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Nov.29,2018* Australian Dairy Farms Group
Nov.29,2018* Australian Leaders Fund in (AU)
Nov.29,2018* Avanquest Software in (FR)
Nov.29,2018* Axas Holdings Co
Nov.29,2018* Azure Minerals in (AU)
Nov.29,2018* Bank of Queensland in (AU)
Nov.29,2018* Bayan Sulu AO in (KZ)
Nov.29,2018* Berjaya Assets Bhd in (MY)
Nov.29,2018* Best Fuel in (IL)
Nov.29,2018* Binasat Communications Bhd
Nov.29,2018* Bioiasis AD Sofia
Nov.29,2018* Bisalloy Steel Group in Sydney (AU)
Nov.29,2018* Bulgartabac holding AD Sofia in (BG)
Nov.29,2018* Bumi Resources Tbk in (ID)
Nov.29,2018* Campbell Soup
Nov.29,2018* Carawine Resources
Nov.29,2018* Carimin Petroleum Bhd
Nov.29,2018* Challenger Energy in (AU)
Nov.29,2018* China Green (Holdings)
Nov.29,2018* China Netcom Technology Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Nov.29,2018* China Unienergy Group
Nov.29,2018* CME Group
Nov.29,2018* CMI
Nov.29,2018* CNH Global in (NL)
Nov.29,2018* Connect Holdings in (JP)
Nov.29,2018* Crest Minerals
Nov.29,2018* CWG Holdings Bhd
Nov.29,2018* Dampier Gold
Nov.29,2018* Dempsey Minerals
Nov.29,2018* East Delta Flour Mills in (EG)
Nov.29,2018* Edaran Bhd in (MY)
Nov.29,2018* Elementos in (AU)
Nov.29,2018* Elysium Resources in (AU)
Nov.29,2018* Encounter Resources in (AU)
Nov.29,2018 Essilor in Paris (FR)
Compliance Statement
Nov.29,2018* Falcon Minerals in (AU)
Nov.29,2018* Fast Retailing in (JP)
Nov.29,2018* Fast Track Solution Holdings Bhd in (MY)
Nov.29,2018* Fauji Cement Company
Nov.29,2018* Fe in (AU)
Nov.29,2018 Ferguson (formerly: Wolseley) in Zug (CH)
Nov.29,2018* Fertoz Pty
Nov.29,2018* Foyson Resources
Nov.29,2018* Freedom Foods Group in (AU)
Nov.29,2018* Fse Engineering Holdings
Nov.29,2018* Funtastic in (AU)
Nov.29,2018* Gas2grid
Nov.29,2018* Gateway Mining in (AU)
Nov.29,2018* Genetic Signatures
Nov.29,2018* GetSwift
Nov.29,2018* Global Metals Exploration NL in (AU)
Nov.29,2018* Global Petroleum in (AU)
Nov.29,2018* Globaltec Formation Bhd
Nov.29,2018* Gold Anomaly in (AU)
Nov.29,2018* Golden Rim Resources in (AU)
Nov.29,2018* Goldphyre Resources
Nov.29,2018* Happiness and D
Nov.29,2018* Helix Resources in (AU)
Nov.29,2018* Hito-Co Communications
Nov.29,2018* Hks in (JP)
Nov.29,2018* Ibn Alhaytham Hospital in (JO)
Nov.29,2018* International Company for Fertilizers and Chemicals SAE in (EG)
Nov.29,2018* Internet Media Services in (PL)
Nov.29,2018* Jerasia Capital Bhd in (MY)
Nov.29,2018* Jin in (JP)
Nov.29,2018* Jpmorgan Claverhouse Investment Trust in (UK)
Nov.29,2018* Juda Intl Holdings
Nov.29,2018* Karoon Gas Australia in (AU)
Nov.29,2018* Kilgore Oil And Gas in (AU)
Nov.29,2018* Kingsgate Consolidated in (AU)
Nov.29,2018* KSL Holdings
Nov.29,2018* Lahav LR Real Estate in (IL)
Nov.29,2018* Lindian Resources
Nov.29,2018* Malaysia Pacific Corporation Bhd in (MY)
Nov.29,2018* Mayne Pharma Group in (AU)
Nov.29,2018* Melewar Industrial Group Bhd in (MY)
Nov.29,2018* Menang Corporation (M) Bhd
Nov.29,2018* Metalstech
Nov.29,2018* Metaps
Nov.29,2018* Metronic Global Bhd in (MY)
Nov.29,2018* MGT Resources
Nov.29,2018* Minho (M) Bhd in (MY)
Nov.29,2018* Mining Projects Group in (AU)
Nov.29,2018* Monteray Mining Group in (AU)
Nov.29,2018* Motopia in Adelaide (AU)
Nov.29,2018* MSL Solutions
Nov.29,2018* mTouche Technology Bhd in (MY)
Nov.29,2018* Mycron Steel Bhd in (MY)
Nov.29,2018* Myriad Genetics
Nov.29,2018* NAOS Emerging Opportunities Company
Nov.29,2018* Newfield Resources
Nov.29,2018* Nextchip in (KR)
Nov.29,2018* Nizhegorodskaya sbytovaya kompaniya in (RU)
Nov.29,2018* Normal' in (RU)
Nov.29,2018* Nousouken
Nov.29,2018* NPC in (JP)
Nov.29,2018* Optiscan Imaging
Nov.29,2018* Otherlevels Holdings
Nov.29,2018* Panax Geothermal in (AU)
Nov.29,2018* Pancontinental Oil + Gas NL in (AU)
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