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Nov.19,2018* Nws Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Nov.19,2018* Pacific Drilling
Nov.19,2018* Pro Medicus in (AU)
Nov.19,2018* Resbud in (PL)
Nov.19,2018* Seoheenstruction in (KR)
Nov.19,2018* Shanghai La Chapelle Fashion Co
Nov.19,2018* Shin Heung Energy + Electronics Co
Nov.19,2018* St George Mining in (AU)
Nov.19,2018* Sultan Center Food Products KSCC in (KW)
Nov.19,2018* Sultan Resources
Nov.19,2018* Syrymbet AO
Nov.19,2018* Thomson Reuters
Nov.19,2018* TPBI
Nov.19,2018* Triboo Media
Nov.19,2018* Vera Synthetic
Nov.19,2018* Yirendai
Nov.20,2018* A2 Milk in Auckland (NZ)
Nov.20,2018* Afterpay Touch Group
Nov.20,2018* Altice in Luxembourg (LU)
Nov.20,2018* Altura Mining
Nov.20,2018* Athos Venture Capital
Nov.20,2018* AusNiCo in (AU)
Nov.20,2018* Australasian Wealth Investments
Nov.20,2018* Bentley Capital in (AU)
Nov.20,2018* Bio-Gene Technology
Nov.20,2018* Botswana Metals in (AU)
Nov.20,2018* Century Australia Investments in (AU)
Nov.20,2018* China Communicationsnstruction in (CN)
Nov.20,2018* China Vanguard Group in Hongkong (HK)
Nov.20,2018* Chungkwang Construction Co
Nov.20,2018* Clover Hitech in (KR)
Nov.20,2018* CROSSTEC Group Holdings
Nov.20,2018* CSG in (AU)
Nov.20,2018* Digislide Holdings in (AU)
Nov.20,2018* Electromontaj Carpati
Nov.20,2018 Fletcher Building in Auckland (NZ)
Nov.20,2018* Givot Olam Oil Exploration LP (1993)
Nov.20,2018* Herkules in (PL)
Nov.20,2018* Horizon Gold
Nov.20,2018* Hotel Property Investments
Nov.20,2018* Ironbark Zinc in (GL)
Nov.20,2018* Jatenergy
Nov.20,2018* Liberty Resources in (US)
Nov.20,2018 Medion in Essen (DE)
Nov.20,2018* MIE Holdings
Nov.20,2018* Monadelphous Group in (AU)
Nov.20,2018* Municipal Mortgage & Equity LLC
Nov.20,2018* N1 Holdings
Nov.20,2018* New Hope
Nov.20,2018* New World Development in Hongkong (HK)
Nov.20,2018* Newera Resources in (AU)
Nov.20,2018* Okura Holdings
Nov.20,2018* Oritani Financial
Nov.20,2018* Pan African Resources in (UK)
Nov.20,2018* Peet in (AU)
Nov.20,2018* Prime Media Group
Nov.20,2018* Prince Hill Wines
Nov.20,2018* Rainbow Chicken in (ZA)
Nov.20,2018* Rift Valley Resources in (AU)
Nov.20,2018* SAF TEHNIKA AS in (LV)
Nov.20,2018* Seven Group Holdings in (AU)
Nov.20,2018* Sonic Healthcare
Nov.20,2018* Stroyinvest Holding AD Sofia in (BG)
Nov.20,2018* Tapuz People in (IL)
Nov.20,2018* Toya
Nov.20,2018* Viet Nam Land Investment in (VN)
Nov.20,2018* Wam Capital in (AU)
Nov.20,2018* WCP Resources in (AU)
Nov.20,2018* West Holdings in (JP)
Nov.20,2018* Wisetech Global in (AU)
Nov.20,2018* Yue Da Mining Holdings in (HK)
Nov.20,2018* Zito Polog AD Tetovo
Nov.21,2018* 1300 Smiles
Nov.21,2018* Adeffective
Nov.21,2018* Akatsuki Eazima in (JP)
Nov.21,2018* Australian Vintage in (AU)
Nov.21,2018* Axiom Properties in (AU)
Nov.21,2018* Bakrie & Brothers Tbk in (ID)
Nov.21,2018* Bank Yudha Bhakti Tbk in Jakarta (ID)
Nov.21,2018* Boom Logistics in (AU)
Nov.21,2018* CALESCO in (PL)
Nov.21,2018* Candle Media Co in (KR)
Nov.21,2018* China Boqi Environmental Holding Co
Nov.21,2018* Citadel CapitalE
Nov.21,2018* Coalbank in (AU)
Nov.21,2018* Cradle Resources in (AU)
Nov.21,2018* Cromwell Property Group in (AU)
Nov.21,2018* Drake Resources in (AU)
Nov.21,2018* East Africa Resources in (AU)
Nov.21,2018* El Al Israel Airlines in (IL)
Nov.21,2018* Energy Action
Nov.21,2018* Finsbury Food Group in (UK)
Nov.21,2018* FoundPac Group Bhd
Nov.21,2018* Graphitecorp
Nov.21,2018* Growthpoint Properties Australia in Melbourne (AU)
Nov.21,2018* Grupa Recykl
Nov.21,2018* Haier Electronics Group in Hongkong (HK)
Nov.21,2018* HKE Holdings
Nov.21,2018* Industrial and Commercial Bank of China in (CN)
Nov.21,2018* Kadimastem
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