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Jul.11,2019* Egyptians Abroad for Investment and Development in (EG)
Jul.11,2019* Egyptians Real Estate Fund SAE
Jul.11,2019* Elbit Medical Technologies in Petach Tikva (IL)
Jul.11,2019* Emera
Jul.11,2019* Emmis Communications in Indianapolis (US)
Jul.11,2019 Fielmann in Hamburg (DE)
Jul.11,2019* GAIN Capital Holdings
Jul.11,2019* Helical Bar in (UK)
Jul.11,2019* International Parkside Products
Jul.11,2019* Iraqi for Seed Production in Baghdad (IQ)
Jul.11,2019* Kardan Real Estate Enterprise and Development in Tel Aviv (IL)
Jul.11,2019* Land Securities Group in London (UK)
Jul.11,2019* London & Stamford Property
Jul.11,2019* Middle East Glass ManufacturingE
Jul.11,2019* National Portfolio Securities in (JO)
Jul.11,2019* Octopus Apollo VCT in London (UK)
Jul.11,2019* Paz Chen in (IL)
Jul.11,2019* PCB Technologies in (IL)
Jul.11,2019* Pets at Home Group
Jul.11,2019* Polyram (1999) in (IL)
Jul.11,2019* Rainy Hollow Ventures
Jul.11,2019* Raval ICS
Jul.11,2019* Safe Harbour Holdings
Jul.11,2019* Saobracaj i Transport ad Zrenjanin
Jul.11,2019* SeaChange International
Jul.11,2019* Sesa Goa in (IN)
Jul.11,2019* Shanks Group in (UK)
Jul.11,2019* Shidax in (JP)
Jul.11,2019* Shuaa Capital PSC in (AE)
Jul.11,2019* Stg International in (IL)
Jul.11,2019* System Technology I in (JP)
Jul.11,2019* Televista in Paris (FR)
Jul.11,2019* Telford Homes in (UK)
Jul.11,2019* Templeton Emerging Markets Investment Trust in (UK)
Jul.11,2019* Tiv Taam Holdings 1 in (IL)
Jul.11,2019* Tokai Pharmaceuticals
Jul.11,2019* Unis Usha ad Visegrad
Jul.11,2019* Villar International in (IL)
Jul.11,2019* Vtech Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Jul.11,2019* West Peak Iron in (AU)
Jul.11,2019* Workspace Group in London (UK)
Jul.11,2019* XXL in Oslo (NO)
Jul.11,2019* Yew Grove REIT
Jul.12,2019* Amedica
Jul.12,2019* China Yunnan Tin Minerals Group
Jul.12,2019* Dawood Lawrencepur
Jul.12,2019 DCC in (IE)
Jul.12,2019* Energopetrol dd Sarajevo in (BA)
Jul.12,2019* Eo Networks
Jul.12,2019* Flex Pharma
Jul.12,2019 Grammer in Amberg (DE)
Compliance Statement
Jul.12,2019* Graphite India in (IN)
Jul.12,2019* HDFC Bank in (IN)
Jul.12,2019* ICTSI Jasa Prima Tbk
Jul.12,2019* Inox Wind
Jul.12,2019* Intermoco in (AU)
Jul.12,2019* ITC in (IN)
Jul.12,2019* Kubanskaya Step Joint Stock in (RU)
Jul.12,2019* Malpreh ad Banja Luka
Jul.12,2019* Nafpaktos Textile Industry in (GR)
Jul.12,2019 Oekoworld (formerly: Versiko) in Hilden (DE)
Jul.12,2019* Orissa Minerals Development in (IN)
Jul.12,2019* Punjab National Bank in (IN)
Jul.12,2019* Quendale Capital
Jul.12,2019* Relm Wireless
Jul.12,2019* RZ Institut AD Skopje in (MK)
Jul.12,2019* Severcoop Gamza Holding AD Sofia
Jul.12,2019* Sonal Mercantile
Jul.12,2019* Tianneng Power International in Hongkong (HK)
Jul.12,2019* Todd River Resources
Jul.12,2019* TRF in (IN)
Jul.12,2019* ValueVision Media
Jul.12,2019* Zota Health Care
Jul.13,2019* Balkrishna Industries in (IN)
Jul.13,2019* Century Enka in (IN)
Jul.13,2019* Credit Bank of Iraq in Bagdad (IQ)
Jul.13,2019* International Co for Medical Industries SAE
Jul.14,2019* Bio-Cell in (IL)
Jul.14,2019* Mediterranean Towers
Jul.14,2019* Rami Levi Chain Stores Hashikma Marketing 2006
Jul.14,2019* Salomon AAngel in (IL)
Jul.15,2019* Acacia Research
Jul.15,2019* Al Mamoura Co for Real Estate Investment
Jul.15,2019* Alibaba Group Holding in Hongkong virtual meeting (HK)
Jul.15,2019* ArcelorMittal Hunedoara in (RO)
Jul.15,2019* ASBISc Enterprises in (CY)
Jul.15,2019* AsiaCredit Bank AO in Almaty (KZ)
Jul.15,2019* Aton HT in (PL)
Jul.15,2019* Beijing Jingcheng Machinery Electric Co in (CN)
Jul.15,2019* BGI Investments (1961) in (IL)
Jul.15,2019* BSE
Jul.15,2019* Celamin Holdings NL in (AU)
Jul.15,2019* China Shipping Development in (CN)
Jul.15,2019* Concord Fund-7 South-East Europe
Jul.15,2019* DB PNB Kazakhstan AO in (KZ)
Jul.15,2019* E & Mmputing in (IL)
Jul.15,2019* Ekip 98 Holding AD Sofia
Jul.15,2019* Electronics For Imaging
Jul.15,2019* Healthspace Data Systems
Jul.15,2019* JPMorgan European Investment Trust in London (UK)
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