)
May.30,2018* Stratec Biomedical in (DE)
May.30,2018 Telekom Austria AG in Wien (AT)
May.31,2018* Exponent
May.31,2018* Lpkf Laser & Electronics in Hannover (DE)
May.31,2018* MRM in (FR)
May.31,2018* Nexity in (FR)
May.31,2018* NN Group
May.31,2018* Nobina publ in (SE)
Jun.01,2018 Total in Paris (FR)
Compliance Statement
Jun.05,2018 BayWa in Munich (DE)
Jun.05,2018 OVB Holding in Cologne (DE)
Jun.05,2018* TBC Bank Group
Jun.06,2018 Delivery Hero in Berlin (DE)
Jun.06,2018 Jenoptik in Weimar (DE)
Compliance Statement
Jun.06,2018 RHOEN-KLINIKUM in Frankfurt (DE)
Compliance Statement
Jun.06,2018 Uniper in Essen (DE)
Compliance Statement
Jun.06,2018* XXL in Oslo (NO)
Jun.07,2018* AA in London (UK)
Jun.07,2018* Rubis SCA in (FR)
Jun.07,2018 Saint Gobain in Paris (FR)
Jun.07,2018* Shopify
Jun.12,2018 Bechtle in Heilbronn (DE)
Jun.12,2018 HHLA Hamburger Hafen und Logistik in Hamburg (DE)
Compliance Statement
Jun.12,2018 Kingfisher in London (UK)
Jun.12,2018* Merrimack Pharm(Atlantic)
Jun.12,2018 Sonova Holding in Zurich (CH)
Jun.12,2018* Sopra Group in (FR)
Jun.13,2018 Adva Optical Networking in Meiningen (DE)
Jun.13,2018* euromicron in Frankfurt (DE)
Jun.13,2018 Krones in Neutraubling (DE)
Jun.13,2018* SA Sipef in Schoten (BE)
Jun.14,2018 edding in Ahrensburg (DE)
Jun.14,2018* Pancolour Ink Co
Jun.14,2018* SOLOCAL (formerly: PagesJaunes) in Paris (FR)
Jun.14,2018 Wienerberger AG in Vienna (AT)
Jun.14,2018* Wm Morrison Supermarkets P L C in Bradford (UK)
Jun.15,2018* GeneFerm Biotechnology Co
Jun.15,2018* Selecta Biosciences
Jun.15,2018 STRABAG in Vienna (AT)
Jun.15,2018* Tellgen
Jun.15,2018 TESCO in (UK)
Jun.15,2018 Wirecard in Munich (DE)
Compliance Statement
Jun.18,2018* Cash Medien in Hamburg (DE)
Jun.19,2018* PVA TePla in Giessen (DE)
Jun.20,2018* Buima Group
Jun.20,2018 Evotec in Hamburg (DE)
Compliance StatementAGM video
Jun.21,2018* GK Software in Schoeneck (DE)
Jun.21,2018* Raiffeisen Bank International AG in (AT)
Jun.22,2018* NEPTUN PAO
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