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Dec.20,2018* Maruyama MFG in (JP)
Dec.20,2018* Media Nusantara Citra Tbk in (ID)
Dec.20,2018* MEDINET in (JP)
Dec.20,2018* Micronics Japan in (JP)
Dec.20,2018* Mitsubishi Research Institute in (JP)
Dec.20,2018* Modern Waterproofing Co SAE in (EG)
Dec.20,2018* Molkom in (RU)
Dec.20,2018* Mtd Finance in (FR)
Dec.20,2018* NB Global Floating Rateome
Dec.20,2018* Next in (JP)
Dec.20,2018* Nihon Form Service in (JP)
Dec.20,2018* Nissou Co
Dec.20,2018* Ohmoriya in (JP)
Dec.20,2018* P World
Dec.20,2018* Pakistan Hotel Developers
Dec.20,2018* PCI Holdings
Dec.20,2018* Pinehill Pacific Bhd in (MY)
Dec.20,2018* PlasmaTec PAT
Dec.20,2018* Plastics Capital
Dec.20,2018* PSB Industries in (FR)
Dec.20,2018* Qinhuangdao Port
Dec.20,2018* Rajsanket Realty
Dec.20,2018* Reit 1 in (IL)
Dec.20,2018* Riddhi Corporate Services
Dec.20,2018* Ronson Europe in (PL)
Dec.20,2018* Ruch Chorzow in (PL)
Dec.20,2018* Salvo Chemical Industry
Dec.20,2018* Sanyo Trading
Dec.20,2018* Selectome REIT
Dec.20,2018* Sinofert Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Dec.20,2018* Sukegawa Electric in (JP)
Dec.20,2018* T.Hasegawa in (JP)
Dec.20,2018* Tefen Industrial Engineering Management and Systems Analysis in (IL)
Dec.20,2018* Thai Storage Battery in (TH)
Dec.20,2018* Tohoku Chemical in (JP)
Dec.20,2018* Tosnet in (JP)
Dec.20,2018* Toyo in (JP)
Dec.20,2018* Transgene Biotek in (IN)
Dec.20,2018* Verena Multi Finance Tbk
Dec.20,2018* Wegmans Holdings Berhad
Dec.20,2018* X T L Biopharmaceuticals in (US)
Dec.20,2018* Xinjiang Xinxin Mining Industry in (CN)
Dec.21,2018* ABIST
Dec.21,2018* AC Hldg in (JP)
Dec.21,2018* ACKG in (JP)
Dec.21,2018* AltPlus
Dec.21,2018* Apamanshop Holdings in (JP)
Dec.21,2018* Asiasoftoration in (TH)
Dec.21,2018* Aucfan
Dec.21,2018* Automated Systems Holdings in (HK)
Dec.21,2018* Avelco in (JP)
Dec.21,2018* Borgosesia
Dec.21,2018* CESC in (IN)
Dec.21,2018* China Everbright Bank
Dec.21,2018* China Financial International Investments
Dec.21,2018* China Glass Holdings
Dec.21,2018* China Longyuan Power Group
Dec.21,2018* CHODAI CO in (JP)
Dec.21,2018* COLOPL
Dec.21,2018* Conygar Investment
Dec.21,2018* CSS HOLDINGS in (JP)
Dec.21,2018* Daiichi in (JP)
Dec.21,2018* Daiman Development Bhd in (MY)
Dec.21,2018* Datang International Power Generation in (CN)
Dec.21,2018* Devernois in (FR)
Dec.21,2018* Drax Group in Selby (UK)
Dec.21,2018* Endologix
Dec.21,2018* EOMJI HOUSE
Dec.21,2018* Eps in (JP)
Dec.21,2018* Euglena
Dec.21,2018* Eurasia Travel in (JP)
Dec.21,2018* Evolable Asia
Dec.21,2018* Evolution Capital in (TH)
Dec.21,2018* Favorina in (JP)
Dec.21,2018* Financial Products Group
Dec.21,2018* FreakOut
Dec.21,2018* Fuhrmeister Electronics in (JP)
Dec.21,2018* Gakken Holdings in (JP)
Dec.21,2018* Global Bio Chem Technology Group in Hongkong (HK)
Dec.21,2018* GLOBAL Sweeteners Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Dec.21,2018* Guangzhou R&F Properties
Dec.21,2018* Hotel Mandarine Regency Tbk in (ID)
Dec.21,2018* Hwajin Co in (KR)
Dec.21,2018* Imv in (JP)
Dec.21,2018* Information Creative in (JP)
Dec.21,2018* Insource Co
Dec.21,2018* Inter M in (KR)
Dec.21,2018* Interspace in (JP)
Dec.21,2018* Intertrade in (JP)
Dec.21,2018* Jorudan in (JP)
Dec.21,2018* K2 LT
Dec.21,2018* Kanamic Network Co
Dec.21,2018* Kato Sangyo in (JP)
Dec.21,2018* Koatsu Kogyo in (JP)
Dec.21,2018* Kompaniia Rise PAT
Dec.21,2018* KSCB Co in (KR)
Dec.21,2018* Kumpulan Powernet Bhd in (MY)
Dec.21,2018* Les Nouveauxnstructeurs in (FR)
Dec.21,2018* Linkbal
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