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Nov.09,2018* Asuransi Multi Artha Guna Tbk in (ID)
Nov.09,2018* AVIC International Holding HK in (HK)
Nov.09,2018* Bass Metals in (AU)
Nov.09,2018* Csepel Holding in (HU)
Nov.09,2018* Duckshin Housing Co
Nov.09,2018* Dufu Technology Corp Bhd in (MY)
Nov.09,2018* Extol MSC Bhd in (MY)
Nov.09,2018* Finetex EnE in (KR)
Nov.09,2018* Freeman Financial in (HK)
Nov.09,2018* Galliford Try in London (UK)
Nov.09,2018* Hanisonnstruction Holdings in (HK)
Nov.09,2018* Iasitex
Nov.09,2018* II-VI
Nov.09,2018* Indykpol in (PL)
Nov.09,2018* Innovative Ideals and Services (India)
Nov.09,2018* Invalda in (LT)
Nov.09,2018* INVL Baltic Farmland
Nov.09,2018* INVL Baltic Real Estate
Nov.09,2018* INVL Technology
Nov.09,2018* KEPCO Plant Service & Engineering in (KR)
Nov.09,2018* Kompaniya po Strakhovaniyu Zhizni Aziya Life AO
Nov.09,2018* ktk INC in (JP)
Nov.09,2018* KWG Property Holding in (CN)
Nov.09,2018* Kyivs'kyi richkovyi port PAT
Nov.09,2018* Lumentum Holdings
Nov.09,2018* Magillem Design Services
Nov.09,2018* Malaysian Genomics Resource Centre Bhd in (MY)
Nov.09,2018* Malteries Franco Belges in (FR)
Nov.09,2018* Medizen Humancare Inc Co
Nov.09,2018* Minox
Nov.09,2018* Nusa Raya Cipta Tbk
Nov.09,2018* Odella Leather Holdings
Nov.09,2018* Rubber Industry and Import Export JSC in (VN)
Nov.09,2018* Sat & Jsc in (UK)
Nov.09,2018* SensoDetect
Nov.09,2018* Slater + Gordon
Nov.09,2018* South Sea Petroleum Holdings in (HK)
Nov.09,2018* TEO LT, in (LT)
Nov.09,2018* Three Sixty Five in Bangkok (TH)
Nov.10,2018* Famos
Nov.10,2018* Heliopolis Company for Housing andnstruction in (EG)
Nov.10,2018* icapital.biz Bhd in (MY)
Nov.11,2018* Aeon Metals in (AU)
Nov.11,2018* Al Safat Real Estate Co KSCC
Nov.11,2018* Biomedix Incubator
Nov.11,2018* E2 Metals
Nov.11,2018* Green Crescent Insurance PJSC in (AE)
Nov.11,2018* Inovest BSC in Manama (BH)
Nov.11,2018* International Agricultural Products in (EG)
Nov.11,2018* Northern Mining in (AU)
Nov.11,2018* Safety Medical Products
Nov.11,2018* Sura Development and Investment
Nov.11,2018* Tempus Resources
Nov.12,2018* Agricultural Bank of China in (CN)
Nov.12,2018* ALE Property Group
Nov.12,2018* Anatara Lifesciences
Nov.12,2018* Asia Resources Holdings
Nov.12,2018* Austbrokers Holdings in (AU)
Nov.12,2018* CDRL in (PL)
Nov.12,2018* Charter Hall Retail REIT in (AU)
Nov.12,2018* China Environmental Resources Group
Nov.12,2018* China International Marinentainers (Group) in (CN)
Nov.12,2018* Dongjiang Environmental in (CN)
Nov.12,2018* Electransumer Products in (IL)
Nov.12,2018* FreeSoft Szoftverfejleszto es Szamitastechnikai Szolgaltato in (HU)
Nov.12,2018* GLG Corp
Nov.12,2018* Glorious Property Holdings in (CN)
Nov.12,2018* GuocoLand (Malaysia) Bhd in (MY)
Nov.12,2018* Hysonic Co in (KR)
Nov.12,2018* Icerp
Nov.12,2018* Jiangsu Hoperun Software
Nov.12,2018* Jupiter Energy in (AU)
Nov.12,2018* LongReach Group
Nov.12,2018* National for Maize Products in (EG)
Nov.12,2018* Ndfos Co
Nov.12,2018* O Key Group in (RU)
Nov.12,2018* Pireus Bank MKB PAT
Nov.12,2018* Pmp in (AU)
Nov.12,2018* Sitoy(HK)Handbag Factory
Nov.12,2018* South West Eco Development
Nov.12,2018* STALPROFIL in (PL)
Nov.12,2018* Tianjin Binhai Teda Logistics (Group) in Tanjin (CN)
Nov.12,2018* Watpac in (AU)
Nov.12,2018* Yamaltransstroy
Nov.13,2018* A & J Mucklow Group P L C in (UK)
Nov.13,2018* African Rainbow Capital Investments in Ebene (MU)
Nov.13,2018* Alro in (RO)
Nov.13,2018* Aura Investments in (IL)
Nov.13,2018* Ayudhya Insurance in Bangkok (TH)
Nov.13,2018* Bingo Industries
Nov.13,2018* Blue Energy
Nov.13,2018* CDK Global
Nov.13,2018* Centroistok ad Bor in Belgrad (RS)
Nov.13,2018* Chengdu PUTIAN Telecommunications Cable Co in (CN)
Nov.13,2018* Cherrypick Games
Nov.13,2018* China Aoyuan Property Group in (CN)
Nov.13,2018* China Huarong Asset Management Co in Beijing (CN)
Nov.13,2018* China Life Insurance in (CN)
Nov.13,2018* Clean Seas Tuna in (AU)
Nov.13,2018 computershare in Abbotsford (AU)
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