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Apr.25,2019* Global Payments in Atlanta (US)
Apr.25,2019* Ha Noi Education Publishing Services JSC
Apr.25,2019* Hacisco Joint Stock
Apr.25,2019* Hai Phong Pharmaceutical JSC
Apr.25,2019* Halyard Health
Apr.25,2019* Hanoi - Haiduong Beer Joint Stock in (VN)
Apr.25,2019* Hanoi Construction JSC No5
Apr.25,2019* Hanoi Education Development and Investment Joint Stock in (VN)
Apr.25,2019* Hanoi Liquor JSC
Apr.25,2019* Hanoi Water Supply Number 2 JSC
Apr.25,2019* Hatien Transport Joint Stock in (VN)
Apr.25,2019* HCP
Apr.25,2019* Heineken Holding
Apr.25,2019 Heineken in Amsterdam (NL)
Apr.25,2019* Ho Chi Minh City Food JSC in (VN)
Apr.25,2019* Ho Chi Minh City Securities in (VN)
Apr.25,2019* Housing Bank of Trade and Finance in (JO)
Apr.25,2019* Hua Na Hydropower JSC
Apr.25,2019* HUDLAND Real Estate Development and Investment Joint Stock in (VN)
Apr.25,2019* Huhtamaki Oyj in Espoo (FI)
Apr.25,2019* Idico Urban and House Development Joint Stock in (VN)
Apr.25,2019* Indika Energy Tbk in (ID)
Apr.25,2019* Ingevity
Apr.25,2019* Inmarsat in London (UK)
Apr.25,2019* Interlink Telecom
Apr.25,2019* Intermedia Capital Tbk
Apr.25,2019* Interpipe NTZ PAT
Apr.25,2019* Investment and Trading of Real Estate Joint Stock in (VN)
Apr.25,2019* Jarvis Securities in (UK)
Apr.25,2019* Johnson & Johnson
Apr.25,2019* Jordan Wood Industries Co PSC in (JO)
Apr.25,2019* Jordanian Electric Power in (JO)
Apr.25,2019* Jpmorgan Claverhouse Investment Trust in (UK)
Apr.25,2019* Jullundur Motor Agency (Delhi)
Apr.25,2019* Justplanning in (JP)
Apr.25,2019* Kasumigaseki Capital Co
Apr.25,2019* Khanh Hoa Sanest Beverage One Member LLC
Apr.25,2019* Kose RE in (JP)
Apr.25,2019* Lexicon Pharmaceuticals
Apr.25,2019* Light in (BR)
Apr.25,2019* Lighting and Equipment in (TH)
Apr.25,2019* Lithia Motors
Apr.25,2019* Lockheed Martin in Destin (US)
Apr.25,2019* Mabuhay Vinyl in (PH)
Apr.25,2019* Magellan Midstream Partners LP
Apr.25,2019* Mangpong 1989 Public Co in (TH)
Apr.25,2019* Matson
Apr.25,2019* Megachem Thailand
Apr.25,2019* Meggitt in (UK)
Apr.25,2019* Melkom PAT
Apr.25,2019* Mercialys in (FR)
Apr.25,2019* Methanex
Apr.25,2019* Metropole Television in (FR)
Apr.25,2019 Metso in Helsinki (FI)
Apr.25,2019* Mikron Holding in (CH)
Apr.25,2019* Minerva
Apr.25,2019* Miraial in (JP)
Apr.25,2019* Misawa &
Apr.25,2019* Monfarm PAT
Apr.25,2019* MSCI in virtual meeting (US)
Apr.25,2019* Murray International Trust in (UK)
Apr.25,2019* Myoh Technology Tbk in (ID)
Apr.25,2019* Naigai in (JP)
Apr.25,2019* Navakij Insurance in (TH)
Apr.25,2019* NeoJapan
Apr.25,2019* Nestle India in (IN)
Apr.25,2019* Nestle Malaysia Bhd in (MY)
Apr.25,2019* Net Detergent Joint Stock in (VN)
Apr.25,2019* New Plus Knitting
Apr.25,2019* Newmarket
Apr.25,2019* Newway Transport JSC
Apr.25,2019* Nordic Shipholding in (DK)
Apr.25,2019* NRG Energy
Apr.25,2019* o do Rio Grande do Sul
Apr.25,2019* Ocean Yield
Apr.25,2019* Odzacar ad Vrbas
Apr.25,2019* Olin in Clayton (US)
Apr.25,2019* Om2 Network in (JP)
Apr.25,2019* Organika in (SU)
Apr.25,2019 ORKLA GROUP in Oslo (NO)
Apr.25,2019* Osg in (JP)
Apr.25,2019* Pendragon in (UK)
Apr.25,2019* Peoples Bancorp
Apr.25,2019* Petroleo Brasileiro Petrobras in (BR)
Apr.25,2019* Petroleum Pipeline & Tanknstruction Joint Stock
Apr.25,2019* Petrolimex Construction JSC 1
Apr.25,2019* Pfizer in Short Hills (US)
Apr.25,2019* Phu Khanh Railway JSC
Apr.25,2019* Pigeon in (JP)
Apr.25,2019* Polaris Industries
Apr.25,2019* Poletowin Pitcrew Holdings
Apr.25,2019* Premier Products
Apr.25,2019* Produits Chimiques Auxiliaires et de Synthese in (FR)
Apr.25,2019* Provident Financial Services in Nedlands (AU)
Apr.25,2019* PSA Peugeot in Paris (FR)
Apr.25,2019* PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal Tbk
Apr.25,2019* Quadnetics Group in (UK)
Apr.25,2019* Quaestus Nekretnine
Apr.25,2019* Quy Nhon New Port JSC
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