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Nov.14,2018* Steve Leung Design Group
Nov.14,2018* Symphony
Nov.14,2018* Tarnava
Nov.14,2018* Tatt Giap Group Bhd
Nov.14,2018* The Clorox
Nov.14,2018* Vectus Biosystems
Nov.14,2018* VitzroSys Co in (KR)
Nov.14,2018* West Wits Mining
Nov.14,2018* Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies
Nov.15,2018* A Libental Holdings in (IL)
Nov.15,2018* Aberdeen Leaders
Nov.15,2018* Acorn Capital Investment Fund
Nov.15,2018* Adelaide Resources in (AU)
Nov.15,2018* Afcon Holdings in (IL)
Nov.15,2018* African Energy Resources in Subiaco (ZA)
Nov.15,2018* Aguia Resources in (AU)
Nov.15,2018* Anteo Diagnostics
Nov.15,2018* Arafura Resources in (AU)
Nov.15,2018* Australian Enhancedome Fund in (AU)
Nov.15,2018* Avation
Nov.15,2018* Awbud in (PL)
Nov.15,2018* Bank Mayapada Internasional Tbk in (ID)
Nov.15,2018* Bank Pan Indonesia Tbk in (ID)
Nov.15,2018* BIC CAMERA INC in (JP)
Nov.15,2018* Bottomline Technologies in New Castle (US)
Nov.15,2018* Brenmiller Energy
Nov.15,2018* Brinker International in (IL)
Nov.15,2018* CACI International
Nov.15,2018* Capilano Honey in (AU)
Nov.15,2018* Central Cooperative Bank AD Sofia in (BG)
Nov.15,2018* Cesar
Nov.15,2018* Charter Hall Group in (AU)
Nov.15,2018* China ECo Farming in (HK)
Nov.15,2018* Comnord in (RO)
Nov.15,2018* Cracker Barrel Olduntry Store
Nov.15,2018* Credit Europe Bank PAT in Amsterdam (NL)
Nov.15,2018* Daqo New Energy
Nov.15,2018* Eco Quest
Nov.15,2018* Emeco Holdings
Nov.15,2018* Energy Material Technology Co
Nov.15,2018* Europe Online Trade EAD
Nov.15,2018* Fashion B Air in (FR)
Nov.15,2018* Fitzroy River Corporation
Nov.15,2018* Forest City Realty Trust in Cleveland (US)
Nov.15,2018* Fortescue Metals Group in (AU)
Nov.15,2018* Freedom Insurance Group
Nov.15,2018* Genus in (UK)
Nov.15,2018* Gluskin Sheff + Associates
Nov.15,2018* Goodman Industrial Trust in (AU)
Nov.15,2018* Great Western Exploration
Nov.15,2018* Gulf Investment House KSC in Safat (KW)
Nov.15,2018* Gulf Navigation Holding PJSC in (AE)
Nov.15,2018* Hydroponics Company
Nov.15,2018* ImCo Industries in (IL)
Nov.15,2018* International Equities Corporation
Nov.15,2018* iSentia Group
Nov.15,2018* IZOSTAL in (PL)
Nov.15,2018* Jack Henry & Associates in Monett (US)
Nov.15,2018* JD Wetherspoon in (UK)
Nov.15,2018* Kerala Ayurveda in (IN)
Nov.15,2018* Leejam Sports Company SJSC
Nov.15,2018* Lend Lease in (AU)
Nov.15,2018* Lifevantage in Sandy (US)
Nov.15,2018* Lung Cheong International Holdings in (HK)
Nov.15,2018* M Mode Bhd in (MY)
Nov.15,2018* Malagasy Minerals
Nov.15,2018* Medco Energi Internasional Tbk in (ID)
Nov.15,2018* Microequities Asset Management Group
Nov.15,2018* Mint Wireless
Nov.15,2018* Musgrave Minerals
Nov.15,2018* National Company for Housing for Professional Syndicates SAE in (EG)
Nov.15,2018* Navitas
Nov.15,2018* Northern Star Resources
Nov.15,2018* Orascom Telecom HoldingE in (EG)
Nov.15,2018* Perpetual Resources
Nov.15,2018* Phoenix New Media
Nov.15,2018* Pine Technology Holdings
Nov.15,2018* Prana Biotechnology in (AU)
Nov.15,2018* Procognia Israel in (IL)
Nov.15,2018* Raiz Invest
Nov.15,2018* Ratu Prabu Energi Tbk
Nov.15,2018* Redrover Co
Nov.15,2018* Ricardo in (UK)
Nov.15,2018* Royalco Resources in (AU)
Nov.15,2018* Ruralaus Investments in (AU)
Nov.15,2018* Scope Industries Bhd in (MY)
Nov.15,2018* SelfWealth
Nov.15,2018* Sharpsmpliance
Nov.15,2018* Shinwa in (JP)
Nov.15,2018* Sime Darby Bhd
Nov.15,2018* Skano Group (former: Viisnurk) AS in Paernu (EE)
Nov.15,2018* Societe De Bourbon Tay Ninh in (VN)
Nov.15,2018* Soho Development in (PL)
Nov.15,2018* Suez CementE in (EG)
Nov.15,2018* Syngas
Nov.15,2018* Tando Resources
Nov.15,2018* Telenav
Nov.15,2018* Thai Nakarin Hospital in (TH)
Nov.15,2018* Tidewater
Nov.15,2018* TMK Artrom in (RO)
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