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Dec.24,2018* Tefron in Misgav (IL)
Dec.24,2018* Trakm8 Hldg in (UK)
Dec.24,2018* W in (KR)
Dec.24,2018* Woosu Ams in (KR)
Dec.25,2018* Al Hassan EngineeringOG
Dec.25,2018* Al Kout Industrial Projects KSCC in Safat (KW)
Dec.25,2018* Amanaoperative Insurance in (SA)
Dec.25,2018* Ascot in (JP)
Dec.25,2018* Capital Asset Planning
Dec.25,2018* El Wifack Leasing in (TN)
Dec.25,2018* Inter Far East Engineering in (TH)
Dec.25,2018* Invest-Development PAO
Dec.25,2018* Murmanskiy tralovyi flot in (RU)
Dec.26,2018* Amenet Management and Systems in (IL)
Dec.26,2018* Aviv Arlon
Dec.26,2018* Baazeem Trading Company CJSC
Dec.26,2018* Cairo Educational ServicesE in (EG)
Dec.26,2018* Career Co
Dec.26,2018* Carmit Candy Industries in (IL)
Dec.26,2018* D'nonce Technology Bhd
Dec.26,2018* Electra Real Estate in (IL)
Dec.26,2018* Fortune Financial Services India
Dec.26,2018* G-Smatt Global Co
Dec.26,2018* Golan Plastic Products in (IL)
Dec.26,2018* Grand Hoover Bhd in (MY)
Dec.26,2018* Gurum Company
Dec.26,2018* Hiap Teck Venture Bhd in (MY)
Dec.26,2018* ImageONE in (JP)
Dec.26,2018* Insuline Medical in Tel Aviv (IL)
Dec.26,2018* Jalco Holdings in (JP)
Dec.26,2018* Matrix It in (IL)
Dec.26,2018* Mirae in (KR)
Dec.26,2018* Mizrahi Tefahot Bank in (IL)
Dec.26,2018* Qassim Cement in (SA)
Dec.26,2018* Recomm Holdings in (JP)
Dec.26,2018* Saudi Fisheries Company in (SA)
Dec.26,2018* Schering Plough Indonesia Tbk in (ID)
Dec.26,2018* Scope Metals Group in (IL)
Dec.26,2018* Shemen Oil and Gas Resources
Dec.26,2018* SR Accord in (IL)
Dec.26,2018* Sree Rayalaseema Alkalies and Allied Chemicals
Dec.26,2018* State for Land Transportion
Dec.26,2018* Strakhovaya aktsionernaya kompaniya "Energogarant"
Dec.26,2018* Sunflower Sustainable Investments
Dec.26,2018* SZNEM Nasosenerhomash PAT
Dec.26,2018* U-Tech Co in (KR)
Dec.26,2018* ZBI in (IL)
Dec.27,2018* AJ Rent A Car
Dec.27,2018* Al Daman for Investments in (JO)
Dec.27,2018* Al Ezz Dekheila Steel AlexandriaE in (EG)
Dec.27,2018* Alok Industries in (IN)
Dec.27,2018* Alphax Food System in (JP)
Dec.27,2018* Analyst IMS Investment Management Services in (IL)
Dec.27,2018* Assam India in (IN)
Dec.27,2018* Big Shopping Centers 2004 in (IL)
Dec.27,2018* China Suntien Green Energy
Dec.27,2018* Clal Insurance Enterprises Holdings Limited in Tel Aviv (IL)
Dec.27,2018* CNPLUS
Dec.27,2018* D Rotshtein Realestate in Petah-Tikva (IL)
Dec.27,2018* Delek Drilling Limited Partnership in (IL)
Dec.27,2018* Earthport in (UK)
Dec.27,2018* Emerson Pacific in (KR)
Dec.27,2018* GAP Vassilopoulos Public in (CY)
Dec.27,2018* Gazit Globe in Tel-Aviv (IL)
Dec.27,2018* Giprovostokneft AO in (RU)
Dec.27,2018* Golden Tobacco in (IN)
Dec.27,2018* Hans Biomed in (KR)
Dec.27,2018* Holmes Place International
Dec.27,2018* Huadian Power International in (CN)
Dec.27,2018* Hypo Alpe-Adria-Bank ad Banja Luka in (BA)
Dec.27,2018* ICube Technology Holdings in (HK)
Dec.27,2018* Inspired Energy in (UK)
Dec.27,2018* IntroMedic
Dec.27,2018* Jagatjit Industries in (IN)
Dec.27,2018* Jerusalem Economy in (IL)
Dec.27,2018* Kiu Hung Energy Holdings in (HK)
Dec.27,2018* Knafaim Holdings in (IL)
Dec.27,2018* Kompaniya Po Strakhovaniyu Zhizni Standard Life AO
Dec.27,2018* Legend Holdings
Dec.27,2018* Magnum Entertainment Group Hld
Dec.27,2018* Mark Dynamics Indonesia Tbk
Dec.27,2018* Maxima Air Separation Center in (IL)
Dec.27,2018* MCE Holdings Bhd
Dec.27,2018* Messaging International in (UK)
Dec.27,2018* Mexter Technology Bhd in (MY)
Dec.27,2018* Miyoshi Precision
Dec.27,2018* Monnet Ispat And Energy in (IN)
Dec.27,2018* Mosys
Dec.27,2018* Multi-Usage Holdings Bhd in (MY)
Dec.27,2018* Nestro Petrol ad Banja Luka
Dec.27,2018* Rafinerija Nafte ad Brod
Dec.27,2018* Samcrete Egypt Engineers and Constructors SAE
Dec.27,2018* Saniteks dd Velika Kladusa in (BA)
Dec.27,2018* Second Chance Properties in (SG)
Dec.27,2018* Sejin Electron in (KR)
Dec.27,2018* Shemen Industries in (IL)
Dec.27,2018* TFP Solutions Bhd in (MY)
Dec.27,2018* The Light Industries
Dec.27,2018* TLA Worldwide
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