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Dec.21,2018* Lockon Co
Dec.21,2018* M & A Capital Partners
Dec.21,2018* Malacca Trust Wuwungan Insurance Tbk
Dec.21,2018* Mammy Mart in (JP)
Dec.21,2018* Mandarake in (JP)
Dec.21,2018* Maruman & in (JP)
Dec.21,2018* Masaru in (JP)
Dec.21,2018* Media Asia Group Holdings
Dec.21,2018* Medinice
Dec.21,2018* MegaFon in (RU)
Dec.21,2018* Naturecell Co in (KR)
Dec.21,2018* Netprice.com in (JP)
Dec.21,2018* Nihon Nohyaku in (JP)
Dec.21,2018* NITTO FC CO in (JP)
Dec.21,2018* Novolipetskiy metallurgicheskiy kombinat in (RU)
Dec.21,2018* Obara Group in (JP)
Dec.21,2018* Oriental Bank Ofmmerce in (IN)
Dec.21,2018* Oriental Precision & Engineering in (KR)
Dec.21,2018* Pangrim in (KR)
Dec.21,2018* PICC
Dec.21,2018* Pixela in (JP)
Dec.21,2018* Ploy Culture Group
Dec.21,2018* Public Joint Stock Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port in (RU)
Dec.21,2018* Realworld
Dec.21,2018* RenetJapanGroup
Dec.21,2018* SACOS CORP in (JP)
Dec.21,2018* Sakana in (PL)
Dec.21,2018* Samaraneftegeofizika PAO in (RU)
Dec.21,2018* Sanroc International Holdings
Dec.21,2018* Saudi Company for Hardware SJSC
Dec.21,2018* Shandong Molong Petroleum Machinery
Dec.21,2018* Shinhan Alpha REIT Co
Dec.21,2018* Sho Bi in (JP)
Dec.21,2018* Shoei in (JP)
Dec.21,2018* Sinariaoration Bhd in (MY)
Dec.21,2018* Sino Haijing Hldg in (HK)
Dec.21,2018* Sk Electronics in (JP)
Dec.21,2018* Soco International in (UK)
Dec.21,2018* SPB Krasnyi Oktyabr'
Dec.21,2018* Sudostroitel'nyi zavod Vympel in (RU)
Dec.21,2018* System Information
Dec.21,2018* Taiyo Bussan Kaisha in (JP)
Dec.21,2018* Takatori in (JP)
Dec.21,2018* Tear in (JP)
Dec.21,2018* TKC in (JP)
Dec.21,2018* Toa Valve Engineering in (JP)
Dec.21,2018* Tonly Electronics Holdings
Dec.21,2018* Tri-Star Polyester
Dec.21,2018* Umans'ka MPMK PAT
Dec.21,2018* VTB Bank PAT in (UA)
Dec.21,2018* Yamaka Electricnstruction in (JP)
Dec.21,2018* YOKOHAMA REITO CO in (JP)
Dec.22,2018* Banca Carige Cassa di Risparmio di Genova e Imperia in (IT)
Dec.22,2018* Idea Cellular in (IN)
Dec.22,2018* Lakshmi Energy And Foods in (IN)
Dec.22,2018* MTI in (JP)
Dec.22,2018* Nix in (JP)
Dec.22,2018* SHL-JAPAN in (JP)
Dec.22,2018* Taisei in (JP)
Dec.23,2018* Al Mashaar REIT
Dec.23,2018* Arab International Food Factories and Investment in (JO)
Dec.23,2018* Burqan BankK in Safat (KW)
Dec.23,2018* EGRE in (IL)
Dec.23,2018* International DRY Ice Co SAE
Dec.23,2018* Ittihad Schools in (JO)
Dec.23,2018* National Chemical and Plastic Industries
Dec.23,2018* National Metallic and Bicycles Industries
Dec.23,2018* Oil Refineries in (IL)
Dec.23,2018* Wedge Holdings in (JP)
Dec.24,2018* 52 Weeks Entertainment
Dec.24,2018* Aeroport Kol'tsovo in (RU)
Dec.24,2018* AK Altynalmas AO
Dec.24,2018* Al'yans Bank AO in (RU)
Dec.24,2018* AsiaCredit Bank AO
Dec.24,2018* Bawan Co SJSC
Dec.24,2018* Bina Puri Holdings Bhd in (MY)
Dec.24,2018* Binani Industries in (IN)
Dec.24,2018* Courbet
Dec.24,2018* DNA 2002
Dec.24,2018* Energy Earth
Dec.24,2018* Equital in (IL)
Dec.24,2018* Filatex Fashions
Dec.24,2018* Gogia Capital Services
Dec.24,2018* HBL Hadasit Bio Holding in (IL)
Dec.24,2018* International Financial Advisers KSC in Safat (KW)
Dec.24,2018* Iraqi for Meat and Field Crops Production and Marketing in Baghdad (IQ)
Dec.24,2018* Jinkosolar Holding
Dec.24,2018* JOEL Jerusalem Oil Exploration
Dec.24,2018* Kaspi Bank AO in (RU)
Dec.24,2018* Levinstein Properties in Tel Aviv (IL)
Dec.24,2018* Naphtha Israel Petroleum Corp
Dec.24,2018* Nippon Pack (Thailand) in (TH)
Dec.24,2018* Oron Group Investments + Holdings
Dec.24,2018* Overseas Commerce in Ashdod (IL)
Dec.24,2018* Ramenskiy priborostroitel'nyi zavod in (RU)
Dec.24,2018* Rostelecom in Moscow (RU)
Dec.24,2018* Rudnici Zeljezne Rude Ljubija ad Prijedor
Dec.24,2018* Seho Robot Co
Dec.24,2018* Sinopec Yizheng Chemical Fibre in (CN)
Dec.24,2018* Smtrack Bhd
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