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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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Dec.14,2018* Unione di Banche Italiane ScpA in (IT)
Dec.14,2018* Wing Lee Holdings in (HK)
Dec.14,2018 Wolfgang Steubing in Frankfurt (DE)
Dec.14,2018* Work Service
Dec.14,2018* Yevroprombank PAT in Kiev (UA)
Dec.15,2018* Feroze1888 Mills in Karachi (PK)
Dec.15,2018* Skistar in (SE)
Dec.15,2018* Step in (JP)
Dec.15,2018* Trust International Insurance in Ramallha (PS)
Dec.15,2018* Union Bank of Iraq PSC in (IQ)
Dec.16,2018* Arab Weavers Union Co in Sahab (JO)
Dec.16,2018* GMO Payment Gateway in (JP)
Dec.16,2018* Islamic Arab Insurance PSC in Dubai (AE)
Dec.16,2018* National Agriculture Marketing in (SA)
Dec.16,2018* Palaces Real Estate and Development in Amman (JO)
Dec.17,2018* Abadon Real Estate in (PL)
Dec.17,2018* Adiuvo Investments in Warzaw (PL)
Dec.17,2018* Agencja Rozwoju Innowacji
Dec.17,2018* Arko Holdings
Dec.17,2018* Bcpl International
Dec.17,2018* BLC BankL
Dec.17,2018* Brangista
Dec.17,2018* China Online Education Group
Dec.17,2018* China Resources Power Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Dec.17,2018* China Shipping Development in (CN)
Dec.17,2018* ChinasCo Holdings in (CN)
Dec.17,2018* Conafi Prestito in (IT)
Dec.17,2018* Continental Holdings
Dec.17,2018* Copart
Dec.17,2018* Creon
Dec.17,2018* Crocodile Garments in (HK)
Dec.17,2018* Daishin Balance 3rd Special Purpose Acquisition Co
Dec.17,2018* Dekpol
Dec.17,2018* Discount Investment in (IL)
Dec.17,2018* E Schnapp and Works
Dec.17,2018* Egypt Kuwait Holding CompanyE
Dec.17,2018* Enbridge Energy Management LLC
Dec.17,2018* Enbridge Energy Partners LP
Dec.17,2018* Fittec International Group in (TH)
Dec.17,2018* Fluid
Dec.17,2018* Guangdong Nan Yue Logistics
Dec.17,2018* iDimension Consolidated Bhd in (MY)
Dec.17,2018* Inno-Tech Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Dec.17,2018* Mera in (PL)
Dec.17,2018* Miraculum in (PL)
Dec.17,2018* Namibian Resources in London (UK)
Dec.17,2018* Nutanix in San Jose (US)
Dec.17,2018* Prospect Capital in New York (US)
Dec.17,2018* Safestay in London (GB)
Dec.17,2018* Selected Textile Industries Association in (GR)
Dec.17,2018* Shenzhen Neptunus Interlong Bio Technique
Dec.17,2018* SingAsia Holdings
Dec.17,2018* Skyline Investment in (PL)
Dec.17,2018* Societe Centrale des Bois et des Scieries de la Manche in (FR)
Dec.17,2018* Systemax
Dec.17,2018* Tianjin Capital Environmental Protection Group in Tianjin (CN)
Dec.17,2018* Turism Covasna in Covasna (RO)
Dec.17,2018* UkrSybbank PAT
Dec.17,2018* Ventura Guaranty in Sydney (AU)
Dec.17,2018* Zhytomyrs'kyi maslozavod PAT in (UA)
Dec.18,2018* Adamas In Corporation in (TH)
Dec.18,2018* Affine in (FR)
Dec.18,2018* Air China in (CN)
Dec.18,2018* Alkindo Naratama Tbk
Dec.18,2018* Angang Steel in (CN)
Dec.18,2018* Avgol Industries 1953 in (IL)
Dec.18,2018* Bank SoharOG
Dec.18,2018* Bram Industries
Dec.18,2018* Capital Estate
Dec.18,2018* Chaoda Modern Agriculture (Holdings) in Hongkong (HK)
Dec.18,2018* Chongqing Iron & Steel in (CN)
Dec.18,2018* CrucialEms in (KR)
Dec.18,2018* Csi in (JP)
Dec.18,2018* Damf Inwestycje in (PL)
Dec.18,2018* Defactostandard
Dec.18,2018* Duna House Holding
Dec.18,2018* E-Mart in (KR)
Dec.18,2018* Editions du Signe in (FR)
Dec.18,2018* ELEKTROBUDOWA in (PL)
Dec.18,2018* Everbright Securities in (HK)
Dec.18,2018* Factset Research Systems
Dec.18,2018* Friendly in (JP)
Dec.18,2018* FX Hotels Group
Dec.18,2018* Global Knafaim Leasing
Dec.18,2018* Green Plus Co
Dec.18,2018* Heki
Dec.18,2018* Hemaraj Leasehold Real Estate Investment Trust
Dec.18,2018* Hosokawa Micron in (JP)
Dec.18,2018* Idemitsu Kosan in (JP)
Dec.18,2018* Interpipe NTZ PAT
Dec.18,2018* KI Holdings in (JP)
Dec.18,2018* KONAKA CO in (JP)
Dec.18,2018* KREnergy in (IT)
Dec.18,2018* Kumbi in (KR)
Dec.18,2018* Lindsay
Dec.18,2018* Master Pharm
Dec.18,2018* Mastrad in (FR)
Dec.18,2018* Mehabank PAT
Dec.18,2018* Mosman Oil + Gas
Dec.18,2018* National CleaningK in (KW)
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